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The scene was horrific, bodies covered the entire area with the murdering madman standing still, admiring his work. Vault was disgusted, he thought he'd never have to face ElusiveStorm again and if he did this time, he wouldnt stand a chance. Vault has been hiding his indentity from the world for years since the Iceland scenerio and now he was drawn back into another fight. He was living in England for years and even got married and started a family, but now it was all gone. His wife and children layed on the ground near him while he was cowering behind a dumpster. The tears from his eyes flowed down his face faster as he kept remembering all the joyful times he had with his beloved family.

"Why would he do this?"

Vault waited by the dumpster, holding onto the hand of his wife and cried more, he had lost everything and was too scared to act.

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"he died the day he arrived in the future, the travel was too much for him, I took his kinetic source and came back to try and change the future and give the Arcryns a future to Live. You will betray your own kind and destroy them in madness. You will then flee to the moon where your only friends, the inhumans will be killed by you."

Vault opened a portal and said a few words that would change ES' life.

"You are still good"

Vault would never be seen again.

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The battle has begun, the two peices have made their move and are locked in combat. There will only be one left alive.

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The words from his father's mouth pass through Vault like an empty shell. All he sees is evil and that he must defeat this man who was once his father. Vault generates his kinetic forcefield aroundhimself and draws his battle-axe and before he makes a step, already his father had begun the battle with one of the powerful Kineitc Bolt's heading at amazing speed towards Vault with ES following behind with the Black Meteor Blade in his arms.

"He's grown faster!"

Vault dives to the ground as the Kinetic bolt passes inches over the young leader. He rises from the ground and generates his Force-field Surfboard and flies towards ES gripping onto his massive axe.

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yes i agree, i'll lead the forces but we need a Lord-commander, one that has experience of the warzones.

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uh... thanks?

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Dad, you just dont get it.

It wasnt you that brought the Arcryns together, it wasnt you that led the Arcryns to Victory in several wars against the humans. It was ma, and she's dead because of you. Luz brought us peace, Amy brought us a chance to live as equals in the world and even thundercrash gave us the best technology on the planet. You also got them killed, you have done nothing good for us except war and death. I may not have been there at the beggining, but i was taught by thundercrash everything.

We now have a chance to live without fear of oppression, and a leader who can win us battles.

I'm sorry

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yea.. sorry gambler but if you try this stuff then we'll go for what you care the most.


All Arcryns and Sins logg off for tonight!

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