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It's something I'm curious about and was looking into

I can't seem to find other places that distribute comics, wither they be American comics, trade paperbacks or Japanese manga

I'm speaking on a level of whole sale, not an independent author/artist where they print a low number, and try to sell it at conventions

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So, anymore help? Trying to keep this from bumping too far back into the page count

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@vinomonster said:

The Flash new 52 issue 8, 9, 12 and 23

Wow, so few, but I sort of expected it, with how little Hartely seems to be used (from what I've read), but I'll be adding those to my ComiXology wishlist to make sure I buy them

What about David? I assume he's also in those issues, but is he in few more issues?

Wait, I looked up those issues. What issue 23 are you talking about? There are 4 listed: #23, #23.1, #23.2 and #23.3

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I think Pied Piper played a part in the Gorilla Grodd warfare arc

Which issues would those be?

@nickthedevil said:

He has done almost nothing in the New 52, lol. His worthy stories are with Geoff Johns' Flash.

Yeah, I kind of figured, Hartley doesn't seem to be used that much, but I like finding and reading comics with gay characters in them. Mind telling me what issues Hartley is in for Geoff John's Flash series?

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So, I sort of want to read the New 52 Flash for the Hartley/David sub-plot, but I was searching and wasn't able to find what issues their sub-plot appears in. I was able to find some image captures of a couple scenes, but nothing more

So, can anyone help or point in the right direction of how to figure this stuff out?

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I have a feeling Midnighter and Apollo would be a good source to take inspiration from but then I haven't read anything on them, just a hunch.

thanks, I'll look into them. Will check what comic series those two have a big part in
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@bumpyboo said:

@vata_raven: This sounds like it could be quite interesting, hope you'll be keeping us up to date as the project progresses :)

I hope so. I plan to do stories in arcs, so you can read each on their own, but character progress would move along with each arc. I came up with the idea because I'm a fan of Japanese boy-love (not the 1-shot, instant love BS), and I read some American comics. I got into X-factor because of Rictor and Shatterstar, and Young Avengers for Wiccan and Hulking, but I was annoyed that they seem to shove them into the background (not so much with Young Avengers). I know the writers don't do it on purpose, but that's the issue when you have a comic with larger casts, they do a character rotation and each issue can focus on a different member of the team.

So, I started to think of ways to fix that, and the simple thing was this, just make a comic that focuses on 2 characters and not a large cast. And maybe add a few more along the way (which I am doing, I think the total will be 5; 3 guys and 2 women, with the women being a lesbian couple), but make sure I don't stray from main 2 characters


If you are going to create a gay characters, do as you said and don't make them stereotypes.

In general, stereotypes annoy me. Fire Emblem from Tiger & Bunny, while I like him as a characters (he's not my favorite), they could've toned down

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Yeah, when I KickStart the project, I would tell people the direction of the character development (the homosexuality that's planned). But I feel it's not something that should be shoved in your face, because someone might find the plot & characters interesting, but you don't want to ruin that by making it awkward for them...if that makes since

If I had to compare my project to a series along on the market, would be close to Young Avengers and Teen Titans. In fact, I like how they wrote Wiccan & Hulkings relationship

I think doing as you described it is probably the best way to handle it. Make it as naturalistic as possible. I would say let it be an element of the book and an open one but perhaps not the constant focus of the plot (there can of course be sub-plots where it crescendos more into the spotlight), but that's just my opinion. I would also say focus more on the relationship part than the homosexual part. Not that it should be ambiguous that they're gay but that it should just be a given and the growth and development of the relationship, the same as a heterosexual pairing might get, should be what's focused on. The audience will know the leads are gay, they won't need repeated painstaking reminders.

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I'm planning a coming to be get kick started, and I wanted some input from some readers about the characters

It's a 50% superhero & 50% slice-of-life, with it focusing on a cast of 2 older teenager boys (they'd be in 11th or 12th)

I want to make the 2 leads gay (it's planned) 1 is a bit more open, while the other slowly admits to liking the other (it's a build up, since this one has dated women, and has never shown interest in men)

As is, I'm already planning to make them far from the gay stereo-type (where they act flamboyant and very girly), I just want to craft "normal" people

I wanted to know, what would make it less awkward for you (the reader) to read a comic with a homosexual relationship as a main focus point? Keeping in mind, I already have no plans to show sex, maybe imply it, and not over-do it on the more "cute" stuff

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@ReVamp: @BlackArmor: I know it's yaoi, I support that couple because they're like the DC versions of Wiccian and Hulking from Marvel. It's a common picture I see, so I wasn't sure if the scene came from the comic or what, so figured I would ask.