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original list was spot on.

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If WW goes for Orion,.. we'll have the Stereotype I NEVER expected out of wonderwoman.

The one where a good woman will "just be friends" with a good man, (Steve Trevor), Be luke-warm with a great man, (Clark Kent), but will love the dirty drawls of a bad man who treats her like crap.


I HOPE they don't go there,.. WW is supposed to be more than "meat".

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Well by Canon he is invulnerable all over, so the eyes are out. When he required surgery, Ademantium was needed to break his skin.

Luke cage can be drowned.

He at this point he is proof against pummeling by creatures with 50 ton strength and below, so I assume that the average asgardian couldn't do it,.. but Thor or Beta ray bill could beat him to death.

Energy,.. depends on the writer. in the old series, when attacked by Zaxx - contact hurt him,.. but unlike what normally happens he was proof against frying or disintegration.

He was proof against radiation and extreme cold.

I was mildly interested on seeing the topic,... Why looking for ways to kill Cage?

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Sigh. I have not really like the way the Panther was "Nerfed" over the last few years. His Prep-time and smarts were dumbed down enough for Doom to almost kill him, His Country was weakened enough from being the top edge tech to being unable to stop someone that Peterparker did with two hours in a lab and access to radiation, His Marriage is made into a joke by the out of character behavior of both he and his wife. I want Wakanda back to what it was before,.. Vibranium not required,But I want the tech base back. I want the Panther to return to the Capatain America level of ease of kicking someones behind. I want the Marriage to WORK. Why does Marvel fight the concept so hard? There are what?? three "Solid Marriages" in the Marvel Universe (Main characters) And everyone else stays in free-falling Drama central? Meh,... The two should be getting along to a level where Ororo is expecting, (I'm talking behavior by canon - she adopts children like lost kittens - obscure ref- intended) And Wakanda was clamoring for a heir. Whoops - starting to rant. D.

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So,.. What type do you like? I've had a year to think about this. I'm realizing I want my Heroes to be the "Do the right thing because it's right" w/o fanfare. Down to earth w/o issues we can't relate to. Spiderman Luke Cage Ms Marvel Mr. Terrific Red Robin Terra

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SMH. You can't say/guess how good Damien could be,... Drake owned him the one time he lost it - Grayson as Robin was more effective as Robin than Damien, A better fighter than Todd, Drake comes closest,... is a better detective (barely), but less of a stratigist(sp). (Chuckle) and of course we can't judge them at best period - Damien would be owned that much more because he's not reached his full growth yet.

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She did a great showing in NextWave,.. and is one of the single most powerful Marvel female right now,... 
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Yes it was a blast from the past for me,... I enjoyed it also.
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I take offense at the spin of this thread.   
Replace Luke Cage,.. with Spiderman, and you'll see what I mean.
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Mixed feelings. 
There was a point in his existence  where you find out he has always been a deep thinker, but he catered to some stereotypes to get stuff done. 
There have been times where he wasn't angry,.. but "Angry black man" got the results he wanted. He only advertises his primary power,.. invulnerability,.. all the other stuff you have to read between the lines,.. At last count for example,.. he's supposed to speak at least two foriegn languages and spent time between the end of Heroes for hire and his latest gig knocking around the world.  He supposedly owns a large stake in a Bar, owns more than one home and keeps an office in that old theater the original series went around. 
   He charges for detective, bodyguard, and surveilence services, but is free as far as the standard superhero helping others vein.  
He is written correctly in Thunderbolts with the attitude I remember from the old Heroes for hire series,.. with a little of the banter that used to be with Danial Rand and the Daughters. 
He written (IMHO) Too proud/arrogant in the New Avengers,.. but I have seen improvement over the last few issues. If he is seen as a "poor leader" in the Avengers,.. in my opinion the character requires people he is not caretaking to be more responsible. He doesn't have to tell Spiderman or Iron fist what to do,.. they have a clue,.. Same with all the others,... they have all been heroes for years. Luke just says what they will do,.. and they do it w/o the micromanagement of Stark or the anal "gotta be in charge" of Danvers. 
Meh,.. I'll come back later.