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@ganon15 said:

Yes it is because they obviously do have feats that people are ignorant of

Which is your cue to school them....

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@ganon15 said:

Is it the norm on this website to go around saying MK characters have no feats?

Would it matter if it was?

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@amazingwebhead said:

Why does everyone say the Mandarin is racist, but this guy is totally okay?

Do people STILL say the depiction of the Mandarin is racist? He pretty much looks like Tony Stark now.

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@thebigg said:

@vance_astro: the reality bro is that Luke cage actually was an inherently racist character, so were characters like black panther (who was the personification of the black panther movement and ideologies)...

The Black Panther's weren't racist so how would Black Panther be racist by being the personification of them? Luke Cage's early depiction is only racist depending on how you look at it. Yea he is based on a character of the blaxploitation era but those were the only heroes that black people had in the 70's which is when Cage was created.

@thebigg said: .

I understand that he's from the "hood", it doesn't mean he had to be a product of it. I know PLENTY of educate well-spoken black men from the "hood" (Bronx, queens, Brooklyn; etc).

So Marvel can't have any characters from the hood that are a product of their environment? Cage is one of VERY few characters that fit those standards and MOST of them are from the hood. I think Marvel is well aware that every black person from the Hood doesn't fit the same archetype as Cage.

@thebigg said:

Let me guess being an intelligent well-rounded black man WITHOUT a criminal record makes you an Uncle Tom right???

No, because that would make ME an Uncle Tom, don't know where you got that these could even POSSIBLY be my thoughts.

@thebigg said:

And furthermore why did he have to be from the hood to begin with? Why is every black character from the hood or Africa?

This is like asking why Excalibur had to be from Europe...

@thebigg said:

And him being unjustly incarcerated blatantly screamed "angry black man". As far as the marrying a white woman thing, there has alway been the "get you a white girl" steriotype in "urban" (black) communities, and given the nature of their relationship, yes it's seems racial portrayed to a degree...

If anything him being unjustly incarcerated was just comics being realistic about the NYPD's treatment of blacks. I don't know what you see as racial in Cage & Jessica's relationship, but you are ignoring the fact that so far he's been a better husband than & father than most heroes in the Marvel Universe.

@thebigg said:

Even his powers, bulletproof (you know so the homies don't bust a cap in him?), super strength (you know because he has jailhouse muscules). I am NOT saying all heroes with these abilities are racially motivated; but given Luke's background? C'mon bruh

I can't speak for his creation. I don't know what went into the process of giving him powers. I don't know what powers you thought were going to develop out of a variation of the Super Soldier Serum but unless anyone has a quote or some incite from Archie Goodwin, we're just speculating.

@thebigg said:

It's like marvel pays Tyler perry to design their black characters, because almost ALL of them:

-have been through the system

-are in some way from Africa

-are hyper masculine and "overly-black"

-are loud, busty, ghetto divas

-have in some way been victimized by drugs

You don't even read comics do you? This isn't even accurate.

1. As far as going through the system goes, it depends on what period of the characters life we are talking about. Before or After they become a superhero. AFTER, almost every superhero has been jailed or the police have attempted to arrest them. BEFORE, there aren't many black superheroes beside Cage that I can think of that have been to jail. Batwing hasn't, Blue Marvel hasn't, Bumblebee, Cyborg, Black Panther, Night Thrasher, Green Lantern\John Stewart, Black Lightning, Falcon etc. either never went to jail or didn't go to jail until they were superheroes.


3.Hyper-Masculine or "Overly-Black" what does that even mean? MOST male Superheroes are "hyper-masculine" so this is a pointless criticism. By "overly-black" do you mean an exaggeration of "blackness" because if so that AGAIN doesn't apply to very many black characters.

4.Name 1. All the black female leads I can think of are nothing like that accept maybe Misty Knight who is basically based on Pam Grier's Foxy Brown so it makes sense she would have been like that back when she was created, but she's nothing like that now so I don't know who you're talking about.

5.Again, Name 1. I can't think of any.

@thebigg said:

And this is just for African Americans, haven't even mentioned Hispanics and Latinos, or homosexuals

I'm sure you'll reach on that too...

@thebigg said:

Like cage WAS a racist character, an obviously racist one at that which nobody here can deny seriously speaking...

I just did.

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If this is actually a battle and not a popularity contest it's a fact it would be a mismatch either way.

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@god_spawn said:

@vance_astro: You've gone from slaughterhouse owner to Wal-Mart deli worker. GS is disappoint.

I have failed you :(

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@i_like_swords said:

@vance_astro said:

@i_like_swords said:

@vance_astro: All jokes aside, you do agree that Ozy stomps, right?


LOL. Fair enough, if my Dad had PIS feats I'd use them in a debate too, I guess.

At least you're loyal.

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@god_spawn said:

@vance_astro: You've grown soft in your old age and complacent in your legacy. Unleash the SLAUGHTERHOUSE, Vance. Become the CURBSTOMPER once more!!

I can't..I wasted it all on the #thefappening...

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@wolverine08 said:

@lunacyde said:

Ozymandias gets slaughtered.

Wow, after all the evidence we put up, Slade wankers still won't give it a rest?


You mean all of the evidence you DIDN'T put up?

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