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I'm still not cool with Falcon being Captain America.

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@dngn4774 said:

People worry about weird sh*t. If you love someone and want to express that physically (and the other person is consenting, cause rape is bad) go for it, but if identifying with a social label is more important than what you feel for that person, you were never really that into them to begin with.

I don't think this is really worrying about "weird sh_t". Transgender people exist. Straight people may want to date them but they don't want to be humiliated or harassed for that choice. I think this is deeper than social labels. Homosexuals don't get treated very well in this country but if doing this is however not considered gay then you shouldn't suffer the same treatment as people who are. (Not that i'm ok with the poor treatment of homosexuals in the first place).

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@sophia89 said:

You would still be attracted to a dude, therefore still homosexual.

I don't think that's how homosexuality works. If I only like a transsexual for what parts she has that make her look female...that means i'm still attracted to women and therefore straight.

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@thesupremesorcerer said:

Got defeated by She-Hulk, Hercules and Superman with ridiculous ease. So, that shows he is nothing.

Actually none of these things happened. She-Hulk only knocked Sentry down. That was it. Hercules was winning the fight with Sentry but Sentry wasn't even fighting back. The second that Sentry decided he was going to get serious because Hercules wouldn't stand down, Herc low-blowed him and then threw Venom into him. He fled after that because Amadeus Cho told him he couldn't win. Superman isn't even a Marvel characters so I don't know what you're talking about there. Also if i'm not mistaken none of the issues where Sentry fought those character were written by Bendis. The fight with Hercules was in Incredible Herc #128 which I believe was written by Greg Pak and the fight with Sentry was in the Savage She-Hulk miniseries written by Van Lente.

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@mazeraiii said:

Examples,please. :)

I'll do this the same way you did..if we go by feats than Spider-Man can beat Firelord, he's also just as smart as Reed Richards, Black Widow is strong enough to pin down Wonder Man, Wildcat is fast enough to grab or attack the Flash in motion, Black Panther is capable of putting Silver Surfer in an armlock he can't get out of, Jim Hammond gets hot enough to burn The Sentry, Captain America is strong enough to hurt Rhino, Deadpool is strong enough to catch a punch from Moonstone and put her in an armlock, Deathstroke is strong enough to catch a punch from Green Lantern, Iron Man is capable of one-shotting a berserk She-Hulk...I could keep going but I think you get the point.

Did Sentry ever shown the power of a million exploding suns?As far as i know he didn't.

No, but that was exactly my point. He was never meant to. It wasn't supposed to be an accurate description of his powers, that's the very point of "hyperbole".

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They are not the same. -_-

If we go by that then Odin is Omnipotent,Darkseid is Omnipotent,Sentry is Omnipotent,Galactus is Omnipotent,AW is as powerful as Living Tribunal,Living Tribunal is Omnipotent,Infinity Gauntlet wielder is Omnipotent,Cell(from DBZ) is solar-system buster,Omega Shenron is a universe buster,Ion Kyle is Omnipotent.

Statements are still statements they prove nothing,without feats.

They put statements to simply say that character X is very powerful,or it is a possible hyperbole like Sentry having "power of the million exploding suns".But the statement doesn't obviously mean that it is true like Booster Gold saying that Doomsday is faster than Flash.

You're just listing a bunch of bad writing and saying that it shows statements prove nothing without feats but in fact the same argument can be made against feats. Feats aren't full proof. Often time certain abilities get ignored because they suit the story. Plot devices are alot more frequent that writing that makes perfect sense. The fact that you call "The Power of A Million Exploding Suns" suggests that label was never meant to be taken seriously. It was supposed to be an accurate description of his powers. Doomsday being faster than Flash isn't inaccurate because it's just a statement, it's inaccurate because it can be PROVEN false. Every statement in comics isn't to just be thrown away. Especially written in narration by authors who created some of these characters. The would know better than anyone what these characters can do.

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This has nothing to do with race but the U.S. won the World Cup....that is all.

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@daredevil21134 said:

@thekidfliessolo: I agree.I just wish there wasn't a hold up.I thought that'd have an idea when they first made the announcement back in 2013.I'm glad Elektra will be reedeemed though.I find Marvel tv more interesting than their movies.

Even Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

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Funny how a half-asian actress can get cast to play Elektra (who is white) but we can't get an asian actress to play Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in a Shell...