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Damn man...Battle forums were so much fun back in these days... *sigh*

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@vance_astro: sorry to brother you but you raised a lot of great points. I was just curious to see if you still feel Matt and T'Challa are equally skilled? I believe strictly skill wise, they very well may be. Just wanted your thoughts

No, I think Black Panther is more skilled by a small margin. I think Black Panther is better trained, more tactical and a more intelligent fighter.

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@vance_astro: He truly has a great supporting cast, and it's lazy indeed. We're in agreement. It's not as simple as throwning great characters that work on Spider-Man stories on another book and bam, done.

And Pepper is not dead as far as I know. They're just doing that to get more sales, anyway.

Imagine that as a selling point for Iron Man lol. You want a reason to read Iron Man? Here's a reminder of One More Day!

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@kiba said:

@kcomicfan: yes I know what the original comment was and I say again Carol was nothing more than a love interest too. Why should she get to evolve but other characters don't?

Carol's big moment wasn't marrying Mar-Vell or dying because he failed to save her, it was becoming Ms.Marvel.

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@vance_astro said:

For some reason, in recent years peter supporting cast and/or villians tend to go to other books. *Sigh* The result wasn't good for the most part imo.

I think it's because he has a really good supporting cast but it's just lazy on the part of writers. I don't want to see Mary Jane in Iron Man, is Pepper dead or something?

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I'm always iffy on marriages in comics,I personally hate Jessica Jones and Luke Cage's marriage,I find it boring and uninteresting and felt that it didn't help them develop at all,however,I think the complete opposite about Mj and Peter.Spider-Man never struck me as the kind to mess around with various women(though he probably has),I always felt he'd find one woman he loved and settle down with her.I think seeing him grow from a teenager,to a man,then husband and father,plus superhero would have been sweet.They could have just left Ultimate Spider-Man around for those who enjoy a young Peter Parker.But they killed him instead.

You have to remember though that Jessica had powers before she met Luke. They met in her own story. MJ was literally created FOR Peter. Although I agree that many relationships in comics aren't interesting I don't think they should be treated as a point of interest, all good marriages are boring. The interesting part is the characters themselves.

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@kcomicfan said:
@kiba said:

@kcomicfan: no she was a love interest for the first captain marvel way back in the day. Then she became ms marvel which was akin to super girl. Now she evolved to what she is.

Vance_astro's original comment said that Love interests are nothing without there superhero partner, this does not apply to Carol because ,yes she was a love interest, but she has evolved past that. and she is still A Superhero which is more then what MJ is.

The biggest difference between Carol in comparison to Gwen & MJ is that the hero she was a love interest of isn't a major Marvel property. Spider-Man is Marvel's largest property. His marriage to MJ & Gwen's Death will always be bigger moments than anything they can do alone. Mar-Vell died. Carol is Captain Marvel now.

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I hate this idea that characters like Mary Jane Watson or Gwen Stacy somehow matter without Spider-Man. They are supporting cast characters, nothing more nothing less. If Mary Jane isn't married to Peter Parker I don't really even want to see her. Her relationship with him is the only reason I cared about her. In a world filled with gods and mutants and vampires, super-soldiers, sorcerers etc. I don't have attention to waste on regular human characters or alternate universe characters given the powers of another hero.

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Although i dont totally dislike the style, why the abnormally large buckteeth? And is it me...or is wiccan waaaaay too muscular? Hes a magic user who doesnt really needs to use fisical strength, so why make hij this buff? And then white Tiger, who should be a bit buff, is super wise, this doesnt make sense to me.

And about squirrel girl beeing in a more serious book..I can only say this. Deadpool and spider-man are both comedic characters. They work well when theyre funny. But the best, most meaningfull storylines they had was when these funny guys were put in a serious situation. They make them feel like people, instead of mindless joke factories. Im not saying squirrel girl should not be funny, but putting her in a semi serious book shouldnt be a bad thing.

Ill give the comic a try, see were it goes.

Putting Squirrel in a semi-serious book is a bad thing. The difference between Squirrel Girl, Deadpool & Spider-Man is that Spider-Man is simply comic relief, a lot of what happens in his comics are bound by some standards. That isn't true for Squirrel Girl & Deadpool, their entire being is one big joke. I don't like characters in my serious books whose actions are MOSTLY based in plot devices in some attempt to make me laugh. That hurts the story.

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Countdown to cancellation.