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Woah Woah Woah, I have several responses to this so grab a seat grandpa, first of all what did I just say? There is a difference between BETTER and GREATER. BETTER includes straight up game and your style of play. GREATER includes feats and achievements so I have no idea why you would bring up feats because I clearly said MJ is GREATER than Lebron... for now anyway, but Lebron has proven to be a far BETTER play overall, from passing to rebounding to defence (and yes Lebron is a better defender than Jordan)+

M.J. won DPOY award... M.J. is tied for the most defensive first team awards...

Lebron simply makes everyone around him better

M.J. did the same thing.

. MJ was a far more consistent 3 point shooter so I have no idea why you said Lebron is better 3 point shooter

WTF are you talking about. M.J. didn't develop a three point shot till his second three peat. And even then he didn't shoot many. He shot 50 for the whole year of the first year of the three peat, and shot around 200 for the rest.

, but Lebron is a far better passer

Their passing skills are the same but M.J. had flashier passes. If you meant a better play maker, All LBJ does is drive and dish out, M.J. did that too.

, rebounder,


he's better in the post

Lebron has little to none of a post game. He has no footwork (Why he travels a lot for a superstar) M.J. thrived in the mid and post game during his championship run.

, and all around defeneder consdiering he's the favorite to win defensive player of the year and multiple defensive first teams NBA

LOL read above... M.J. is tied for the most, and has won the DPOY award.

. Everyone in the NBA flops, EVERYONE, Lebron just gets most of the attention for it because he's Lebron James.

No, Lebron get blasted because he flops like a fish after a point guard runs into him. He acts like he gets hit, after the replay shows the elbow doesn't even touch him. Everyone draws fouls you mean. Not everyone flops. There is a difference. LBJ even has a compilation of flops. And it is very unsportsmanlike to play like that.

Anything else needed to be debunked?

I just want to address the some things. Jordan & Lebron play two different positions. Lebron isn't a better passer than Jordan he's just a different type of player. He has a different mentality. Lebron passed MORE than Jordan did. MJ is a SHOOTING GUARD, his job isn't to get people open, it's to score. That's REALLY not Lebron's job either but that's how he chooses to play. I also think Lebron making players better is a myth. There isn't one player that was average or not very good who was better after having played with Lebron. Most of that Cavs team he played with on his first run we're trash and they still are. Anderson Verajao is the only one who turned out to be good and I don't think that had anything to do with Lebron.

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@kasino said:

but Shaq has a chance. one of the highest FG% in history

That's only because he's a center. MOST centers have high FG% because they mostly score in the post. A good center isn't going to miss...right under the basket.

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I go with Jordan. Remember that unlike Shaq, Jordan was defensive player of the year. Yea Shaq is strong enough to back Jordan down and he has great post moves but remember that 1-on-1, Shaq has to get to the post first and unless he travels or double dribbles ever time he has to put the ball down. Shaq isn't a ball handler so Jordan has a shot at getting steals. When you reverse it, Shaq would be completely incapable of guarding Jordan. Jordan shoots at one of the best percentages we've ever seen. He's faster, and can score from just about anywhere.

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@darling_luna said:

@vance_astro: I don't read much daredevil so that might be a factor, I don't love it nor do I hate it

Oh ok.

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@testament said:

Alright bro. Thanks for savin me some money. I owe ya big time

No problem.

I happen to like it

But what do I know

What did you like about it?

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@testament said:

Damnit! But the concept is so good though. How could they fail??? I really like the idea of giving Daredevil a crossover event. Should I just skip all things Andy Diggle?

All things Andy Diggle that are Daredevil related, yea. His run on Daredevil was terrible. I don't think it was his fault though, I think he was given the burden of Shadowland and he couldn't deliver. Had he just been able to write DD regularly, he probably would have done fine..he's a decent writer. The biggest problem with Shadowland is that most of the tie-ins are very weak story wise and it does nothing to add to what people love about Daredevil it's ending was almost as bad as that of Secret Invasion. Just an anti-climatic mess.

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@testament said:

@vance_astro What did you think?

No. It's the worst Daredevil arc of the 2000's. I would recommend the Power Man issues though.

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Superman could pick a offensive ability/power at random to easily kill all of them.

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@bigbadwolfx0 said:

@vance_astro: @randumo24: @batghostin: @no_name_: @neek_03:

Hi I was wondering if anyone knows if any power rangers get a strength increase when they become the power rangers I have always wondered this they fight in human form until gets to tough and transform but do they transform for access to there weapons and abilities or do they gain a certain degree of super strength. Another thing is do the power rangers morph into something else or do they merge with some sort of alternate form or alien I ask this because some times they remove there helmets and it is still them but other than that no matter what happens to them while in ranger mode no matter the damage has no effect on there human form I also believe that the last series I watched as a kid was time force so I don't know what's changed.

I think it depends on the Ranger. In Sentai an Power Ranger alike i've seen different Rangers use superhuman strength. Whether they all have a strength increase is beyond me.

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@qtmxd said:

@daredevil21134: All this tv stuff is fine, albeit with very little solid info thus far, but it gives us something to look forward to. I don't comment much on it, because I'm not a tv watcher, and this will be a rarity for me. But as to whether we get a few more good noir runs in the DD comics, we don't know. Waid's DD... practices law without a secret identity in San Francisco... is becoming more status quo, what with meeting She-Hulk (who we thought was ridiculous to compare him to on the other board) and eventually, Iron Man when he moves to Frisco. Maybe in a year, Marvel will rip it all up. I hope so. But they can also decide that the show and the comic, which will have a much smaller audience than the show no matter what they do, can have different audiences. It's hard to measure Netflix, but the finale for Breaking Bad got 10.3 million viewers, while DD sales are what, 30,000? Comics sales are orders of magnitude below tv viewership. I don't assume that Marvel will make the comics similar to try to get the same audience, as opposed to accepting that they'll be different and much smaller no matter what they do.

I don't know if you read Sean Howe's Marvel Comics the Untold Story, but it's a great history of art and commerce.

Comics will always be a smaller market than television shows or films but characters can benefit in comics but exposure outside of it.