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@testament said:

Damnit! But the concept is so good though. How could they fail??? I really like the idea of giving Daredevil a crossover event. Should I just skip all things Andy Diggle?

All things Andy Diggle that are Daredevil related, yea. His run on Daredevil was terrible. I don't think it was his fault though, I think he was given the burden of Shadowland and he couldn't deliver. Had he just been able to write DD regularly, he probably would have done fine..he's a decent writer. The biggest problem with Shadowland is that most of the tie-ins are very weak story wise and it does nothing to add to what people love about Daredevil it's ending was almost as bad as that of Secret Invasion. Just an anti-climatic mess.

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@testament said:

@vance_astro What did you think?

No. It's the worst Daredevil arc of the 2000's. I would recommend the Power Man issues though.

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Superman could pick a offensive ability/power at random to easily kill all of them.

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@bigbadwolfx0 said:

@vance_astro: @randumo24: @batghostin: @no_name_: @neek_03:

Hi I was wondering if anyone knows if any power rangers get a strength increase when they become the power rangers I have always wondered this they fight in human form until gets to tough and transform but do they transform for access to there weapons and abilities or do they gain a certain degree of super strength. Another thing is do the power rangers morph into something else or do they merge with some sort of alternate form or alien I ask this because some times they remove there helmets and it is still them but other than that no matter what happens to them while in ranger mode no matter the damage has no effect on there human form I also believe that the last series I watched as a kid was time force so I don't know what's changed.

I think it depends on the Ranger. In Sentai an Power Ranger alike i've seen different Rangers use superhuman strength. Whether they all have a strength increase is beyond me.

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@qtmxd said:

@daredevil21134: All this tv stuff is fine, albeit with very little solid info thus far, but it gives us something to look forward to. I don't comment much on it, because I'm not a tv watcher, and this will be a rarity for me. But as to whether we get a few more good noir runs in the DD comics, we don't know. Waid's DD... practices law without a secret identity in San Francisco... is becoming more status quo, what with meeting She-Hulk (who we thought was ridiculous to compare him to on the other board) and eventually, Iron Man when he moves to Frisco. Maybe in a year, Marvel will rip it all up. I hope so. But they can also decide that the show and the comic, which will have a much smaller audience than the show no matter what they do, can have different audiences. It's hard to measure Netflix, but the finale for Breaking Bad got 10.3 million viewers, while DD sales are what, 30,000? Comics sales are orders of magnitude below tv viewership. I don't assume that Marvel will make the comics similar to try to get the same audience, as opposed to accepting that they'll be different and much smaller no matter what they do.

I don't know if you read Sean Howe's Marvel Comics the Untold Story, but it's a great history of art and commerce.

Comics will always be a smaller market than television shows or films but characters can benefit in comics but exposure outside of it.

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@thitiki said:

You replied to a comment in a thread I posted in before when I don't see why you post to me asking why I posted when we all have the freedom to post how we feel about something.

How you feel about the quality of the thread is irrelevant. YOU DON'T have the freedom to post how you feel in that regard. I made that point 3 times now. Comments like yours will take the thread off-topic, which is AGAINST THE RULES. You follow?

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@humanrocket said:

Not my fault that the OP gets PO from my comment. It's the internet. If he can't handle some criticism, then he shouldn't be online.

Yes it is your fault because your comment is unnecessary..that's the point i'm trying to make.

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@humanrocket said:

Because, just like the OP has the privilege to make threads about bad topics, I have the same privilege to criticize and voice my opinion about that thread. Also for the +1 +2

You're confusing the issue. The point of any thread isn't for your criticism of the quality of the thread but for you to talk about the topic, if you have no interest than what privileges you have as it pertains to these forums isn't of any relevance. As you can see from the OP's response...

@humanrocket: @highlyevolved: @thitiki: It's all good...I wasn't expecting three virgins to understand where I was coming from with this anyway.

This thread could go some where it doesn't need to be because you couldn't keep an opinion that wasn't asked for to yourself.

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She-Hulk is worthy as well :)