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If you're trying to get banned. Just send me a PM and let me know. Save me some time.

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@albusan said:

@transformers1024: Yes I want to block your annoying a$$ bad, when you find out when we get it block me.

I have NO IDEA why you thought this was ok...

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In fact you know what? Stow it. Don't bother replying. Im not sure I can take any more of your " DC is the greatest! So imma form my own theories for X, Y, Z" Fanfic explanations for things you can't actually prove

This part of your posts was completely unnecessary.

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@cosmicallyaware1 said:

excellent example and one I probably would've used myself. Only issue is that those mass produced Skrulls didn't nearly have the finesse to utilize the power sets and believe that the level of the powers were not very substantial. Mimic on the other hand is packin a heavy dosage of the goods, and trained extensively in the use of his skills with his reality's Xavier and X-Men, and even lead his reality's X Men over Cyclops. He's one tough cookie.

The point I really want to make here is that Mimic is very comfortable with his powers and utilizes them to their fullest, in perfect harmony. As opposed to a mass produced low level inept Skrull.

Nice Counter but Rl'nnd isn't one of those "mass produced Skrulls", he's a Super-Skrull like Kl'rt. Many Skrull soldiers proved to be nowhere near as powerful or as skilled as their counter parts on Earth but as shown with Queen Veranke (Spider-Woman), Khn'nr (Captain Marvel), Criti Noll (Hank Pym/Yellowjack), Pagon (Elektra), Z'Reg (Crusader), Chrell, Lyja Lazerfist & several other Skrulls, some of them are far more adept at using their abilities than others.

I think that may be the most challenging aspect of Mimic using Cyclop's energy projection here, Carol's ability to absorb. And considering that Calvin is only operating at 50% output of Scott that may not be close to enough to harm Carol at all.

Or is it?

Let's talk about the potency of the energy projection in itself.

The maximum force of Cyclops' blasts is unknown, but a commonly given description is that they can "punch holes through mountains", and he has been shown rupturing steel plates and pulverizing solid rock. It has been stated that Cyclops uses only a fraction of his vast potential energy output. His more powerful optic blasts can demolish fully-armored tanks, severely damage Sentinels, and obliterate entire icebergs

in X -Men Civil War, Iron Man stated that Cyclops top energy output to be as great as a nuclear reactor. A mathematics units of measurement was given in the comic, I'm not sure what it ws but if you find out just input the data into this converter and it gives you the answer pretty much he has an atomic bomb insead his head. the energy output was well over 2 gigawatts. Now keep in mind that Mimic only has 50% of this maximum output but here is the calculation for the full output just to illustrate a point.

Amount : 2 gigawatt hour (GWh)

Equals : 5310447474535.16 pound force foot (lbf-ft)

Equals : Equals 2408778615 (tons)

So cutting that in half would equal out to :

Amount : 1 gigawatt hour (GWh)

Equals : 2655223722267.5 pound force foot (lbf-ft)

Equals : Equals 1204389307.5 (tons)

now, has Mimic ever demonstrated Optic Blasts at that level of power? no. But in theory, that's the kind of power he's packin. Strong moral code dictates damage done usually, and Calvin demonstrates moral fiber with the best of them. In a bloodlusted state, who know what will happen. I'm just not sure if Carol has the absorption capabilities for something like that.

The next point I would like to illustrate is tricky and I'll start it with a question: can Carol absorb the energy from things such as force? It's not like she absorbs the energy from punches throw to her like Sebastian Shaw correct? The reason I ask this is because Cyclops Optic blasts are Energy yes, but unlike most energy projection....the blasts are force. Unlike Heat Vision for example, the Optic Blasts are mostly concussive force.

If the Blasts are used in a fashion unlike the traditional frontal assault, and in conjunction with the "spatial awareness skill", Carol may not necessarily be able to absorb them. Follow me? and yes, Mimic has demonstrated that ability of Cyclop's previously, and considering they trained tougher for years and Mimic copied his powers, I say it's fair to say that he demonstrates the capacity as well........

Cyclops' Power is described as concussive force but it is energy based, which as I stated before is why Bishop was able to absorb it. They have the same powers of Energy Absorption. If by "spatial awareness skill" you mean Mimic bouncing the blasts off of surfaces, I don't think it will help. I'm not sure how Carol's energy absorption works because she has been hit by blasts that she didn't see coming without absorbing anything but having less energy output than the character he's mimicking and Carol having superhuman speed and reflexes as well as being a trained combatant I think there are more than enough ways that Optic Blasts' won't work against Carol.

  1. Could Carol really absorb the output Calvin is capable of?
  2. Could Carol absorb the energy is Calvin used it in a fashion as I proposed?

His output couldn't be any greater than that of a nuke missile or a blast from Sin, both of which have been absorbed by Ms.Marvel.

Mimic Physical Durability Feats!!!!!

Mimic had some decent durability feats during his run on the Exiles. I will showcase some here and give a brief explanation.

scans 1-5: fight with a bloodlusted Wolverine whom was trying to kill him. Mimic got tore up by Wolvie's claws pretty good, and Mimic win the fight BTW........

scans 1-3: tanking plasma blasts from an evil bloodlusted version of Havok . and let me show you how important that is:

considering: scan 1: blowing apart a sentinel. scan 2: blast is so powerful fuses ground beneath to glass. scans 3-5: against professor hulk, in 1 hulk states he thinks blast broke a rib and in 3 appears to have potency of a nuclear explosion. scan 6: is a hypothetical potential on top powerrange. So Mimic tanking blast is substantial.

scans 1-2: tanking punch from Juggernaut (this was in the 616 universe, and Juggs was depowered at the time so his strength level was probably around 75-80 tons......still notable however)

now some ones I don't really have good scans for but will work on getting done, but I will just explain:

  • Took a thrashing from a mutated version of The Thing (rockin roughly class 100 strength. heh. rockin...get it?) here's some pics of him, just don't have the actual scans of Mimic tanking the punishment
  • Took Moses Magnum's seismic powers full force, internally. (messed him up good, but hey...whatever)

He took some serious punishment from King Hyperion on a few occasions.

scan 1: slams into KH with Northstar speed (imagine hitting a concrete floor after falling a 100 feet!) scan 2: tanks a blast from KH eyebeams (very potent, will show some of the damage they can cause next) and scan 3: crushing mimic's hand and KH stating how he killed many powerful opponents.

now about KH's eyeblasts:

scan 1: destroys a Vision. scan 2-3: incinerates a Wolverine, all flesh off and organs destroyed....just a skeleton left after. scan 4: kills a Namorita (Namor level strength class and durability) and scan 5: implies (off panel) that beams kill a Hulk. Just a couple.

will that do? I have more but that should illustrate that point of Durability.

These are some decent durability feats but in many of them, Mimic does get hurt pretty bad. Against King Hyperion he gets his hand completely crushed and he hurt himself when he crashed into Hyperion in the first place. Against Wolverine, pieces of him are getting shredded off. He survives but because of all of his other powers, it was still a knock down, drag out fight with a street leveler. He takes some blows from some really strong characters, some that are even stronger than Carol but seeing as how she regularly fights characters between class 50-100 and is capable of causing them physical harm with her punches, I don't think it would be any different for Mimic who is only using half of what Colossus' actual durability would be. I don't know how much her own energy projection would do but below is some scans of Ms.Marvel fighting Warbird who is an alternate reality version of her accept with the stats she had back when SHE was Warbird. So she has about the same energy output but she's 25% weaker physically. I'd imagine that if a regular blast from Carol nearly killed a character who regularly absorbs energy, Mimic wouldn't fair so well either.

Mimic's Damage Output!!!!!!

Let's see..........well for one there's that fight with a Wolverine that I mentioned/showed before. He was able to put Wolverine down after a great Brawl. But you were asking about strength right?

He's stated to have broken a version of Juggernaut's neck.

He beat a version of Namor to death.

He's laid waste to lots robots n such......

and he's shown to have more, but I'm bushed after that. Can go into more detail later.

I'll hold off on dealing with Beast, Wolverine & Northstar's powers until I have to respond..

okay, I'll tackle those in next post man.

I can't comment on him breaking Juggernaut's neck because I don't know it was done nor do I know any more information other than it being stated that he did it. If this is a weaker version of Juggernaut, maybe Mimic snapped his neck..I don't know but if he's only half as strong as Colossus and this is the case, that version of Juggernaut must be alot weaker than advertised. I don't know what to make of him "beating Namor to death". Nor can I tell that's what really happened. There seems to be fire-based powers involved but Namor has been shown to not only fight Human Torch but resist his powers (although that totally doesn't make any sense), I assume this version of Namor isn't so lucky to have any resistance to fire based attacks, but there is clearly more to it than what his strength allows him to do. Carol has no problem with fire, but Mimic doesn't have those abilities in this particular fight.

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@mysticmedivh said:

@asmodeus12345 You can move it yourself. Just go to the top right corner of your post, click full edit, and change the location of this thread to another forum.

Thanks for helping.

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Why do people keep making all of these Hit-Girl mismatches?

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Yea this isn't really fair for Hit-Girl.

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