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@micah said:

@vance_astro: Well I wasn't going to change my answer and I felt the point wasn't getting across. Now.....I'm pretty sure it did.

If your answer wasn't going to change you should have just stopped posting. MY point being that spamming is against the rules whether you get the desired results or not.

@mysticmedivh said:

@vance_astro: Ah yes, a moderator. Perfect.

I have a question, Vance.

Would you say something like this would fall under the anime/manga category (even though technically it's not a manga)? I'm asking this cause of the DBZ vs. anime/manga only rule.

Yea, I'd say God of High School counts as anime but to be sure I should ask the other battle forum mods what they think.

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@micah said:

@fujitora: Scream all you want. Databooks > Personal Opinion.

Stop spamming....

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Personally, I think Natasha is often really undersold in team books. Her skillset/power level is really easy to drown out in the giant bloat of Avengers books. She could be an interesting team character, because she's not a natural team player, but it's rare that writers play with that. There have been some exceptions, like Ellis's Secret Avengers, and more focused books like Marvel Knights, but as a Natasha fan I almost always like her better when she's in her own book, even when that book is terrible.

Then again, "team character" vs "solo character" is an increasingly meaningless designation at Marvel.

I'm excited about this announcement and creative team :) I actually think a change in tone after the Edmondson/Noto volume would be good, and would fit with the choices she made at the end of that run.

Natasha is undersold in teams books because they cancelled books like "The Champions" where she was the leader and made EVERYTHING about the Avengers. Secret Avengers was supposed to be a more covert team so she fits better with them but I don't think she should have EVER been an Avenger. Their purpose is bigger than what she brings to the table.

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Damn man...Battle forums were so much fun back in these days... *sigh*

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@vance_astro: sorry to brother you but you raised a lot of great points. I was just curious to see if you still feel Matt and T'Challa are equally skilled? I believe strictly skill wise, they very well may be. Just wanted your thoughts

No, I think Black Panther is more skilled by a small margin. I think Black Panther is better trained, more tactical and a more intelligent fighter.

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@vance_astro: She totally does. Her series that just ended was amazing and one of the books I was always looking forward to the most

To each his own but I just think Black Widow is a character that belongs on a team. I don't think she holds much significance by herself.

@vance_astro: Her recent series got 20 issues and that only ended due to Secret Wars, I'd say she can hold a solo for quite a while.


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@vance_astro: He truly has a great supporting cast, and it's lazy indeed. We're in agreement. It's not as simple as throwning great characters that work on Spider-Man stories on another book and bam, done.

And Pepper is not dead as far as I know. They're just doing that to get more sales, anyway.

Imagine that as a selling point for Iron Man lol. You want a reason to read Iron Man? Here's a reminder of One More Day!

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@kiba said:

@kcomicfan: yes I know what the original comment was and I say again Carol was nothing more than a love interest too. Why should she get to evolve but other characters don't?

Carol's big moment wasn't marrying Mar-Vell or dying because he failed to save her, it was becoming Ms.Marvel.

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@vance_astro said:

For some reason, in recent years peter supporting cast and/or villians tend to go to other books. *Sigh* The result wasn't good for the most part imo.

I think it's because he has a really good supporting cast but it's just lazy on the part of writers. I don't want to see Mary Jane in Iron Man, is Pepper dead or something?

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I'm always iffy on marriages in comics,I personally hate Jessica Jones and Luke Cage's marriage,I find it boring and uninteresting and felt that it didn't help them develop at all,however,I think the complete opposite about Mj and Peter.Spider-Man never struck me as the kind to mess around with various women(though he probably has),I always felt he'd find one woman he loved and settle down with her.I think seeing him grow from a teenager,to a man,then husband and father,plus superhero would have been sweet.They could have just left Ultimate Spider-Man around for those who enjoy a young Peter Parker.But they killed him instead.

You have to remember though that Jessica had powers before she met Luke. They met in her own story. MJ was literally created FOR Peter. Although I agree that many relationships in comics aren't interesting I don't think they should be treated as a point of interest, all good marriages are boring. The interesting part is the characters themselves.