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Naaa they used him because of his awesome acting.. trust me bro.. I know these things!


@qtmxd said:

As I've said, I don't want Waid doing dark DD. His idea of dark pisses on the good writers even more than he's doing now.

I appreciate Dinklage having that role, and I assume it's an irony that he's cast as an anti-mutant character, so his stature is relevant, and an interesting use of it. Minority actors constantly need to look for breakout roles, and that's an example of a good one. Some years ago, Dinklage had a supporting role in an awful movie where Gary Oldman played the lead, a little person, while walking on his knees.

As for Stick, it's a minor example, and Glenn really does look good, but I'm sure Asian actors will at least see it as a missed opportunity.

Maybe his idea of dark just doesn't work for Daredevil. Have you ever read Irredeemable? It was plenty dark and a very well written story.

@qtmxd said:

So much for darkness. I just skimmed down CBR's solicits for that month, and not one Marvel comic looks remotely as cartoonish as this. When Waid first moved DD to SF, he promised the return of Stuntmaster. That would be worth a whole new volume just for that. And here I thought he forgot. Two men without fear? Can a new writer bring back Matt and kick this imposter back to 1961 DC where he belongs?

As for Danny posing as Matt, it was mostly trivial, a concession to comic book gimmicks to give Matt plausible deniability about his secret identity. Maybe Waid didn't read it. Danny/DD had more space in the Whiter Tiger mini than anywhere else, and there was no real story about him. In Civil War, I only remember that he mostly hung around the background of Cap's group. I looked at the time, and remember him doing and saying almost nothing. I thought when he took his mask off in a few panels that he looked more like Matt, which made me wonder if Millar or the artist even knew what was going on with DD (as per Brubaker's quote above), though at least they knew not to have IF appear.

It took Iron Fist almost a whole other volume before he started being a valuable member of that team. Even during Initiative, Dr.Strange was pretty much the whole team, with rare Wolverine & Spider-Man moments after Cap's death. That team was a mess. Most of the members didn't really do much. They didn't even know who the leader was (It was Cage) until Dark Reign.

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@testament said:

Majorly excited for this. Everysingle casting disision Marvel makes is on point. They may not completely look like their comic book counter part but Marvel definitely is pointing acting before aesthetics. Just look at Peter Dinklage.. he's a little person and looks nothing like Bolivar Trask and yes... I can't think of anyone who I'd rather see in that role after Peter completely nailed it. I'm very happy that Marvel confirmed Stick and it's only a matter of time before they confirm the Hand.

They probably used Dinklage because the real Trask looks like Howard Stark with glasses...

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@teerack said:

That's not really true. Through the whole Civil War Danny was one of Captain Americas main Avengers, and he ended up getting a lot of good lines through out the main event books. The amount of focus he got in Civil War was what first made me get interested in DD, but then I found out it was Danny Rand later on since I just jumped into Civil War and didn't know he had become DD. I was about to start reading all things DD, but then I ended up getting distracted by The Immortal Iron Fist which turned out to be amazing.

Danny was one of Cap's main Avengers but he REALLY didn't do much. His fight with Deadpool & his fight with Matt once he was released from jail is probably all a non-Daredevil\Iron Fist will remember about him being there. You gotta remember Civil War was 100+ issues including all the tie-ins and the story was more driven by the Mighty Avengers not the New Avengers.

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@qtmxd: Luke Cage's marriage isn't that important to Marvel,if they can erase Spider-Man's and get rid of Black Panther and Storm they can rid of this boring marriage.The only one the marriage really benefits is Cage,I prefer him as a cape chaser though

I agree it's not that important to Marvel as no relationship in their universe really is accept maybe Reed & Sue but it is one of the only real relationships in comics right now where two people got married and are raising their child together. I don't think this marriage actually benefits either one of them because as you said you prefer Cage as a cape chaser, that was a more interesting choice for him but I think that's why I like their relationship because he is the last guy you would expect to be the good father & husband. Meanwhile Cap's baby got killed, The Punisher's kids were killed, Carol's kid was a product of rape and it ended up aging rapidly to the point of death, Scarlet Witch created kids out of thin air and basically didn't raise them, Wolverine killed several of his own kids, etc. It's nice to see something that's not a failed attempt at being edgy.

@vance_astro: I still thought his relationship with Jessica was more interesting than her and Cage,I never said Lang was interesting on his own.And yes I think Luke Cage has been with enough women to where he didn't need to take advantage of a depressed broken and drunken woman.Cage has always been a rather decent guy.

I know you weren't saying that Lang was interesting on his own but I find it hard to find a relationship when a newly created female character is kind of dragging the man along. They are more of an odd fit than Cage & Jessica but when they were just dating and not really married yet and there was no Danielle yet, they had their moments. Some of my favorite dialogue from Alias was between the two.

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@daredevil21134 said:

I actually liked her better with Scott Lang.They were so different it kinda made the relationship fun

Scott Lang is so boring he takes a backseat to HANK PYM.

@qtmxd said:

Whether he planned it at the beginning, Alias reads as inevitable that she will end up with the rough edged Cage, while nice guy Scott walks away with his heart broken. When she tells Scott she's pregnant, and he replies "And it's not mine?.... Good-bye, Jessica." That's real dramatic stuff, got to appreciate it. The problem is that there is no obvious way to make their domesticity interesting. They're not Reed and Sue.

Reed is boring by himself. His Children & His Wife are infinitely more interesting than he is. Danielle isn't old enough to be her own character yet though.

@daredevil21134 said:

I hated how Luke Cage took her home drunk and depressed and anal banged her.He's better than that

Cage is better than that? Really?

@grenadeflow said:

I thought she had more chemistry with Cage the relationship just wasn't interesting when they got together.

That's kind of how relationships work in comics though. Either they are both written poorly or one character drags the other down. Black Panther & Storm were pretty much made for each other but they sucked as a couple.

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Reading Alias then reading New Avengers almost makes me wanna cry .Seriously she was so interesting as a foul mouthed chain smoking alcoholic with issues,not to mention her stories were really fun as well.I rather see her investigate a murder case than sit at home changing diapers and bitch about Luke Cage being an Avenger.Give me Alias Jessica back

I also hate when all these other websites write an article on how the Netflix series will be dark and gritty and then they use a pic of Samnee's DD smiling

So then you don't want her with Cage?

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@daredevil21134 said:

<------------ what does that mean?

He asked if there are Waid fans reading this i'm pointing to myself.