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@vance_astro: I'm done debating about thanos. I wasn't dwelling on stuff.

My point was more about you telling another user they aren't educated than it was about whether you were done debating or not.

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@vance_astro: You mean Identity Crisis. Final Crisis is a completely different story line, but I understood what you meant.

DC shouldn't have so much crisis!

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@vance_astro: What instance from Final Crises are you referring to?

The one you were just breaking down.

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@vance_astro said:
@newecho said:
Cap has beaten people on the level of those guys also and has pis fights like beating namor and many others... ...

He's beaten guys on the level of Kyle Rayner, The Flash, Zatanna, etc.? I'm pretty sure he hasn't...

I believe you are referring to that fight from Identity Crises, which has some important context behind it. Firstly, the only reason Slade managed to beat Rayner by breaking his fingers, was because Kyle decided to punch slade for some reason, rather than you know, just using his ring to incapacitate him in 50 different ways from a distance. That is pure unleaded plot induced stupidity right there.

As for Zatanna , he took her out before she got a chance to speak a spell by hitting her square on the liver, which caused her to become too sick and disoriented to use any of her magic powers. Now granted it is a great showing of speed for Slade, but unless Zatanna has some extraordinary speed and reaction time feats I don't know about, I don't see why Steve cannot do the same.

The flash tagging feat is also of dubious quality since Wally's speed and reaction time are too great to be caught off guard by a few explosions and a sword like that. On many occasions, Wally has speed blitzed Slade without getting hit back, just like how he realistically should.

Back to the fight at hand, I agree Slade beat the good Captain in a tough fight owing to better gear, a slight stat advantage, better durability due to armor and sporting looser morals. Ultimate Captain America would be a better match up for him IMO.

It doesn't have important context to it because honestly I think it's all PIS, I was never bringing it up with the intent of saying it was something Slade can actually pull off. What I was pointing out was that Deathstroke was created as a character that would be a threat to groups of superheroes and not just individual crime fighters & vigilantes, that particular instance was simply written poorly. What you're responding to is actually me shutting down the idea that if we compared Deathstroke & Cap on their most ridiculous victories, Cap's would be on par with Slade's which is untrue. That nonsense from Final Crisis has never been matched by Cap in any capacity.

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How is this still going on? DS has skill, physicals, tactical prowess and variation of weaponry over cap... He wins.

Because I said this was a curbstomp 7 years ago and someone decided to call me out on it, in October.

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@ghostravage said:

@jashro44: I know Typhoid Mary has TK but as Mutant Zero she's more powerful or has more access to her powers, same way Bloody Mary is more impressive with TK and seems to have more control over it than Typhoid Mary. I don't think Jason would be helpless against her telekinesis, it only works on objects relatively small.

I've read her miniseries and I still don't understand the whole persona thing. It's not like she's Robert Reynolds or something where her other personas are literally manifested as other characters with their own powersets, or like she's Thor or someone like that who has an Odinforce or Warrior's Madness upgrade.

@lukehero said:


  1. Makes Kingpin guards go to sleep.
  2. Takes a hit from King Pin
  3. Kicks hard enough to knock the head off a statue.

@vance_astro: She did fight him pretty well in the sewer, but he did say her fire powers were messing with his radar, so I wouldn't call this pure skill, but still. Pretty good.

  1. Shows up to bother Matt.
  2. Lights Matt on fire.
  3. Slices a bullet? And fights some thugs.
  4. Takes a punch from Jessica Jones. Laughs, and lights her on fire.
  5. Gets beat up by Jones and Luke. They slap her around, but she did remain awake.

Honestly unless she TP's him. He can just shoot her. She can bullet time, but I don't remember her having dodging feats vs really good shooters.

The fact she wasn't easily KO'd by Luke & Jessica is poor writing if I've ever seen it.

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@lukehero said:

@allstarsuperman: Mary should win. I have some scans if you want me to post them. I don't if Jason has TP defense?

Even if he did, the OP doesn't take away her Pyrokinesis and in Initiative when she was Mutant Zero, it was shown that Mary can burn a crowd of people down to the skeleton with just a thought.

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@jashro44 said:

How did Typhoid Mary's fights with daredevil go in hand to hand? I heard she gave him a good fight but I don't remember seeing this fight. T'challa's one shotted Mary when he was depowered and I believe deadpool managed to beat her quite easily. I don't think Mary is consistently in the tier where she can give Matt a hard time in hand to hand but I could be wrong.

The only time Mary really gave DD a good fight was in this issue where she "killed him". The thing is he had fought half his rogue gallery before then. It was kind of a rip-off of Knightfall. She's a pretty average level fighter and definitely not skilled enough to hang with Jason Todd.

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@newecho said:

@vance_astro: then I have more than 20 issues left.. She just hung out with Superboy and went with Barbara on a cruise where black wind was the bad guy.. I think its around 42 or 43.. So its more like 28 to 30 issues left.. I haven't seen her dodge bullets without being able to see someone move.. The closest was the Cain sniper shot in the flashback where she was thinking about her childhood and the training and like I said there really wasn't any context too that and she had a grin on her face which to me meant she knew Cain was there and she was playing with him...I will finish it tho,, because the books are really interesting...

I meant to answer about cap getting hit more,, which is not necessarily due to him being slower. Cass' whole schtick is about body reading and knowing what an opponent is going to do before they do it which allows her to move before her opponents do. She does get tagged by really skilled people quite often so even her body reading can't keep her from getting hit from the likes of nightwing and Connor hawk to name a couple..

I'm going to stop this right here before it becomes Cassandra Cain vs. Captain America. I was using her as a measuring stick assuming that you believed she was faster than him. It's obvious to me but apparently it's taking more energy to make my point than what I expected. I'll drop this point. What I will say somewhat pertaining to this is that many comic book martial artists have a way of anticipating movements including Deathstroke & Captain America, himself.