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@bigcimmerian said:

@vance_astro: Bronze Tiger wins.

If you're not going to make a case as to why I don't know why i'm tagged in this.

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@highaccuser said:

@vance_astro said:

Bronze Tiger is more skilled and physically superior.He wins.

Sorry if you've changed your mind in the 5 years since you made that comment but I'm curious about this matchup so may I ask why you think so? Bronze Tigers good feats that I know of are stalemating Batman and Deathstroke, which doesn't nessecarily put him above Matt.

I changed my mind.

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@batmanfanboy said:

Comicvine is ran by fanboys/girls and the only reason this thread wasn't locked for SPITE is because so many of the people who are commenting on here bring a lot of traffic to the site.


You have no idea what you're even talking about. Keep comments like this too yourself.

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Oh and so I don't derail the thread my list would be....


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@hawk2916 said:

@vance_astro: Hmmmm. I tend to disagree. I think there are actually too many Xmen and too many Avengers in the marvel u. I mean the villains dont have a chance, which I guess is why we have to settle now for the heroes fighting each other lol. I get what you mean about re-inventing for new audiences. But, and Ive said this before, its hard to sell me on the idea that mutants are hated and Captain America and iron man are loved. If you hate superpowers as a baseline human then you do. I'm a simple guy and I guess I just lean to something simple as hating those with superpowers not liking some and hating others. But again that's me.

My main reason for wanting the Xmen in a seperate universe is because Im one of those fans with a persecution complex if you will. I dont think the xmen are treated and promoted right by marvel. I dont think they are promoted like the other properties and the only franchise treated worse is the Fantastic Four. Im sure seperating the Xmen into their own universe wont stop the Marvel crossover's but if they were self-contained in their own universe at least the Xmen wouldn't be part of it, so it would cut down on it somewhat. Maybe they'd be in their own crossover's which is not as bad as being in yearly events with the Avengers and now GOTG for god sake's!!

There's actually way more villains than X-Men or Avengers and I don't think these characters are "fighting each other" because the villains aren't good enough or because there isn't enough of them because if you haven't been paying attention the villains have been doing a very good job of what they've been created for. I guess we're only settling for heroes fighting heroes because that's the cycle that Marvel's events work on. During House of M a hero (Scarlet Witch) took the villain role, then during Civil War & Initiative the heroes were against each other, then Secret Invasion happened in they had to face a bigger enemy, the events of that lead to Dark Reign & Siege where again it was heroes vs. villains, then Avengers vs. X-men back to heroes vs. Heroes, that's just how things work.

As far as why mutants are hated and characters like Captain America & Iron Man are loved is because the hatred of mutants is simply racism, it doesn't have anything to do with super powers. That's why characters like Graydon Creed were created, to help perpetuate hate against the homo-superior species. Mutants have been demonized in society to be viewed as a threat to mankind. Captain America on the other hand isn't another species he wasn't born anything else, he's human and so is Tony Stark but they aren't absolved from any idea that THEY could also be a threat to humankind, thus Civil War.

The X-men is Marvel's biggest property aside from Spider-Man & The Avengers. I don't know how they are being treated poorly or under-promoted. There are several X-men books on the shelves right now including the solo series of Storm, Wolverine, Cyclops. The X-men also have events of their own that don't involve The Avengers or the Marvel Universe as a whole on occasion. I don't know what more you want Marvel to do for them. The Avengers have the same thing going for them. A few books and a few solo hero books..the Avengers just have more popular solo entities but they always have.

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@hawk2916 said:

@vance_astro: You dont think the current 616 has become to crowded? Or too redundant? There's nothing unique or distinctive anymore. Previously I had been against the Xmen being in a seperate universe but honestly now Im almost to the point of wishing for this. The constant crossovers and events every other issue have contributed immensely to this feeling.

I know it would be hard to make sense of, but with all the time-travel and phoenix stories with alternate realities, it should be fairly easy to pull off and explain away.

Again this is just my personal opinion but a seperate X-verse would be a breath of fresh air.

Crowded? No. You can never have too many characters especially considering that Marvel was founded before either of us was even born. You need fresh faces. Redundant? Yes, but ANY universe that Marvel creates would become that if it's in constant use. When your fictional universe has been running strong for this long and you have an obligation to re-invent characters and resell them to different audiences, redundancy is inevitable.If Marvel removed the X-Men from Earth-616 the crossovers & events wouldn't stop. That's Marvel's new money train in terms of selling their books. Look at the Ultimate Universe. Their events aren't as constant but they are there. The X-Men are too popular to not be promoted the same way as their other properties. Business wise it just would make sense to separate the X-Men from their main universe.

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@animelegend68 said:

Typical dc fans. Spiderman has a better reaction time, hes faster, more agile, better at fighting, and more durable than wonder woman.

Aside from the part about agility none of this is true.

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Anyone who is actively debating in here and posting scans isn't allowed to call mods out to lock the thread. I know that isn't written in the rules but I don't like users trying to make us validate their arguments or issues with a thread by having us lock it. Which is essentially what that is. If you feel like another user can't be reasoned with, you should probably stop addressing them or posting here.