Vance Astro's Battle Forums Track Record

Kazuya Mishima vs. Iron Fist (Debating for a character outside of comics) 
Wonder Man vs. Spider-Man (Endurance) 
Namor & She-Hulk vs. Wonder Man & The Thing (Schooling on She-Hulk) 
Black Panther vs. Iron Man (Schooling on Iron Man) 
Hulk vs. Anyone Who Can Stop Him (Breaking Down Hulk) 
Daredevil vs. Blade (Backing Up Daredevil) 
Iron Man vs. Solomon Grundy (Backing up Iron Man) 
Champion of the Universe vs. Sentry (Uncovering Myths about both characters) 
Thanos vs. Sentry (Supporting an unpopular opinion) 
Colossus vs. She-Hulk (Schooling on She-Hulk) 
Classic Dr.Strange vs. Sentry (Supporting an unpopular opinion) 
Daredevil vs. Batman (Classic Debate) 
Batman vs. Deadpool (One of my first real debates) 
Batman vs. Shang Chi (Tearing down misconceptions about Shang Chi's fighting skill and causing Gambler to concede with my argument) 
The Guyver vs. Spider-Man (Interesting debate from back when Anime vs. Comics was allowed) 
Out of the  X-men, who could Storm? (Massive debate against Storm) 
Wonder Woman vs. Thanos (Schooling on Wonder Woman) 
Broly vs. Sentry (Angry Comics vs. Anime debate) 
Cheshire vs. Elektra (Defending Elektra vs. Gambler) 
Daredevil vs. Karnak (Classic Debate) 
Captain America vs. Daredevil & Punisher (Defending Daredevil & Punisher vs. tough crowd) 
Daredevil vs. Kraven the Hunter (Defending Daredevil)
Ms.Marvel vs. Donna Troy (Defending one personal favorite vs. a bigger favorite)
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This isn't finished, but this is just some examples of my debates in battle forums.
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@Vance Astro: Very nice sir, sorry I think I was being a bit too sassy before.

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@Vance Astro: Nice debates Vance.

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@Strafe Prower: Thanks