DC New 52 vs. Marvel NOW

In the last two years, DC & Marvel decided it was time to try something new that would generate some interest for their publications. Two different marketing schemes, but with similar outcomes & variables. The question is which one do you like more? Which of the two did the best job of making YOU, want to read..this is what I thought.

The Big Picture

I have pretty much always been "a Marvel" as far as comics are concerned because too me they always had the better roster and the more interesting stories, but with Marvel getting very predictable, gimmicky, and almost devoid of any real creativity before Marvel NOW, I started to read and enjoy more DC books. With these latest developments, i'm finding these publishers almost neck & neck in terms of quality and the changes they've made to get me interested in what they are doing or planning to do.

DC Comics\New 52 Universe


A.The Integration of Vertigo & Wildstorm

Although this may be a problem for those of us that were already reading Vertigo & Wildstorm books but I think by adding them to the more popular imprint, it grants them more exposure and also suggests that DC has the faith in them that they will help carry the flag for DC as a publisher. This also shows that DC didn't forget about those imprints as they are moving forward, they are making them a part of their overall plan moving forward.

B.Better Villains make better Superheroes

I've never really taken DC's villains very seriously, I find most of them to be poorly designed & cheesy. I also feel that many of them run out their usefulness in a short time. Some of them, just based on their powers and how they've been handled in team books and against other superheroes than their arch-enemy don't even appear capable of defeating the character they were created for. The New 52 revamp seems to have breathed new life into villains like Black Manta, Captain Cold, Cheetah etc. that I previously thought were pretty lame, but they also brought in New villains like, The Court of the Owls\Talons, He'l, Anguish, Saiko, Grotesque, Reach etc. who are not only interesting but a bit different from what you're used to seeing from DC. I'm used to villains with corny names and ridiculous costumes.

I think they are doing a good job of creating a rogue gallery for characters like Barbara Gordon\Batgirl who didn't really have villains of her own before I also like how they are producing a bunch of one-shots or single issues within certain ongoing series, specifically about certain villains such as Darkseid, Two-Face, Deadshot, & Killer Frost so that a newcomer to DC (like me) can get some incite their bad guys.

C.Everyone Included

DC has so many different types of books now. It's like they are just throwing tons of ideas out there and seeing what sticks. A character like Grifter who hadn't had a solo since WildC.A.T.S. was an Image property, may have never seen an ongoing again but in the New 52, So many characters are getting a shot. DC is even kind of trying to do something for readers that are into the arcane, the occult, magic, witches, etc. with books like Demon Knights & Justice League Dark. Minority characters like Batwing & Vibe are also doing the solo thing. It's like no matter what type of books you like DC is trying to capture that audience.

D. Attention, Please!

Aquaman may not have been a book that you picked up before, because Aquaman kind of had a bad rep. Alot of parodies and jokes have been made about the character and his "supposed" uselessness over the years but I think the introduction to New 52 gave readers the urge to try something new and pick-up books they probably weren't interested in before. I think DC had been actually trying to revamp Aquaman and make him more bad-ass over the years but people weren't taking to him but I think the idea of the New 52 kind of alerted people that there would be changes and new developments with their characters. This isn't just an Aquaman thing, this could apply to any character that you didn't really like before. Maybe you weren't a fan of Harley Quinn before, because you thought she was kind of a goofy love-sick sidekick of the Joker, the New 52 did some work on Harley to try and change your mind. In other words the marketing scheme raised the awareness and the writers gave you a reason to keep reading.


A. Ever Changing Creative Teams

I don't know what's going on at DC but it's like they can't keep writers any more. It seems like on certain books writers change monthly. Green Arrow for instance has had 3 different writers and it's only 12 issues long. It seems like creatively everyone isn't on the same page. Just recently Batwoman's creative team quit over issues that they were having with editorial interference in their work.

B. If It's Not Broke, Don't Fix It!

I understand that DC made alot of mistakes in the past and that they are trying to cover them with this reboot\retcon but it seems at this point they are making alot of changes just for the sake of making changes. Cyborg doesn't need to be a founding member of the Justice League. We all know that DC was started in an era where that wouldn't have made any sense, we also all know that DC isn't really doing much with Cyborg. You make him a founding member of your biggest and most recognizable team and he can't even get a miniseries? How about the JSA being an Earth-2 team? What was the purpose of taking them out of the prime continuity? Why make Alan Scott gay after over 60 years? Why all the ridiculous costume changes? The Justice League looks great now. Superman's costume makes more sense than that whole "underwear-over-tights" thing he used to do, Wonder Woman's costume has some minor changes, Batman's costume is looking more like armor now than spandex; and it goes on like that down the line, but what is this nonsense that DC is doing with Lobo? Why does Bronze Tiger actually look like a Tiger? What is Power Girl wearing? If you wanted to cover up her "boob window" that's cool, but why not better design her costume? Why does Superboy look like he's stuck in a game of Tron? What did they do to Poison Ivy & Black Canary? The new costume designs should have been far better than this. I've seen alternate universe versions of characters that look far better than this, why when you reboot..this is what you get?

D. The Ones We Left Behind

Although DC has brought in alot of characters from their other imprints and they also brought back and revamped alot of characters from their previous continuity, there are alot of characters that have yet to appear in this continuity that are actually decent characters. What happened to their Milestones imprint? They added Icon & Rocket to their Young Justice costume but where are they in comics? Static Shock is the only Milestones character i've seen so far.

E. Continuity Inconsistencies

Many readers probably won't notice and it all depends on what you read, but if you..like me are one of those people who decided to try out multiple books with the relaunch, you may find quite a few continuity errors. They don't really confuse me when I'm reading but they do cause a problem if you're trying to follow the stories between books.

Marvel Now\All-New Marvel Now\Marvel Universe


A. Attention, This is Not a Reboot

I thought that DC, rebooting their universe instead of simply making necessary changes did them a disservice. These two comic publishers have existed for FAR too long for you "start over". What Marvel actually did was take the things that we already liked about them and the characters we already enjoyed and continued to expand on them.They've made alot of mistakes and ridiculous changes over the years, but they don't give up..they keep it moving.

B. Let's Take a Risk

Unlike DC, Marvel has never really been able to capture a female audience or really keep solo & team books with female characters as the focal point afloat. Marvel said "that's cool..let's try again!" They now have an all female superhero team in the Fearless Defenders and an all-female X-Men team. The Fantastic Four is made up of almost all female members and characters like Ms.Marvel\Captain Marvel,Lady Sif & Red She-Hulk have secured solo titles. Marvel isn't putting out as many minority based titles as they used to but they did just release a Mighty Avengers book that is made up entirely of different ethnic groups & genders.

C.Hickman over Bendis

If Avengers is going to be the most important book in the Marvel Universe, it needed a new writer. I feel like Hickman is taking the Avengers back to what they used to be where as Bendis spent 6 years tearing them apart and then reforming them without considering team chemistry. Hickman's "plan" for the Avengers was INSTANTLY better than what we had come accustomed to from issue #1.

D.Hiding the Heavy-Hitters

Marvel has a habit of taking characters that are uber-powerful off of earth and hiding them away, even in times where Marvel Earth is facing some of their biggest threats. It seems that's a thing of the past. Where they previously didn't use Blue Marvel at all, he's now become an Avenger. Where Thor was "dead" for major events and Hulk was depowered or M.I.A. they've brought him back into it. The Avengers as a unit are probably more powerful than they've been in years or maybe ever.

E.Making Old Favorites New Again

The changes in creative teams all over the Marvel Universe is getting me excited about comics again. If you take a book like Captain America for instance, I had my doubts of it being any good after such an AMAZING Brubaker run especially considering that for alot of it..Bucky was Captain America. After Remender's lackluster Secret Avengers starring Steve Rogers..I didn't think he would be able to pull a solo Cap book off. I was complete wrong. Although it's alot different from Brubaker's run, it's just as good.

F.Back to the Basics

Although Marvel is still doing an event every year, they are still making it so that all these events aren't spilling over into their books so heavily that it actually hurts the story, if they even allow tie-ins at all. Each character is having their own individual adventures again. Marvel NOW can be your starting point. If you weren't a Marvel fan before, this is a good place to start getting into some books.

F. Villains Wanted and Gained

Alot of Marvel characters that I actually liked have had garbage rogue galleries for some time. Daredevil for instance (although like Spider-Man all his villains were just copied from Batman) has had some interesting additions to his list of enemies as of late. Marvel seems to be taking more of an interest in the villain element in their comics.


A.The Events Still Aren't Good

Moving into Marvel Now, their first event was "Age of Ultron" and it was god awful. Marvel hasn't had a good event since Civil War\Initiative. They've been mostly marketing schemes to raise suspense and then they are full of ridiculous twists and turns that lead to a conclusion that will be overwritten within a few years.

B.Media Matching

Apparently Marvel is trying to match their animated series,films & comics so characters like The Falcon who don't deserve to be an Avenger...get to be again. Putting a character you don't care about in a film or an animated series isn't OK and then changing the comics so that the character can have some relevance there to pretend you DID actually care all along is even worse. Let's be honest Marvel, lack of exposure isn't why nobody likes the Falcon. He's sucks. He's not interesting, his powers are boring, and he's no actual help to the Avengers. I'm sorry to say this but neither is Black Widow. You don't EVER need Black Widow on a team with decent street level Avengers. She has no skills that they actually need or can't get from other characters. Just because the Avengers film made her a founding member doesn't mean Avengers Assemble should kick off with her on a short roster they don't need her on. I fear the same thing is happening to the Guardians of the Galaxy.

C.Call Your Team Something Else

Although most Avengers Books are actually good now, there are too many Avengers books..way too many. One of which Avengers Initiative was cancelled some time ago with an extremely similar but less entertaining book, Avengers Academy..which was turned into Avengers Arena with Marvel NOW! Avengers Arena is so bad and such a pointless book. I would rather them bring back the Marvel Knights giving exposure to actually good character instead of wasting our time with a book where Marvel pretends they are willing to effect their status quo by killing off a bunch of characters they don't care about! Also the Illuminati book is called "New Avengers" although it doesn't actually follow an "Avengers" team. I understand that they are using the popular name to sell the book but that just minimizes the attempts they made at "taking risks". We can believe you are a risk taker if you are afraid that a book as important as New Avengers wouldn't sell unless it had "Avengers" in the title. Avengers A.I. also comes to mind, why couldn't Marvel just have created a new team under a new name? You're milking the "Avengers" enough don't you think?


There are probably some things that I left out, but just going off memory these were the things that I thought should be noted when talking about these two marketing plans. I wouldn't say that either is really ahead as far as holding my interest because DC has alot of more books now that I find interesting than I think they did before. I would have liked though if DC simply revamped and not rebooted. I feel like the reboot is kind of making it hard for me to keep reading books that I liked before because I feel like those books were already moving in the right direction and the changes made don't really enhance them. Several of the Batman related books, for instance; had been on a roll without taking away anything from the villains and supporting cast. After the Night of the Owls arc I kind of lost interest in Batman: The Dark Knight.

I know these revamps\relaunches happened quite a while ago, but what do you think about them? Have they increased your interest in their books? Did they completely let you down? Were you disappointed? What are your thoughts?


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What More Can Marvel Do for Daredevil?


Daredevil's solo title is no stranger to Eisner Awards and critical acclaim. As of late it seems though that he isn't making the same impact on the Marvel Universe that he used to. The question now becomes, with Marvel NOW should he be appearing in more books? He has his own solo titled and a miniseries that just started but is that enough? Marvel has been doing events since Disassembled and Daredevil hasn't had much of a role in most of them and I think his lack of  exposure  is hurting the character immensely. Is it possible to  expand  the market and the amount and type of people who are  exposed  to Daredevil without taking away what's unique about him? His books are obviously written well, how can Marvel get more people to read?

I Want My Araña Back!


Marvel, YOU OWE ME ONE! I sat there and read all of your garbage events although I knew half way through that they would suck. I gave you my money along with everyone else and with that you can still exist. If you don't know, Marvel used to have a hispanic superhero, called  Araña. She was a fairly unique character until she was depowered in Ms.Marvel and she later became Earth-616's Spider-Girl. I first of all feel like it was detrimental to May Parker (the real Spider-Girl) because she's been the only Spider-Girl we knew for years. Even in other universes like Earth-9997 when Spider-Girl appears, it's May. Now you have Anya Corazon running around in Julia Carpenter's old costume with no unique abilities trying to make something of the "Spider-Girl" name. Of course when they gave Anya her first ongoing since becoming Spider-Girl it flopped, but what did they expect? When has this type of marketing EVER worked for them? The same thing happened to the female Ghost Rider, Alejandra and the female Wolverine, Laura Kinney.I want Marvel to change  Araña back . Whatever they have to do for her to get her original powers back, they should go for it. Maybe it won't help her get an ongoing series or will it guarantee that ongoing will sell but at the very least it eliminates the # of characters they've created that have been completely ruined.

The Potential of Miles Morales & Victor Alvarez

As many know, black superheroes have trouble selling and making their on comics as an industry. This blog will point out why I believe that Miles Morales & Victor Alvarez (Spider-Man & Power Man) may have the best chance to change that for Marvel Comics.  
Point 1. Mass Appeal 
Both Black and Hispanic readers often feel like the are under-represented in comics and at this point I think it's more than a "feeling", it's more like reality. I understand that Marvel is a really old company and there was a time where minorities and women were second class citizens but once Marvel began adding characters of those types in their publications, I felt like it was fine to take baby steps in integrating them in the universe but from what i've seen in the time i've been reading comics, it's like they are taking baby steps but also backpedaling. They try to build a character up and they drop the ball when they see an opening. I feel that what always set Marvel apart from other publishers is that people view their characters as more relatable than others. I feel that Miles Morales\Spider-Man and Power Man would be alot more relatable than the black heroes that Marvel had been previously pushing like War Machine, Black Panther, & Blade. First of all they are still young, they are getting used to their powers. I feel that older readers (18-35) which is the usual demographic will read about these characters because they will find their stories and abilities interesting and that younger readers will like them because they are also young and those characters have personalities and go through things away from being a superhero that will resonate with them. Younger readers will also, kind of grow up with these characters. When I was a kid characters like Jubilee,The New Warriors,The New Mutants, they were teenagers, now that i'm an adult I don't think they are but I am starting notice a transition between their maturity both physically and storywise..which is interesting. 
What's also good about Spider-Man & Power Man is they are regular street levelers who happen to be of both black and hispanic origin. They aren't of a character type that would alienate them from different types of readers or stories or characters. For instance if you take Blade for instance..he's a Vampire Hunter; because of the type of character he is..it limits what types of things he can do without derailing the character and making him do something OOC. He doesn't belong among superheroes, and we know anti-heroes are never the focal point of any fictional universe..that automatically sits him in the back. Spider-Man or Power Man could be placed among just about any superhero team and not appear out of place.
Point 2. Powers 
Spider-Man & Power Man aren't the most unique heroes around but they have an interesting set of abilities that set them apart from the characters they take their names from. The reason this is important is, this is probably why a character like the Falcon can't keep a position on the Avengers because all he can do is fly. He brings nothing to the team that other more popular characters aren't capable of. A character like Cage probably has a problem holding his own book because his powerset is so generic that it's hard to make villains for him. Usually when a villain is created they have their own abilities that counter those that the heroes have, how many powers can you use to try and counter super-strength before is becomes repetitive or you run out of idea? You may not know that Luke Cage even has his villains..but if you were to look them up you won't be surprised by how pathetic most of them are.   
Point 3. Newcomers 
I feel that Marvel made their beds with previous black character as far as how they've written them for years and how they've tried to push them to make sales. With two new heroes, they have a chance to do something different. They aren't as big on retcons as DC so something like what DC did for characters like Aquaman will happen. I think Marvel has had previous openings to sell certain characters and they didn't take them, and now it's too late. To use Blade as an example again, he had 3 successful films and  his last ongoing ended 2 years after the release of the final film in the trilogy completely with subpar writing and art, which gives the impression Marvel didn't even try.

Point 4.The United States of the Marvel Universe 
The United States and especially New York is the focal point of the Marvel Universe. That's where most of the heroes reside, that's where the most superhero related activity happens. A character like Black Panther may have trouble surviving because where he resides seems disconnected from the rest of the Marvel Universe. When he was involved in events like Civil War it allowed to be apart of something bigger and that's where writers saw success. 
If Power Man were to get his own series, and Miles can keep his book going...I think these two characters have the best chance of breaking that mold of minority characters that don't sell, what do you think?

Community Star: Vance Astro

Welcome to another exciting week here at the Community Star Awards! Did you miss us? Well, it's only been a week, so you're going to have to learn how to be more patient. Today, we are honoring what I like to call an original viner, since he's been here for quite a few years. On top of that, he recently moved on from regular, everyday user to become a moderator for the site. Please, sit back in your chairs and give a roaring round of applause, which he will not be able to hear, for Vance Astro!

In the Comic Vine Blog-O-Sphere World, Vance Astro wrote quite a few blogs, in his time here, and I've picked out a few you all may enjoy. Back in May of 2008, Vance Astro wrote his first blog for the site called, "Skrull Theory." It all ties into Marvel's Secret Invasion a few years back. Were Vance's theories correct? Read on to find out!

Last larger blog that Vance wrote was a little over a year ago and it's another great theory piece on who will be on the Avengers and what the Heroic Age will consist of. He also has a list for his ideal members of the Avengers. Check it out in "Astrovik Report: Thoughts on the Avengers."

Aside from the many, many blogs Vance has written for the site, anyone visited the Daredevil page? Well, Vance Astro has over 41,000 points on that page. Forty-one THOUSAND! The page is incredibly well-written and split into sections. If you need to know anything about Daredevil, it's probably on that page and you can thank Vance Astro for the majority of that work.

We're doing a new thing here on the Community Star. Each week, we'll be interviewing the winner in a hard-hitting Barbara Walters-esque interview. This week, I really take Vance Astro's nose to the grindstone and find out some very interesting and controversial information.

Here we have Vance Astro, the winner of this week's Community Star award. Vance, thank you for being here today. How does it feel to win this award?

InferiorEgo: Hello Vance! It's wonderful having you here today to answer my hard-hitting questions. Now Vance, you've been on this site for quite sometime. How does it feel to win this award?

Vance Astro: I couldn't have done it without my lord and savior, Ororo Monroe. RAINDROPS UNITE!

IE: A Storm fan I see. Very interesting. You've more recently become a moderator of the site. How soon do you predict the power to go to your head?

VA: We'll just pretend it already hasn't.

IE: I better steer away before the banhammer falls squarely upon my lap. You've been on this site for quite sometime. What is your favorite memory from your time here at the Vine?

VA: My favorite memory on the vine would have to be Marvel vs. Capcom 2 avatar week. Me [and] a few people decided to wear them and then it was a trend for like a week and then we switched to something else.

IE: Not only a Community Star winner, but also a trend-setter. Vance, the first .5/5 star book you reviewed was Dark Reign-M.O.D.O.K #1 and that was back in Oct of 2009. Do you still feel that strongly about the book?

VA: This is by far the worst and most pointless tie-in i've ever read. If Marvel wants to try and make something for the kids..keep it out of Dark Reign.

IE: Well, I guess we'll just have to agree to... um... agree. You are a bit of a Marvel fan, and you have over 40,000 points on the DareDevil page. Is there any other character you know that much about or are you just super-into DD?

VA: I think there are alot of characters that I could have the same amount of points for. I made it my duty to get Daredevil done right though because being my favorite character I didn't like what I was seeing information wise on his page.

IE: It's nice to see that amount of dedication and attention to detail put into that page, and we all thank you for it. Now that you've won the award, what do you plan on doing now?

VA: I'm going to go buy some rims to increase my street cred. Also be on the look out for my fragrance it's called "SLAUGHTERHOUSE".

IE: I always said the way to a woman's heart is through nice rims, as long as they're not spinnin' rims. You have one minute left before the plane you're on explodes... what do you do?

VA: [S]cream the lyrics to the theme from Good Times.

IE: Ain't we lucky we got them? Thanks for your time, Vance!

Give your congrats and cheers to viner Vance Astro for all of his hard work, over the years, on the vine! We'll see you guys next week! Be sure to get your votes in on Tuesdays now! You'll see a voting thread up then!

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I Have About Had It With Marvel: Dark Reign\Siege Edition


Before I say what I have to say, the name of this blog comes from a time where I almost stopped reading Marvel comics and switched to DC,Wildstorm,or something else. However I had thought back to House of M and Civil War and I caught on to what Marvel was doing an with the Heroic Age around the corner apparently I was right. Marvel did what they could do diminish the superhero\villain population and break down the ideal of the hero only to build it back up in the future. Now leading into Heroic Age was Dark Reign and Siege...two awful series. The more Siege goes on the more I just read other things and stay away from the event. Let's run down somethings that were wrong.... 
1.The Asgardians-If you thought the Skrulls got the shaft when they battle with Earth\Humans..Siege isn't what you want to be reading. I have never seen a group of characters that are supposed to be powerful by nature get so badly defeated in combat...and by characters like Daken & Taskmaster no less. 
2.Thor-he really hasn't been right since he came back from the dead. I'm really waiting for him at this point to do something noteworthy.He's getting his ass handed to him in Siege.Sentry f#cked up Asgard and he couldn't do anything about it.He got handled by Rulk..it seems like he can only excel in his solo book. Aside from what he did to Iron Man, his showings have been pathetic outside of it at best. 
3.Tigra-after all the time she's been an Avenger she still can't get a spot on an actual roster. 
4.Scarlet Witch-where the hell is she? 
5.Echo-Same as Scarlet Witch. When Secret Invasion ended and Dark Reign started she never appeared.She was supposed as the New Black Panther that turned out to be Shuri..so where is she? How can all of those people have been friends with her and then she disappears and nobody cares? 
6.Jubilee-she's back to being Jubes but now it appears she's going to be a vampire? 
7.Ms.Marvel-had her book cancelled after one of the worst story arcs in her history. 
8.She-Hulk-book cancelled to start Lyra's book that only lasted 4 issues.Keeps getting her ass handed to her in Hulk's book
9.Sentry-All Dark Reign and Siege has done is tear down the character.Most issues of Dark Avengers were about him and they all sucked.Completely pointless. 
10.Hulk-forced to live as Bruce Banner after being drained of Gamma radiation by Rulk. 
11.U.S Agent-Once a Mighty Avenger,in the future there is no indication he will be an Avenger or where he will be.He also did virtually nothing during the time he was a Mighty Avenger. 
12.Quicksilver-brought back to be an Avenger...but won't be as soon as the event is over. 
13.Iron Patriot\Norman Osborn-How was he able to take Dark Reign to Siege when he can't seem to win a fight? Aside from when he fought Iron Man in that old ass armor,all he's done is get ruined.Molecule Man stripped him naked,Dr.Harrow did the same,Spider-Man kicked his ass,Iron Man crapped on him in Siege it just keeps getting worse. 
14.The Initiative Recruits-If Avengers Academy is going to be the new Initative..where are all the ones that didn't graduate and the ones that did.I haven't seen any Initiative members that aren't on other teams since Camp Hammond got shut down. 
15.Bullseye-possibly the worst character to ever wear the Hawkeye uniform.Played an extremely minimal role in Dark Reign 
16.Moonstone-took of Ms.Marvel's book and is probably the reason it got cancelled. 
17.Wolverine-his spotlight was offered to Daken and Deadpool 
18.Armory-Got decommissioned in Initiative..has only been seen twice afterwards and she doesn't have the tactigon 
19.Elsa Bloodstone-WHERE IS SHE?  
20.New New Warriors-Haven't seen them since the book was cancelled. 
21.Misty Knight-went from leader to token black girlfriend 
22.Ghost Rider-Does he still exist? 

I like what I am seeing with the solicitations for the Heroic Age. I was going to put Daredevil on this list because he did nothing in either event but apparently has two miniseries coming up.Most of the things I put on my last list were overturned accept for the deaths (save for Cap) and certain characters that haven't been seen or done anything in years like Tiger Tyger,Silver Sable & Toxin. I would also like to see less Bendis. His influence on so many books makes people not want to read. He's not even that bad of a writer, he's just writing like 12 books.At least -5 of them are going to suck (just a example,don't take it literally). Let's hope that when the Heroic Age gets here this list doesn't grow.

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Happy Birthday 30th Birthday She-Hulk

 The Ol' Girl still got it....
In 1980 she debuted in her own comic,Savage She-Hulk #1.Sadly her comic was cancelled.But she's still around and I still love her as a character.Also for Women's History Month,Marvel will be launching "Girl Comics" which will be a 3-issue anthology starring Marvel's female superheroes.

Siege Theory

Whenever there is a new event in Marvel I make one of these blogs to kind of give my opinions on what I think will happen during the event and here what other people have to say about it.It's more or less a prediction thread for people to get out their ideas about what they believe will happen based on what we've seen in the previous events.Here are the other ones....  
Dark Reign Theory Blog
Dark Reign Theory Thread
Skrull Theory\Secret Invasion Blog 
So now I will make my first predictions. 
Dark Avengers 
A.They will replace Ares.I think Ares will leave the team and join the Secret Warriors so he can be with his son.Plus Siege will go into Asgard and I don't think Ares wants to be against Thor. 
B.Thor vs. Sentry (World War Hulk style).I think there is going to be an instance that comes down to a showdown.None of the Dark Avengers can really take Thor.I think Norman will send Sentry at him and Thor will ultimately get the win but it will be an epic fight. 
New Avengers\Mighty Avengers\Avenger Resistance\Young Avengers 
A.The Avengers whom are beyond the law and aren't legally able to be Avengers will be one team.Cuts will be made. 
B.The Mighty & New Avengers will get new Rosters.
C.The Avengers Resistance which is essentially the New Warriors anyway...will just be the New Warriors. 
D.The Young Avengers will have the Vision as a member a new Member but also gain a new member.My guess would be Thor Girl.She's not going to work for Osborn.  
This is all I have so far.Anyone else got any input?
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