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Thanos constantly monitors Doctor Doom and Doom doesn't even know it. Thanos has intelligence FAR above Doom's. This isn't even close.

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@kadeem: But wouldn't the most recent version of Thanos, who was powered up again, be one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe?

I think so but my point was that point was this battle wouldn't be a cakewalk for either side.

I don't know who would win because I don't have enough knowledge of Shazam to argue against him winning. From what I do know of Shazam though, I agree with you that it would be a hard-fought battle.

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I think Shazam got this, the last time Thanos faced Odin he got a beating so Shazam being around Odin level should take it

Thanos has been powered up since then.

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@kadeem: But wouldn't the most recent version of Thanos, who was powered up again, be one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe?

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It really does depend on your criteria. For marvel the FF have saved the entire planet more than any other team. Does that qualify them as the greatest?

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Odin did not underestimate Thanos he did everything he could, including summoning Gungnir, to kill Thanos and couldn't. That Battle took place in Asgard where Odin is supreme. Thanos has since been powered up. I don't understand why everyone thinks Shazam would win it.

I must say I don't tons about Shazams power. I have read some Captain Marvel since he took the old wizards place, and nothing I have seen leads me to believe Thanos gets beaten.

If someone could make an argument as to why I am all ears. I should say all eyes, cause Im reading it hehehe.

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This really isn't even close.

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@Shadowglenn: black panther could beat him in straight up combat, he is a master martial artists, thanos is not

You have got to be joking? Do you really read comics?

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@Seth_Olympia: Thanos is Smart, but you think his intelligence is superior to T'Challa's intelligence

Are you serious?

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@Valkaad: Smoke bomb isn't only batman has in his belt.

ice pellets

shock batarang

sonic batarang

he doesn't even have to hit cap with those gadgets..

Batman is not a slow duck.. Batman does have some insane feats to keep up with batman..Just because he wasn't enhanced with SSS doesn't mean he is canon fodder

Dude when did I say he was cannon fodder? I said I think Bruce could dodge his shield (if cap threw it). I have read Batmans comics and I know Batman is a badass. I think Cap it too much for him. You on the other hand DO seem to think Cap is cannon fodder for batarangs or ice pellets or freakin smoke bombs for petes sake (you have heard me mention Cap can dodge/block machine gun fire from multiple skilled opponents). Why do you keep thinking batman is gonna hit him with some gadget. Have you read any Captain America book? Seriously?

To be fair Captain America did fall victim to gas in Heroes for Hire.

To be fair Batman got shot by a lone thug gunman with a pistol then beaten up and captured by malnourished bums in The Cult.

The same thing would happen to Cap, neither character is bullet proof. I wasn't pointing out a low showing, I was pointing out that Cap isn't immune to the effects of gas, which is part of Batman's standard equipment, not that he would need it to beat Cap.

If I really wanted to point out Cap's low showings, I'd mention him getting KO'd by a judo throw or getting his ass kicked by Wilson Fisk.

I haven't seen any comics where cap gets shot by an untrained thug/robber who is only using a pistol (not saying it hasn't happened but I haven't seen it. Cap would have dodged the bullet.

Cap getting gassed by a thrown gas/smoke bomb is PIS. In the real world If someone threw a smoke bomb at me and I could sprint 60 mph (roughly 88 feet per second) I would sprint out of the area affected by the cloud. in a little over 3.5 seconds I would be a football field away from the initial impact area of the smoke/gas bomb.

And I've never seen Batman get knocked out by a judo throw, my point was that if Cap had actually been hit with the bullet the same thing would of happened, both characters are capable of dodging bullets so why you're using a low showing when my entire post wasn't to point out a low showing for Cap.

Cap was in a room when Paladin gassed him and not in an open area, and you're right when you say Cap could get out of the vicinity of the gas in an open area, but my point is that the gas affects him.

OK I agree gas could affect him if he were in a room flooded with gas. They would have to leave him in there long enough for him to breathe it in because Im sure he could hold his breath for a long time. The world record is 19 minutes and 21seconds, so I would think Cap could go at least that long.