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I don't want an origin story. I do want a new Batman though, because the one played by Bale is just not that good, or even close to how he is in the comics.

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Some of the costumes I hate, like the first Power Girl costume, or Harley Quinn. Everyone in the JL look way better now then they did compared to their classic costumes.

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9 for me. Better than any of Nolan's Batman films, or anything Marvel has put out. Loses to Watchmen.

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No, Darkseid is far too awesome to be compared to Ras.

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I'm just glad it won't be Bale as Batman. Oh, and this better not be too close to TDKR. Hopefully just kind of inspired by it, and have it lead up to the JL film.

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As a diehard Superman fan, who's been reading his comics for years now, I loved the movie. I was expecting a new take on the character and I got it. If this movie was ANYTHING like any of the previous films, then I would've hated it. I hate how people complain that the movie was not the Superman they expected, since that's exactly what I thought about the Nolan Batman movies. Those movies made Batman the least interesting character in his own film(Joker, Catwoman, Bane, Gordon were all far more interesting), and did Batman poorly, ignoring how intelligent he is supposed to be for example(among many other issues), and people love those movies. I liked MoS a lot more, and a lot more than most CBMs to be honest. I hope Snyder and his team continue forth with their own vision and ignore complainers. They made enough money to justify ignoring them anyways.

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WW IS treated poorly, and I do not understand why. Azzarello is doing a GREAT job in the WW title, but I still can't understand the need to completely change her origin(as interesting as it may be now). She seems like a completely different person in the JL book which is a lot of people said, it feels disconnected. I'm glad Cheetah got some respect in JL, but WW and her cast need MORE. Even if the CW show turns out to be crap and similar teen drama like Smallville, I actually liked Smallville anyways for what it was. If the show is at least good, I'll watch it and it could bring more awareness to the character. I just don't get it. It's freaking WONDER WOMAN. I refuse to believe it would be hard to find success for Diana outside the comics. Just get someone....who, you know, UNDERSTANDS what makes her stand out. People who act like it won't sell, or can't be done, are just uncreative and do not get Diana. At all.

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Even better question: you do know not one person cares right? I'm sure the internet would still be here tomorrow had anyone not known.

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Ugh....I'm pretty sure most heroes would be liberals(including ones like Batman), considering what they do. I know I can't imagine Superman lying like Republicans(at least the elected ones)do, or getting worked up about women's reproductive rights or gay marriage. I'm pretty sure he would be pro-science, pro-choice. Same goes for most heroes. I can totally see Lex voting Republican however(I dare anyone to argue this), which says a lot.

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Yeah.....that's some serious Aquaman hate there. I kinda like those choices, though Jake should definitely not play Hal. Also, Gosling is awesome, though I'm not sure he's Batman.