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Can I get a HUA! (Or even a hoo-rah!)

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Didn't those two hook up in an alternate universe and were the parents of Nocturne? I always liked that when you'd see some other reality where two characters hooked up that you never thought of before. When they were on Excalibur together I'd always thought about him and Shadowcat hooking up, but there's too much going on between her and Colossus for that to ever happen. Of course, is he still an ordained priest? Or did that go away?

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Does anyone remember a very similar woman appearing at the very end of Zero Hour back in the early 90's? I do. Another possibility if you ask me.

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I've got mixed feelings about this.  Part of me is hoping that it's only temporary, like Heroes Reborn was for Marvel, the other part of me is saying that this is a long time coming.  I don't agree with the renumbering, it's more than a little depressing thinking that we'll never see Action Comics finally get to issue #1000 because some creators wanted to make the characters more appealing to people who don't read comics or, more importantly, read Marvel comics.
My biggest fear is that  DC is going to adopt some of the shadier publishing tactics that I've seen at Marvel that made me into an exclusive DC reader.

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Personally, I think some of the best stories are those that take the Hero and push him into the role of the Anti-Hero and vice versa, when an Anti-Hero is taken and pushed into the role of the Hero.

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Hail Hydra!

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I've had a similar problem.  Super 'Sup Check keeps resetting on me.  I think the furthest I've gotten is up to six before it reset. And I've been checking in and writing every day.

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As we all know, Stan Lee is the Man.  So much so that they actually call him Stan "The Man" Lee.  
The reason that they refer to him with such awe is because without him the world of comics would be a MUCH different place.  Could you image a world without Spider-Man, X-Men (hmmm?), Hulk, Daredevil, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, and COUNTLESS other icons?
The only problem is that in the past few decades a lot of Stan's comic book attempts have been much less than successful.  How could this happen to an industry icon as The Man?  I mean you would think that he would have the Midas Touch or something when it came to comic books, but sadly that just hasn't been the case.
If you hadn't heard (those of you who don't have facebook, twitter, or regularly visit this site) Stan Lee has signed a deal with Boom! Studios to be the creative mastermind behind three new titles coming out this year; Starborn, The Traveler, and Soldier Zero.  Now, Stan Lee isn't actually writing these titles himself, but, from what I can tell, he seems to have creative oversight on the whole thing.
The questions remains, though.  Will these titles be hits, or will they just flop like all the rest?
What do you think?

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