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Tears. Freaking tears came to my eyes when I saw the Falcon. My hands shot in the air and I was a kid again. It was amazing!

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Something I like in big crossovers is when you have people who wouldn't normally work together in their monthlies team up to get something done. This was set up to be that, but fell completely flat on the idea.

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In my opinion, we should still steer well clear of Lex Luthor. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from Kevin Spacey's portrayal of the character in Superman Returns. If Brainiac comes after the Earth in the sequel, that could ramp up anti-alien sentiments from all the damage these guys are doing. That would open the door for Lex Luthor to take the stage as a figurehead for human rights in the face of alien threats. He could lead a movement to take down Superman, claiming all this started with him arriving on Earth. It would be even more poetic if the people he's saved come to his rescue.

You could even tie this idea into a Justice League movie, let's say Darkseid (or Apocalypse in general) comes calling in that movie. Superman's first reaction to another extra-terrestrial threat could be, "(sigh) Why do I get the feeling I'm going to be blamed for this?"

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars!

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Happy Valentine's Day, all!

My question this week has to do with diamonds in the rough. Have you ever seen a story arc, character, or title that made you sigh and wonder what new lows the industry has discovered, then read it and loved it? Or at the least learned to love it over time?

For me this was X23, when she first popped up I was like, "What the heck? A girl wolverine? Marvel must be getting desperate." After all these years, I eat those words.

Stay classy!

-Vagrant Saint (Matt)

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And yet Red Lanterns endures...

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Dear Tony, Sarah, Corey (and possibly James),

If you could pick one mutant to lead the homo-superior race into the future who would it be and why? No, Sarah, you're not allowed to pick Broo.

Also, not to beat the Zoom/Wally West possibility to death, but what if Wally/Zoom was Wally from the original DC universe and he was trying to change the universe back to the way it was and Barry had to stop him. I think it would be interesting that one Flash brought the New 52 into existence and the other Flash is trying to destroy it.

Stay classy!

-Vagrant Saint (Matt)

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I hate this!!! These were the shows that my daughter and I would bond over. Those, and another defunct CN show, Thundercats.

What the holy &*#@ Cartoon Network!! It's like you hate money or something.

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Have any of you guys been reading the Image title "Comeback" by Ed Brisson and Michael Walsh? I've been enjoying it so far and was wondering what you guys thought of it.

Stay classy!

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Do you ever feel like Scott Snyder is making bank off of Batman's flaws? Previous writers for the character, and DC in general, have built up this mythos that Batman is nearly infallible and unbeatable. But with Snyder's New52 run, Bruce's overconfidence in his detective skills brought him to the conclusion that the Court of Owls didn't exist, and this nearly got him killed when they came after him in full force. Now it's the Joker coming after the Bat-Family and his overconfidence strikes once again. He seems to be underestimating the Joker by claiming that the clown prince knows less about their personal lives than he seems to. Hopefully this won't get them all killed.

Do you think exploiting this weakness was his plan all along? Regardless, these stories kick butt and I can't wait to see how Death of the Family wraps up.