Not being at SDCC SUCKS!

God, I hate not being at SDCC!  This was the first year that it was actually a feasible idea as well.  I'm in the military and I've spent the last four years stationed overseas in Italy.  We just got back to the states last November and I'm stationed at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas.  I could actually be at San Diego in FIVE HOURS!  *foams at the mouth* 
But of course I couldn't afford it.  We just moved and bought a house and thinking of buying a new car and all sorts of other EXCUSES!  I've already discussed it with the wife, though.  Next year is our year.  We're gonna gear up and head to SDCC 2011 and invite as many of our friends as we can!
I wonder how many people we can cram into each hotel room.

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Posted by Agent Buttons
drag, dude....
Posted by rogue_mar1e

wish i could go :(

Posted by ARMIV

Tell me about it. My dad's there and he keeps sending us photos of the things he's seen and the people he's talked to. 
He met Adam freaking Hughes for corn's sake!
Posted by DH69

still havent gotten around to getting my passport, if i did i would have canada that much of a threat to americans? stupid question...

Posted by umbrafeline

dont we all wish we could go but thats life. i met some nice folk at the screaming tiki comic con in niles, oh. peoples like john wesley shipp [aka the flash], tom kane [aka yoda from the clone wars, professor utonium and him from the powerpuff girls], baby superman whoever he was, micheal bell from cartoons of yesteryear and tom forrester from star wars: episode 4: a new hope. he played fixer [who got cut from the film and the stormtrooper from mos eisley who asked to see lukes and obi-wans identification]
Posted by King Saturn
life is a trip sometimes... 
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At least you're a few hours away from San Diego, I am an ocean away! :-(
Thank you darn U.S Visas, passports and tickets.