Not being at SDCC SUCKS!

God, I hate not being at SDCC!  This was the first year that it was actually a feasible idea as well.  I'm in the military and I've spent the last four years stationed overseas in Italy.  We just got back to the states last November and I'm stationed at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas.  I could actually be at San Diego in FIVE HOURS!  *foams at the mouth* 
But of course I couldn't afford it.  We just moved and bought a house and thinking of buying a new car and all sorts of other EXCUSES!  I've already discussed it with the wife, though.  Next year is our year.  We're gonna gear up and head to SDCC 2011 and invite as many of our friends as we can!
I wonder how many people we can cram into each hotel room.


Catching Up

For those of my friends out there who don't know.  I've fallen behind tremendously on my comic reading.  Unfortunately I'm almost two years behind!
I hate to say it, but life has just gotten in the way of things.  I've become a family man, with a wife and beautiful daughter.  
But now I'm determined!  I've got to catch up with the rest of my brethren!