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@cutter: @iceprince_x: Thanks. Any requests? :)

I just want to say thanks to everyone who's said a kind word about my art, or asked for a request, since I started this thread a year ago today. Hopefully I'll be able to draw some requests for more of you over the next year too. :)

Anyway, here we have a recreation of my first post, Scarlet Witch, coloured with makeup:

Hope you like it. :)

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Hi Everyone.

The sales figures for March are in, so here is the top 50:

Comic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. sales
2Superman Unchained6$3.99DC94,147
3Forever Evil6$3.99DC92,036
4Sandman Overture2$3.99DC89,711
5Superior Spider-Man29$3.99Marvel76,568
7Superior Spider-Man30$3.99Marvel75,431
8Silver Surfer1$3.99Marvel64,919
9Walking Dead124$2.99Image64,659
10Uncanny X-Men19.NOW$3.99Marvel64,514
11Walking Dead123$2.99Image64,460
12All New X-Men24$3.99Marvel63,739
13Uncanny Avengers18.NOW$3.99Marvel63,516
14Harley Quinn4$2.99DC63,120
15Superior Spider-Man Annual2$4.99Marvel59,278
16Moon Knight1$3.99Marvel58,022
17Guardians of Galaxy13$3.99Marvel56,764
18Detective Comics29$3.99DC55,486
20Uncanny X-Men18$3.99Marvel54,902
21Wolverine and X-Men1$3.99Marvel54,675
22Justice League of America13$3.99DC54,349
24Batman Superman Annual1$5.99DC52,937
25Origin II4$3.99Marvel50,210
26All New Ghost Rider1$3.99Marvel50,072
28New Avengers16.NOW$3.99Marvel48,731
29New Avengers15$3.99Marvel47,178
30Amazing X-Men5$3.99Marvel46,242
31Green Lantern29$2.99DC45,797
32Captain Marvel1$3.99Marvel44,248
35Iron Man23.NOW$3.99Marvel43,912
36Superman Wonder Woman6$3.99DC43,308
37Batman and Aquaman29$2.99DC43,295
38The Star Wars6$3.99Dark Horse41,237
40Wolverine and X-Men2$3.99Marvel40,386
41Night of Living Deadpool4$3.99Marvel38,457
42Ms Marvel2$2.99Marvel38,357
43Thor God of Thunder20$3.99Marvel37,895
44Fantastic Four2$3.99Marvel37,569
45Serenity Leaves On The Wind3*$3.50Dark Horse37,516
46Jupiters Legacy4$2.99Image36,918
49Earth 221$2.99DC35,295

For the full list, visit: http://www.comichron.com/monthlycomicssales/2014/2014-03.html


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Sorry I took so long. Been a bit busy lately.

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Voting Ballot

Best Writing

  1. Ms. Marvel #2

  2. Justice League Dark #29

  3. She-Hulk #2

Best Cover Artwork

  1. All-New Invaders #3

  2. Silver Surfer #1

  3. Sandman Overture #2

Best Interior Artwork

  1. Sandman Overture #2

  2. Silver Surfer #1

  3. Ms. Marvel #2

Favorite Marvel Comic

  1. Ms. Marvel #2

  2. Captain Marvel #1

  3. All-New Invaders #3

Favorite DC Comic

  1. Justice League Dark #29

  2. Phantom Stranger #17

  3. Batwoman #29

Favorite Indie Comic

  1. Sandman Overture #2

  2. Powerpuff Girls #7

  3. Ghost #2

Most Underrated Comic

  1. Avengers Assemble #25

  2. Avengers A.I. #10

  3. She-Hulk #2

Favorite Male Hero

  1. Silver Surfer - Silver Surfer #1

  2. Blue Marvel - Mighty Avengers #8

  3. Phantom Stranger - Phantom Stranger #17

Favorite Female Hero

  1. Wasp - Uncanny Avengers #18

  2. Ms. Marvel - Ms. Marvel #2

  3. Zatanna - Justice League Dark #29

Favorite Male Villain

  1. Magneto - Uncanny Avengers #18

  2. Dr. Positron - Mighty Avengers #8

  3. Steve - Powerpuff Girls #7

Favorite Female Villain

  1. Tanalth The Pursuer - All-New Invaders #3

  2. Toxic Doxie - Avengers Assemble #25

  3. Morgan Le Fay - Avengers World #4

Favorite Supporting Character (lookie! lookie! something new! we’ll see how this goes…)

  1. Lieutenant Trouble(Kit Renner) - Captain Marvel #1

  2. Hellcat - She-Hulk #2

  3. M.O.D.O.K. - Secret Avengers #1

Wild Card: Series that Should be on Everyone's Pull List

-Note: this category changes every month. If you want to suggest a category for next month please post your ideas!

  1. Captain Marvel

  2. Ms. Marvel

  3. Silver Surfer

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Honestly, I kind of thought you'd posted early preview art of a comic that's actually coming out officially. :)

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I wonder why you can't flag polls. @sc Is this flaggable material or am I being over-sensitive.

Are you saying that you're treating this girl as if she's male because of her sexuality? That seems awfully inappropriate. And if you're considering her to be male, he/she, she/he, she-he and he-she don't seem like the correct terms to use. And "whatever this is" makes it sound like they're an object rather than a person.

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My guess would be that this is just an extension of her being Ms. Marvel on Norman Osbornes' Dark Avengers team.

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A Team Of Mutants. :D

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Just a matter of opinion I guess.