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Leviathan Rises 0

Batman Incorporated #6 continues the high-octane action which this volume of the series has made itself known for. However, this issue is far more talky than its predecessors, with Talia manipulating Bruce into running a gauntlet while pulling back the proverbial curtain hiding her true master plan. The expository parts of Talia's dialogue remind us how high stakes the stakes of this series really are, even if its not the focal point of the Bat-titles any longer. This isn't simply a particularly...

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A Grim Future 0

After quite some time, fans are once again presented with a glimpse of the post-apocalyptic Gotham which debuted in Batman #666 with this latest issue of Batman Incorporated. Grant Morrison's run is quickly drawing to a close, and we're starting to see a lot of his Bat-Saga's longest-standing plot threads resurface. We finally get to see the future catastrophe which Bruce has been alluding to for some time, and a staple villain of Morrison's run also makes a brief but startling appearance. For t...

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The armored avenger's latest quest begins NOW! 0

Kieron Gillen's new Iron Man series has quite the legacy to live up to, what with Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca's 4-year-long run wrapping up just last month. Iron Man #1 is a reasonably promising opening issue, but is not without stumbling blocks which stop it from transcending an average reading experience.Right off the bat, Gillen proves that he has a strong handle on Tony's voice, evidenced by Tony's witty back-and-forth with the supporting characters and his reflective internal monolog...

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The Final Phase 0

With the release of Batman Incorporated #4, we the fans find ourselves reading the homestretch of Grant Morrison's Batman epic, assuming no more shoehorned zero issues, flashback interlude stories, or month-long delays.This installment finds Batman Incorporated fighting tooth and nail against the League of Assassins in the aftermath of the trap which Leviathan set for "Matches Malone". For the first time, much of Batman Incorporated's roster is fighting side-by-side, and the result is quite a sp...

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The Much Anticipated Return of the Joker 0

The Joker has gone through many transformations in the years since his first appearance, from the mirthless killer that he debuted as, to the relatively harmless prankster of the 50's and 60's, to the increasingly lethal but ever humorously macabre lunatic of the late 20th century, to the "hyper-sane" but dangerous-as-ever wild card from Grant Morrison's bat-saga, the clown prince of crime has proven to be an ever-evolving embodiment of evil.Scott Snyder devises yet another alteration to the Jok...

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Malone Takes the Spotlight 0

The final act of Grant Morrison's Batman Opus continues after a two-month hiatus with this issue. This volume of "Inc." noticeably differs from the first in that it offers a much clearer direction: the epic clash between Batman and Talia over Damian. The trade-off of this new approach is that there is very little focus on the international members of Batman Incorporated, characters which made the series so unique in the first place. However, Matches Malone is a worthy substitute as the star of t...

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