Must read Batman stories in the New 52, in reading order...

I felt such a rush of gratitude towards the guy who prepared a similar list for the whole post-crisis Batman series, so I felt that I should do my bit for the Batfans.

Note: Zero Year took place 5 years before the New 52 began, but is supposed to be read after Death of the Family and Requiem sort of stuff, so it has been placed accordingly.

List items

Posted by bigmarcan

Hi! First, I wanna thank younfor this list! It help me a lot for a new in comics reading! And I'd like to know if you're gonna update this list with the new comics to come!? Cause I saw that vol 5 are coming for the end od the Autumn and vol 6 for the Spring and I really like to know their reading order too! Thanks

Posted by shmedo12

This is amazing! Being new to the New 52 comics this is a huge help. You should do a list like this for the Action Comics/ Superman comics in the New 52 too! Please haha