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I mean contest shouldn't be easy for her. I want to see the amazons put up a nice challenges. Why couldn't she be because of her training and when we think about it couldn't it be genetics? I mean it's her daughter. For example the whole blood thing that add is cool.

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Couldn't she be blessed by the gods? I mean Aphrodite only brought them to life not blessed them with gifts. Why should the amazons leave to have kids? They could easily do the same with clay origin. It seems she was blessed by the gods in GA.

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The amazons are normal women. Hippoltya as well. There are normally women.I fine that un fair. I mean many women want children as well. Just because it sets her a part wouldn't she get bored a child who spends her time with adult will never be able to have a childhood. In fact it's the writers job to make her set a part. I mean you can say she become the greatest amazons the teachers have ever seen. U can just say because she is the only kid on the Island it sets her apart. That's just a easy way of doing it. You have to be creative in how she is set apart. It's not what you write but how u write it. For example all of her amazon feats done in GA can be example of her ego. I mean many are going to compare her to her mother and what her mother did. How fast her mother was. She wanted to prove to the amazon she can be as good as her mother or better. She did these amazing feats. Since she is a princess many still have higher expectations than most. Many of the amazons want to see Diana be great since her mother is.

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No, after Marston died they still kept it however we don't see it. They don't do much on a childhood. We don't see the amazons creating babies out of clay. It's only in the news comics in which we see this so all the golden age as to keep it. As for the other runs I really don't know but it's not until Post Crisis.

We really don't know but I believe it was until Post Crisis she was not the only child. I fine that unfair that only the queen can have a child. All the other amazons should have a child as well if they want to. Why should Hippoltya get a kid when many want a child to.

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Aphrodite would being them to life. As for a blessing we really don't know. In fact I think it's neither blessing or her ego. U see without their bracelets they give in their violent ego. Marston created the bracelets to keep their egos in check. It's not wrong to imagine before their bracelets the amazons would have amazing feats. So when we see her pulling tree it might have been her ego.

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There is a comic on her seven birthday where we see her with other children. Also there is a comic newspaper in which we see amazons making clay children. This connected with her comics in GA

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However in Marston she was not the only child. Perez she was. I don't want her to be blessed by the gods but her training. She is Wonder Woman because she as shown she is the strongest amazons. Couldn't she be blessed after winning. I find it much fairer it shows she earned it by her training not by her being blessed. You might be right since she did have her own comic strips and they expanded much more of the amazons origins and Wonder Woman's

don't get me wrong I do love Perez's run.

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Wonder Woman clay origin was in her original debut. Wonder Woman Dec 1941. Here is the Image to prove it. So I don't know where u got this idea.

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She should be. She is however in the top 5.

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How strong should she be to me she should be on par with Superman(without her bracelets) but has skills to make it up for raw power.