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Catman and Deadshot win this.

Scenario A) Bullseye brags about never missing. Maybe Deadshot does too. Five seconds into the fight, they kill each other with headshots/heartshots/they make sure the other guy is dead. Catman gets close to Punisher, takes a few shots, but mauls Frank. Those shots might not even hit Catman, so it could be that Frank just takes the wrong end of a savage beating. Catman also has the advantage of having range and agility over Frank. Catman can hit him with knives, because Frank isn't that fast, while Frank can't do the same back because Catman can dodge bullets. So yeah, Catman walks out as the only one alive.

Scenario B) Punisher turns and kills Bullseye (because Frank wouldn't do anything else). Deadshot shoots Punisher.

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@inkink: He does have his own name. It's Jiro. Jokes aside, I would think that it's fairly obvious that his superhero name isn't "Batman of Japan". The actual name will almost certainly be revealed in the issue.

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I think they both look really cool. When Wonder Woman: Earth One comes out, I'll probably take the opportunity to get the two Superman volumes and the Batman volume. I really like the idea of Earth One. Hopefully they do this for other characters like the Flash, or Green Lantern (I don't care which ones for any of those).

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Wow. DC...can you let people tell their stories? Please? I wasn't going to read this, but I know a lot of people like this guy (I've like what little I've read). Also, didn't JHF specifically say in his stint on The Incredibly Super Massive Podcast of Stuff recently that he was happy he would be able to go off into his own little corner of the universe?

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I read #1 and never got anymore. Is this any good?

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@SmashBrawler: So are you saying that if Black Cat knew Peter Parker was Spider-Man, she wouldn't be more attracted to Peter? Lois can like both, but like one more than the other. And she can't marry Superman, but she can marry Clark Kent.

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@Mannequin: Ann Nocenti is in the exact same place that Judd Winick was?

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Personally, I like the idea of the two of them together. I don't like the idea of a superhero falling in love with a non-superhero, because of how much havoc that wreaks with their secret identity. I mean, we all know the woes that Peter Parker has suffered due to being Spider-Man and still trying to have a normal life. How many times has he had to miss a date with Mary Jane, made Aunt May worry, or generally screwed up his social life? Too. Many. To. Count. This way, the two of them can love each other and still kick ass, not having to worry about where the other one is. SupermanXLoisLane has always bored me, and Geoff Johns has the opportunity to explore the characters of Diana and Clark, show both of these characters in a romantic relationship, and hopefully not fall back on things we've seen before (SupermanXLois).

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@The Poet: When does voting for the Wild Card for February begin?

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@Mr_Athrilla: Games usually go into development before they're announced. Often it's not far along, but an announcement with nothing else to show doesn't equate zero work done.