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Is Surreal Sadiablo still active? Want to make CVNU account using the mobsters here as key to my backstory.

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Beary took another puff on his cigar. He usually wasn't one to smoke, but Beary just happened to pick the habit up. His attempt to become president of the US had been cut short because of some... complications. Namely, the entire government trying to put him behind bars. Once he had revealed who he was, it wasn't soon after that the government had attempted an attack. The only reason they didn't capture him is because in Brazil, he was regarded as a hero. Not as Beary Cook of course, but as Urbs. So that being the place he would receive the most sanctuary, he just couldn't help but be drawn there. The warm beach he was laying on, accompanied by the nice women didn't hurt either. Neither did the business.

Beary had more business here than any other international country in the world. And that was saying something if you knew about the man's connections. Still, Urbs had been saddened by the lack of action. When he had first been sent here, thieves, thugs, mobsters, and even a few slave owners ran these streets. It didn't take long for Urbs to deal with them, and Brazilians had an odd sense of cowardice. Or maybe it was just smarts, either way, once Urbs had made his name, crime went down a lot. A LOT, LOT. With Beary in control of almost all profits, and nobody to challenge him, it was like living in paradise. And while pleasant, it was dreadfully boring.

Sighing, Beary put out his cigar in the sand. Instead of digging deep into the earth like it usually does, it stopped. Probably just some hidden cocaine. Beary thought to himself. But instead of ignoring it like usual, he was drawn to it. And for some odd reason, he started digging. There was no reason for it, or even a thought running through Beary's mind while he did it, he just did. Once he had removed a large portion of sand, Beary was surprised to find a long, glossy black box. One that had a very intricate key lock on it. The key hole being that of a slit, almost like the point of a dagger. And just like he had dug without reason, he put his own sheathed dagger into the key hole and twisted. Opening the lock.

Hmmm. Beary had never seen the box before, nor had he seen the lock, yet he had known just what to do. And when he opened the box, he was impressed to see a single red Katana, it's hilt black and interlaced with diamonds as red as the blade it self. It had no guard, meaning that you had to be stronger than most opponents, and a lot more skilled. The blade reminded Beary of something, he couldn't remember what exactly, but once he touched the handle, it came rushing to him. As if that part of his life and this part were meant to intercede.

Back when he was with Grandpa, the old geezer had told him a story. A story of an inhuman swordsman. The man's strength was incredible, his speed, agility, and skill matched. And his Grandpa had been frank with him and said, "Sh!t, i wasn't gonna win this one." Laughing, young Beary asked what had won it for him. "Well, at one point, the warrior had stopped fighting, as if there was a conflict between himself and someone else. And listen to this... there had been." His Grandpa's voice always had a way of telling a good story, and Beary's eyes widened in anticipation of the next revelation.

"After i had dealt the final blow, the man said to me, 'the sword... is a key... to an untold war. If it doesn't have a wielder and steal blood, then a war between this universe and a group of demons known as the blood whisperers, will come about.'" Grandpa spoke as if he had been smoking all his life, imitating the dead man's words. "'But even though this is true, I'm done working for the devil...I don't even have control of my own movements... I'm just a shell' with that, the warrior had died." Scratching his head, Beary had asked, "Why didn't you keep it?" Grandpa used his trademark laugh, "Because i wasn't gonna be a slave to a demon. So i hid, forever. Not even your father could find it, and he looked for 3 years."

Beary had his eyes closed in in thought while reminiscing, and when he opened them he was jumped slightly as he stood staring into the eyes of a giant, red samurai. It's dress something straight out of a Scooby-doo movie, it's size something out of a Godzilla film. Regaining his composure and looking at the demon, he realized that they were in an odd black canvas. Smirking, Beary said, "Let me take a guess. The demon of the blade i presume, this place, an area where we can commute, or in laymen turns. My mind."

"To be exact, it's your soul." The demons voice was... crunchy and gurgly. As if he was crunching fresh bones from a dead warrior. Yet at the same time, it was smooth. "Whatever." Glaring into the demons eyes, Beary spoke with the same confidence he always does, "Either way, where you stand belong to me, same as my body, so since you're here, you now work for me." The red samurai laughed, a very unpleasant sound "Little man, i don't think you know how this works. My will, my power, and my mind are stronger than yours, that's why i run the shots, and the blade is considered a curse, not a blessing."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk." Beary said shaking his head. He looked at the samurai with a smile, "I am not one of those slaves, you usually find." Beary started to grow, fur started forming on his forearms, thighs, head, and upper torso. Claws grew from his fingers, his teeth becoming as sharp as a shark and as wild as one too. To cap up on the transformation, his eyes grew blood soaked. When done, he looked like a giant, literal bear, though more humanoid in form. He also towered above his opponent. "Now, what was it you said about mind, will, or power?" His voice was deeper, rustier than his usual smooth voice. And the laugh that followed his words matched it.

He stepped on the smaller being, exemplifying the difference between their power, showing who was at the top, and had settled to the bottom. "Now, your power will be mine, correct?" Struggling to get from under the foot, the demon spoke as if choking. The smoothness that had been there, now gone, "The more you kill... the stronger i will become."

"Oh, goody for me then." Beary said with a laugh, "Don't you get it, you picked the wrong guy, I'M STRONGER THAN YOU! And nothing, absolutely nothing you do, can, or will change that." Pressing down with his foot a little harder, he asked, "Got it?" The demon stopped trying to break free, he now realized it had been a futile task, "Got it." Beary smiled, "Good."

Opening his eyes a second time, Beary looked around the beach, and then back at himself. His muscular body glistening in the sun, his swim shorts hiding the goods, Beary's body had been covered in a red misty aura. His eyes had been turned completely black except for the pupils, which had been converted to the blood red of the blade. Killing to keep the demons locked up in hell. Beary smiled, It's time to head back to America.

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@Westlife: Ah nothing like that, he's just gonna be in another long vacation in Brazil.

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@Excella: Lol, actually dropping out the race.

@Icarusflies: Well, in three days there's gonna be school. And im gonna be taking up boxing (though that may not last long). And i have to start thinking about my career and college as its my last year in high-school. So im slightly busy. So instead of handling both Urbs and Soul rebel, i'll just handle the newer one.

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@Surkit: It would be very difficult to add me in to the plans that were already set up. Instead i may become Michigans or revived New Yorks (if that happens) governor. Worse case, i just drop Urbs.

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lol, im out of the race.

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@ZombieBigfoot: lol, thanks

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@Fantasy Hopewell: Thank you :)

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@RamJam: oh yeah thats... may be me.