A New presidential Candidate has arrived!

Today was a good day, and perhaps, it was a day to set up other good days. As Beary stood at the podium placed in front of The Great Library, he could not help but smile at the many camera's staring at him. There were camera's flashing, and reporters everywhere. On his side of the podium, stood his ever faithful men, and a large group of cops. Hell, even the mayor was there in attendance, not as a candidate, but as his backup man, just in case the government figured out that his birth certificate was a fake. Taking a slight breathe, the large man stood up tall, readjusted his tie, and then ripped the microphone out of the podium and proceeded to toss it to the side. He knew that his booming voice would make more of an impact than any piece of technology. "Good evening everyone, my city, America, and probably the few others watching." He stopped and scanned the crowd for any reactions, then continued on with his long speech.

"I am here to run for president of America, as i'm sure most of you are aware." A few giggles, thus, a good start, "My name is Beary Cook, and i'm going to be brutally honest with all of you, i am a criminal." Some gasp, nothing major from crowd, "Or more accurately, i was a criminal. Luckily, my background doesn't show this. Now i know what many of you are thinking, why trust a criminal with no criminal record. Well, answer is quite simple, I know how to work with money. No i won't be lowering taxes, but what i will use those taxes for the 'embetterment' of our country. I won't go using the money on things like go-karts, and golf tournaments. Instead, i will rebuild what has been broken. Including New York, again. Though of course i won't name it New New New York." Once again some giggles, quite a few actually. "Instead it will be named New Spes, a latin word meaning hope. And to make sure it, and every other part of America, doesn't get destroyed AGAIN. I will also be putting money towards our defense.

"Of course, i'm an ex-criminal, why trust me with your money while all i'm giving you is words. Look behind me..." Beary turned around and waved his hand towards the Great Library, then turned back to the cameras, "Even when i wasn't President, i decided to help out my community by giving them all the knowledge in the world. Yes, it is used by some of the heroes and villains of today, but it was originally here to teach the children of my community. So just because i'm an ex-criminal, it doesn't mean i want others to follow my route, if anything" Beary's voice grew truly sincere, making it slightly difficult to make his voice carry, "I want them to grow up living a life much better than mine." His regained his composure, and started speaking in his previous tone of voice, "Of course, money isn't the only concern when it comes to being a president. There's also the matter of foreign policy, mainly the new Iberian Empire.

"Unlike some of my competition, i wish to make peace with the new empire, and hopefully become one of its many allies. This does not mean i will bow down to it, in fact, if they decide to attack us, i'll make sure that there is a retort. The thing is, i actually know the emperor over there, he's kinda sketchy, but he's never actually hurt me or any one i know. Not only that, the man is smart, and i doubt he would want a war with one of the most powerful single nations in the world. One last thing before i step down, as our economy is going slightly down the gutter, and rebuilding some areas will be quite consuming, i will be making the substance know as marijuana legal. While not a consumer of it myself, the drug doesn't have enough harmful affects for me to keep it illegal. I'm not making this decision because i believe it to be good for you, or something used to heal, but instead as something will boost our economy by a estimated 43%. That is all folks, good day."


When I return

So sooner or later i'm gonna be coming back (probably in four weeks). Originally i was just gonna leave for good, but then i realized i could do something easier. Take Rping mad slowly. Sadly (and this may annoy some(though that's doubtable)) i will not be using this character. Instead i will be using one of two characters, know this may be asking for a lot, but i want you to choose. Here are the char's

Smoker (or something of the sort):

A character formed of straight black smoke. Can manipulate his body though to make himself denser to form a solid, and will even be able to change his weight to near gargantuan levels. Morally he would be a human like form, but not very defined for combat. But when bloodlusted, he will use both his smoke form and weight manipulation to kill. Big plus for him being that he would actually be connected to Urbs (if that matters at all)

Warrior of Jah (or something of the sort):

Guy revived from a planet from a long time ago (i would go more into the details of that later). He's a very high leveled character, with power of God (Jah) and Humanity (which i would once again go-over in more details). He would be a slight shape shifter, but would usually be in the form a lion humanoid, and he would have some pretty powerful weapons. Big plus for him being that, well, he would have a pretty good quest, and he would be a great analyzer and philosopher of humanity compared to when he was around.

PS: apologize for this not going into what would be considered the correct topic post. (If there is one.)


2 Lives Left

Urbs Mind

(Events take place near end of Hit & Run)

Urbs eyes start to open, looking around he realizes he in an all black, seemingly, infinite room. "Pretty empty around here, eh Young Cub." A deep, and powerful, yet loving voice said from behind him. As Beary turned around, he was already smiling. "Grandpa, it's been a while ya old Lion." "Psshh, old, i've got like what, only 40 years on ya." The two big men came together for a quick, loving hug. Beary's grandfather looked to be in great shape. His long grey beard, still covered in ashes. And his fro, as always, completely wild. It had been a very long time since he had seen his grandpa, even so, he still felt as if the man could crush him with only his voice.

As a young child, Beary had been taught almost as much by his grandpa, as he had by his own Father. Hell, in a way, his grandfather had taught him more. When his parents had died, he had the chance to live there. And for a brief while he did, but then his grandpa had said something to him. Something that Beary will never forget. "Ya know Cub, i'll always love you. But i want you to make your own destiny. I know it may sound harsh, but lions leave the den when they're young, and then make their own pack when they're fully grown. So go out there, and make your own pack." If he wouldn't have said those words, Urbs wouldn't be where he is now. Of course, a few months later, his grandfather died of a heart-attack, so he would often wonder if those words had honestly made a difference.

It's not like his Grandpa had just sent him out into the world without preparation either. Before leaving, his father taught him the basics of fighting, what he would needed to do to survive, and gave him some books he'd never read before. And that was only after his parents had died, before that, his Grandpa was the nicest guy ever. Beary would sit on his lap, while he told stories about his adventures in life. As well as how good he used to be with a blade and gun. But the thing he always saw when he viewed his Grandpa in past memories, was the cigar in his mouth. He always seemed to have the same one, with the same sweet cinnamon smell. Always ashes would get into his beard, only to be dusted out by his wife. Along with the dusting came a scolding, and always Grandpa would laugh it off, Grandma joining in the laughter as well. Beary had never learned his name, getting the reply that, "You're never gonna use my real name anyways, so why should i ever give it to ya?" It seemed that everyone called him Grandpa, as his tombstone had been engraved with that instead of his actual name. In fact, Beary may have gotten the trait of caring for his community from his grandpa. Because even though the tombstone said 'Grandpa', literally tons hundreds, came to the funeral. All of them referring to Grandpa, as Grandpa.

As the two split apart, Grandpa asked, "So, were you expecting me super-geek?" Super-geek, another nickname for Beary, based solely on the fact that he read a lot, even though he wasn't a genius back when he was younger. Beary smirked, "Of course i was, you could never catch me off guard Grandpa, even when i was in preschool." His grandpa laughed, a sweet, melodic sound. Yet at the same time, just as powerful as his voice. Beary always loved the sound of him laughing, it had the ability to infect the people who heard it. Even Beary as he was now. As he stopped laughing, Grandpa looked at Beary with a smile, yet at the same time, there was something serious about it. Grandpa always had a way of doing that, ya know, of being a contradiction. "But I'll bet not even you, know why I'm here." Beary shrugged, it was probably nothing too big. That's when Grandpa's smile disappeared. "You do know you died, right?" Beary guessed Grandpa's frowning was also infectious, because one just crossed Beary's face.

"So is this where i get the chance to go to heaven, or what?" Grandpa smirked. "For you heaven may be a long way's away, luckily, i get to go there right after this meeting." Beary stared at his grandfather for a looooong time. "What's going on here Grandpa?" He finally asked. In reaction, Grandpa gave one of his warm smiles. The one that would always cheer Beary up after getting in trouble with his father, the one that just seemed to have all the answers inside, the one that was on Grandpa's face as he died. "Beary, you probably won't know this, but that dagger around your neck has been there since before i can personally remember. It's just always been with us, even in times of slavery, we've always had it. But you only figure out what it's for when you die, or in your case, when you die once.

"See the dagger stores the souls of our lineage when we die, even when we don't have it on us. It does this three times, then, when someone who's fourth in line dies, he gains the abilities, strength, and knowledge of one of the souls stored. It's actually a pretty sh*tty process, as the last one to die, is the first to go on to the afterlife. While the first to die, in this case your great-grandfather, is hidden in the dagger until you die a third time. And trust me, it's not that fun in there. All we get to do is watch you live your life, and play rock-paper-scissors. And outta of your father, me, and your Great-grandpa, your great-grandpa seems to hate it the most. With your father being a close second, of course." Grandpa was still smiling, as he had actually enjoyed watching Beary grow into a young man, it was the rock-paper-scissors that got boring. "So, any questions?"

Any questions? Any questions?! How about tons of questions, many, many questions. Beary's mind was swimming with questions, and yet he couldn't over-pressure his Grandpa, he would leave that to his father. After all the man hadn't lived as long as Grandpa, and from the stories told, Grandpa had actually lived a pretty hard life. Still, he would at least ask a few. "Only three Grandpa. One, why didn't the special # 4 just tell his child and pass the legend of the dagger. Two, what if i never died? And three," Beary's eyes started shining with a light rarely seen, "before you die, what's your real name?" Grandpa just laughed at that one, and just like before, Beary laughed along.

As the laughter died down, Grandpa coughed a bit before answering, his time smoking finally affecting him, "Well, for number one, no one actually knows. We all thought of it ourselves, but couldn't find an accurate answer per se. We came up with the conclusion that even if the fourth one did tell his child, the legend would just be forgotten. Even if taken seriously, us Cook's almost always seem to live a pretty active life. it's hard to actually keep a legend going in this family. It's the same thing for your second question, we've never actually come up with a concrete answer, maybe it's never happened, maybe we would all just stay in here, who knows? And as for your third question, well, you're never gonna use my real name anyways, so why should i ever give it to ya?" Beary only laughed, and maybe like his grandfather, his laugh was infectious, because soon Grandpa joined in.

As the laughter died down, Beary smiled at his Grandpa, "I'm gonna miss you old Lion." and his Grandpa smiled back, "Me too, young Cub." And they went in for their last hug. As they split, Beary could feel himself disappearing, and he could see his Grandpa disappearing as well. "When you get back up there, you may not realize it, but you'll have exceptional skill with your blades and magnums. Remember, i was 3rd best swordsman in the world, and 2nd best gunman at the time. You'll also have a bit of new knowledge, but you're strength and speed will be the same. Sorry!" And the last thing Beary saw, was the smile that seemed to have all the answers.

(sorry for the length :P )