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  • Name: Beary Cook
  • Street name: Urbs
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 6' 9
  • Weight: 400 pounds (muscle)
  • Race: Black
  • Hair: Bald
  • Nationality: American
  • Home City: Detroit
  • Parents: Deceased
  • Occupation: Drug lord


Beary had a decent life growing up. His parents were nice, supportive people, who had rules that sometimes had to be enforced with a quick whippin. They taught him book smarts all the time, while his father had taught him knowledge necessary for the streets behind his mother's back. But even though his life was great, the area he lived in, and the history behind his family, wasn't in to good condition. Bearies father was a drug dealer, he was actually one of the biggest gangsters around, and even mobsters respected him. But his father knew that after building all this up, he was sooner or later gonna fall. He just didn't expect to fall when his son was only ten years old.

His father had made a gamble with the devil. Bring all of LDetroitunder his control, so that the biggest east shore mobster could come and run the place. Thing is, he only had 20 years to do it. He could have gotten it done to, gotten the cops and judges behind his back very easily, but he had had Beary, and that slowed down process quite a lot. Slowed it down so badly, that the mobster had had to come in, and make a showing of Bearies father. It's not like he didn't fight back, but he just wasn't strong enough, and soon they killed him and even humiliated Bearies beautiful mother. They had an odd sense of morals though, and had let Beary live, not a mistake per se, as they had already died by the time of his uprising. But it was the changing point of his life that made him what he is today.

He grew his muscles to the point of prime, training his body to be both fast and powerful. He never actually learned any form of fighting except for boxing and street fighting, but he excelled amazingly at those two things. He also didn't just train his body, his parents had taught him that knowledge was power, and his natural ability for knowledge was unprecedented even by his own standards. Of course he learned almost everything about the drug trade and the such, but he also taught himself on college subjects from the library books he read. He read everything he could get his grubby little hands on, and unlike other kids his age, he actually took in the all the knowledge. Even that was nothing compared to the next thing he learned to do.

At the age of 15, Beary was rising up in the underground world, dealing drugs and fighting when people tried to steal from him. When all of a sudden a group of thugs tried to attack him, all Beary could do was avoid. At least, that's what he thought he could only do. Soon though he could read their movements, what they would do next, what item they would try against him, and soon he used this advantage to take out all ten assailants. As he grew, so did his ability, as well as his power. Soon he mastered his ability, and by the time he got to where he's at now he was able to do so much more. He also had two custom Pfeifer-Zeliska .600 Nitro Express Magnum made. Custom for the fact that atop the two magnums very long barrel's, sat a single adamantium blade for each. They also had multiple rounds of use now, and he had holsters that sat perfectly on his back, even then they were kind of unnervingly big. He not only how to wield the very powerful guns with ease, but also learned to wield the blades with efficiency as well. He actually learned to use the gun-blades so well, he actually matched a samurai using only the blades, though he lost the match.

Beary also grew into the persona of an underground druglord very well. Slightly following in his father's footsteps, Beary made friends who craved drugs, and also made friends of people who wanted to quit drugs. Though even with his morals, Beary became known as a person to fear., for if people turned against him or attacked him directly, they usually died. Beary also took the role of a kind of hero at night, when he left business to his second hand man. At night Beary protected his city, not from just murderers, rapers, and thief's, but from people invading his cities turf. And although he didn't have any grudge against the man who killed his father, he already had died by the way, everytime a mobster came around he made his life worse than others. He also spray-painted, a thing he rarely did as his drug-lord persona, the people who he killed with the name "Urbs". Originally intended as just a way to mark his area, it then grew on the people of his city as his vigilante name. So he kept it that way.


Hit & Run - Gained new abilities, as well as lost a battle with Spitfire (Azrael)

Vine City: The Ruin Kingdom- Lot of info passed around, Disdain of Gambler formed

Abilities/ attributes

Peak Human strength

Peak human speed

Olympic human agility

Swordsman- With Beary's Grandfather's abilities added to his, he's now a master swordsman.

Marksmanship- Same thing, Grandpa added abilities now mean he's a master marksman.

Intelligence- The reason Beary got so far is because of this. He has a large array of knowledge on many subjects, considerably making him a professor. His extreme areas of study are psychology, sociology, and just about everything else that has to do with the human mind. This all helps contribute to his ability to see actions by people before they do it. While his estimating is way beyond average, once a person does three substantial moves in a battle Beary has exact knowledge on what is gonna happen. He knows what they're gonna do, when they're gonna do it, and how they're gonna do it, making him someone you need to kill quick or else. He can even tall when a person is holding back and what their upper limits are, what techniques they know, and what they specialize in just from the three moves they show. No poker face denies him other wise.


  • Gun-blade: two Pfeifer-Zeliska .600 Nitro Express Magnums with adamantium blades atop the two barrels are his most used weapons.
  • Grenades for just in case moments.
  • A sheathed ruby dagger around his neck as a necklace. Apparently passed down from years and years ago, he now knows the souls of his father and Great-grandfather are within it. And when Urbs dies a second and third time, their two souls will fill him with life once again, as well as new abilities.
the dagger sheathed