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WOOT! I honestly can't believe it's here. It feels like yesterday that this whole thing was announced. I'm super excited though. I love DC. I love the Justice League. This issue, although admittedly uneventful, was a good solid first issue; and how good is Jim Lee's art?!! WOW!

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Hmmm does Hulk remind anyone else of a certain someone?

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Okay, after being on this site for a long time I have to say something. It's been on my chest for a very long time and it needs to come out. It's something that has been really bothering me recently. I'll start this thing off by saying I haven't been reading comics forever. I'm not like most of the people on this site. I've only been reading for three years now. For the first two years I was all bright eyed and bushy tailed when comic news came out. I was all pumped an excited for the next comic to come out and what not, but now; now it seems that no matter what the news, people are never quite happy with it. People b*tch and b*tch about anything and everything released. So, like the title suggests. That is my problem. Why do comic readers hate comic books? I'm looking forward to the DC reboot with bells on . I can't wait until August 31st to pick up JLA 1 and Flashpoint 5. I love Geoff Johns and Jim Lee and trust that it will be amazing. Is all of this because I haven't been reading since birth or is it because I'm just not a whiny child and am one of the few people left who still feel that same wonder when I read a comic book as I used to?

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@gibson: Hopefully the reboot will bring something beneficial to both of them. Kyle's getting New Guardians and Hal can finally take the ring off for a while and think.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: True. It does seem at this point that Sinestro is a more fleshed out character doesn't it? They've examined a mighty many sides of that guy by now.

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I personally LOVE Geoff Johns and Hal Jordan together. I absolutely adore Johns' GL run, but I do see where you come from and understand your argument. Kyle was interrupted in his growth. I understand that, BUT i wasn't there for it, and maybe that's why. I, like many people I know in real life started reading and loving Green Lantern only after Geoff Johns started the project. It's my understanding in fact that sales were down in GL before he got on. Now look at it. GL s are up there with the A-list again. Once again, I get why people would be upset at their favorite character being overshadowed, but blaming Hal isn't the solution. Hal's a plenty interesting character. People always complain about Hal fanboys, but there are the same amount of Kyle fanboys out there. I guess we're just doomed to battle for all eternity then. I personally can't read pre-Geoff Johns green lantern stories starring Kyle Rayner. I just don't enjoy them. I don't know why.

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@Jekylhyde14: Yeah. Now that I think about it. I remember. Here's a scan.

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That wasn't our Superman brought back exactly. It was earth 2? maybe? I think I might be wrong with that number, but I know I'm right with the rest. It wasn't the regular superman obviously because they need a body to make a Black Lantern and Superman was kind of using it at the moment.

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The one page ads for the DC relaunch are fine. Actually I enjoy them. Sometimes they come with another page of listings for issues. That's fine. It's those damn subway ads they were running and the super 8 ads they did a while back that really get on my nerves. Even though I know they pay the bills for the company and what not I can't help but be brought out of the story when II have to skip ten pages to get back to it. I mean, who is actually reading those and waiting for the next part? WHO I SAY?!