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Check out these rare studio photos that make comic book movies seem better than they actually are. 

agree OUCH! 
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Though I am a fan of Deadpool my vote goes to Deathstroke.


Deathstroke has better reflectes. He shot impulse(Bart Allens) knee while Bart was running.


Deathstroke has higher physical feats.


Deathstroke managed to beat the justice league, Teen Titans, and the Green Lantern Corps.


Batman who in crossovers has stalemated Captain America(steve rodgers) has lost to Deadstroke virtualy everytime.


Here is what it took for Batman to beat Deathstroke


Batman: one of the greatest fighters in the dc universe who has beat numerous fighters including karate kid and lady shiva ect. with prep.


Nightwing( dick grayson): second only to batman in virtualy everything besides leadership, acrobatics, speed, and agility whichy he is better than Batman at.


Robin(Tim Drake): possibly the strongest robin besides Nightwing. Batman himself has admitted Tim Drake may eventualy surpass him as the world's greatest dictective. Has been traind by and beat Lady Shiva one of the dc universes top 5 grestest fighters.


Batgirl(Cassandra Cain): Cassandra Cain was raised as one of the league of assassains and has tought all manner of assanation, martial arts, body language reading, and trained to peak physcial condition since she was three. She is oficialy one of the dc universes top martial artists along with Lady Shiva, Richard Dragon, Bronze Tiger, Conner Hawk, and Black Cannary. She has beat Lady Shiva in one on one combat.


Batman has virtualy nether beaten Deathstroke without help.


It took all of them combined to subdue Deathstroke and despite their efforts deathstroke still managed to get away.


In another instance Deathstroke took down the entire justice league before being shot by green arrow.


In another instance Deathstroke beat Wonder Women in one on one combat.


In fact Dc comics officialy said the only reason why they don't list Deathstroke as one of the top martial artists is because his powers give him to much of an advantage.


So by dc's logic deadpool wouldn't be one of the top martial artists either due to his healing factor.


Also Deadpool 's firearms won't be much of a factor because Deathstroke has proven to be able to dodge even autamatic gunfire.


Deathstroke has an edge of hitting moving targets because he has been shown to be able to shoot speed force users (flashes, kid flashes, impulse). If Flash can't dodge his gunfire I don't see deadpool being able to.


Also Deathstroke is one of the dc universes top stradegists.


Also I wouldn't put it past Deathstroke to cut off Deadpool's head after all he is a ruthless mercernary.


While I see Deadpool putting up a fight, I still say Deathstroke wins 8/10 of the time.

you need a girl friend lol!
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superman movie with lobo in it  
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yea right 
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Sinestro is the man now ... lets keep him that way
Sinestro talking with the Guardians
hell yea!
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Dr.Doom if he got some prep time  
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Wonder Woman was mentioned a couple of times in the animation, once in the Static Shock crossover episode (Cobra asked to the warden about "the amazon") and once in the "Once and Future Thing" were she was listed among the victims when Cronos blasted the Watchtower.As a general rule I love legacy settings so I'm very interested to see more of the Beyond continuity.
i agree
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Now that is what Bane should look like!
hell yea
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 goodbye smallville