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Previews for the soon to come events of Final Execution, looks like Psylocke is dead and Genesis has finally become Apocalypse. Got these off of comicbookresources.com, thought I'd share with fellow Comicviners, link to the actual interviews here: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=40927. I personally hope that Psylocke doesn't die, throughout this series she has quickly become one of my favorites.

Posted by jcbart

Don't worry, it'll be Nightcrawler that dies. Note the white hand, sort of white leg and blue skin.

Wolverine will be saying, "For godsake, not again Kurt!"

Posted by CrimsonAlchemist

It would be a god send if it was Psylocke I'm so sick of her annoying crying and whining.

Posted by thestepfordcuckoos

@jcbart: wow. that would suck if another nightcrawler dies again.

and i don't know how happy i am about this. evan finally become apocalyse. i mean is this in the far future in current time. he hasn't even had the chance to properly form a personality before he finds out that his past is a lie. i wonder if this is want bring on this event.

(if anyone knows about these events could the tell me.)