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@dernman: That was wonderful. I have to agree with you.

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@the_stegman: He should be super but what's the point of having such a great and powerful character if no one, for the most part, can write a great character for him?

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@dernman: Maybe i should clarify(as it seems muddled): My issue isn't with the character its with how people write him. Like you said about the poor unimaginative writing. THATS my problem. I think taking Superman down a notch or two could help writers/DC get a better grasp on what works for the character and then proceed to write the bigger stories with a stronger character.

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@dernman: I agree with what you are saying IF a writer could actually write a compelling Superman story and retain all of that. But more often than not it doesn't happen. I would love a earth shattering(so to speak) Superman story but a lot of the time they just aren't that good. I think doing the things i mention would make it easier for a writer to create a more compelling story.

Yes bad things have happen to Superman but nothing thats been THAT impacting. Nothing that seems to linger over Supermans head, nothing that seems to haunt him and make him question his ethics. If i'm wrong please point me in the direction of a series/writer that did so, i would love to read it!

Oh and i completely agree about the marvel thing. Its more ridiculous.