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Anyone read the new X-force?

I wanted to like it and hated it. Its very boring and seeing Marrow back is a *yawn*

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Is it me or does it seem like no one really noticed these three dying?

I need to catch up so they might have reversed it already, but it seemed to be really anticlimatic.

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So whats everyone's favorite x book right now?

I took a break for a bit, just now getting back to it.

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  1. professor x dies
  2. jean grey dies
  3. the mansion gets blown up
  4. some old team is reunited again with no real story for why they are back together
  5. shadow king
  6. another mention of storm being clausterphobic
  7. the mention of thunderbird (the original one that died)
  8. alternate timestreams

I honestly really liked where things were going when cyclops took over and there werent new mutants all over the place right before x-force V2 was out. The X men were getting along, villans were interesting and cyclops had a hit list. Some x-men were fighting, some were in school and most all were in separate books and stayed that way.

Im trying to stick through things right now, but the storylines have gotten pretty bad. But comics have their ups and downs so ill try to stick it out. Ill admit im enjoying the 05 thing more than I thought I would and the uncanny avengers much less than I thought I would.

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Take boom boom back to her meltdown persona, give dani moonstar back her powers and make her stop being a dumb Valkyrie.

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@papad1992: It was in 7th grade, so it was just the right time!

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A kid on the bus handed me this. It was the greatest thing I ever read.

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Anyone want to take bets on how long it''ll be before we see professor X pop up again?

I am thinking a huge crossover event in about a year to a year and a half.

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I am always excited and look forward to this title every month. I like that its gritty, high stakes and realistic in mixed emotions for a hunger games style competition with a whole bunch of characters that were going to be shipped off to limbo d-list anyway, so why not have some fun with them first?

For everyone who is providing criticism and hasnt even read the book because of their fond Avengers Academy or Runaways fandom, you guys are really missing out. Yes some of your favorite people are going to die, but this isnt too different from Kyle and Yost's run on new x-men where the new teen mutants were dying left and right, both the ones you were attached to and the ones you werent. So if you are going to talk about the book, actually make sure you have read it and not just blurbs about what it is and stuff in this thread.

As far as the out of character stuff people are complaining about, you have to remember hopeless is juggling a dozen characters, half of them that are new and need background stories and interrelation with other characters so we can start to learn about them. I feel like your love of the characters is overshadowing the fact that this guy is doing a bang up job on making this story move and getting people invested into it.

The more I see people freaking out on the boards, the more I have to give applause. You guys are responding just like Hopeless wanted you to. He wants you to take notice, get invested and have a strong opinion about his story so its not just another weak " teenager coming to terms with power" book. Theres enough of that out there. This is kids who already have realized their abilities and a peek into how they will play the game when it comes down to it.

I really enjoy this book and wish it nothing but success and to keep the story entertaining. Its the second on my pull list right under morning glories.

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I am still totally loving this series. Ive learned if you have expectations and favorites, your going to really hate it. But if you just enjoy it for a survival story with actual real deaths, its pretty good.