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Kamal Re'x is the Underseer of Heirarchy Fringe harvesting operations in our Observable universe. He has harvested, or more correctly strip mined countless galaxies and purified countless others, which is to say he had all life on them exterminated for getting in the way of Hierarchy mining operations. And yet, despite being the equivalent of the foreman of an armed mining company, he is still regarded as one of the gravest threats to the observable universe. He is a man who has lead a vast army on a warpath into the observable universe that has begotten one of the largest conflicts since the war in heaven.

He always had an immense psionic talent which he kept on enhancing through various procedures, adding to his delusions of godhood as his mind became more and more powerful. He started to believe that he deserved a place in the Council of Overseers, the ruling body of the Hierarchy, that it was his destiny to lead the Hierarchy to an age of complete universal dominance. And his constant growth of power always came with a growth in the size of his ego. Which is saying quite a lot, given that he was already enormously egotistical and narcassitic, self obsessed in the worst of ways. He is entirely self centered, incapable of seeing things from other's points of view, but why should he? They're all inferior to him anyway.

He has always lusted for further glory and has never been satisfied with his position in the Hierarchy, and he is willing to expend vast amounts of resources to get what he wants. He is incredibly callous with the lives of his troops and the amount of resources he spends on harvesting individual worlds, reasoning that they'll make up anything they lose once the harvesting is complete. Most of the Hierarchy regard this as acceptable if somewhat deviant due to it's success, so little is made of his expenditure heavy command style, save for some of his more empathic generals who think that paving the road to glory with so many Hierarchy dead is abhorrent. But his style is working, he has started to gain a little bit of attention from the Council of the Overseers on the Hierarchy's mobile capital of Klo'vis.

Despite him being known as a scourge of all things in the milky way, in the Hierarchy he's something of an unknown factor, the Overseers paying little attention to an Underseer in charge of Fringe space operations, though to his people, the Zolkri he has something of a reputation as a great representative of them. This fact irks him greatly, that one such as he who has spent so long clawing up to the position of being in charge of Hierarchy forces across an entire observable universe is ultimately regarded as expendable by the upper echelons of Zolkri command.

He rails against this seeming unimportance, desperately seeking out ways to climb higher in the hierarchy's ladder so that he will attain what he believes is the respect he deserves. And to attain it, he will burn the entire universe if he has to, and would not the cosmos being on fire be a fitting trophy to his ego? Would the council on Klo'vis not bow before him if he were to pull such a feat?

The scourge of the universe

So in an attempt to impress the Overseers, Kamal has started to scour the observable universe for items of power, stream rolling all with the Hierarchy's vast military-industrial might and exceedingly advanced technology. And thus, give himself higher power and influence. It seems that he will lead his armies on a hell march across the galaxy no matter who gets in his way. And woe betide those who try to stop the egotistical commander. In the mean time, his forces are currently on a rampage throughout the observable universe. pushing ever forward like an unstoppable juggernaut, whose sheer weight of numbers and technology allows them to continuously overcome resistance time after time again.

Especially since following the failure of the Zolkri League to capture the Masari MARATHON ring, the council of Overseers has deemed it fit to force him to work with the hated Muton Kingdom, in spite of knowing full well that the Zolkri and the Mutons despise each other tremendously.

---> more to come.


Durable: It takes an immense amount of firepower to harm Kamal, and an even greater amount to actually kill him.

Psionics: Kamal is an immensely powerful psion. He is tremendously skilled in Telekinesis, Telepathy, Divinitation, Biomancy, and Energomancy, the five major disciplines of Psionics. The latter three are the psionic practice of predicting the future and looking into the past, manipulating the bodies of living things, and generating and controlling energy. His skill with them has unknown limits.

Above you: Lesser psions who attempt mental contact with him against his will suffer a psychic backlash that can range from simple pain to obliteration.

Heals in radiation: All of the Zolkri heal incredibly swiftly in ionizing radiation, making such attacks useless.

Healing factor: Kamal Re'x has something of a healing factor, allowing him to recover damage that would take months for humans to heal within minutes, whether or not this is due to his suit or is a mutation of his is unknown.

Extremely intelligent: Kamal Re'x is extremely intelligent even by Zolkri standards, though he is often hampered by his arrogance and unwillingness to admit to making errors.

Other Immunities: His Hoverpack is non-magnetic, he is immune to earthly diseases and poisons, and his suit purges poisons that can affect Zolkri biology.


Arrogant: Kamal has an overinflated opinion of himself, an extremely overinflated opinion of himself at that.

Can't walk: Kamal is not strong enough to move without his hoverpack operational due to it's weight, and the hoverpack it what is keeping him alive.

Needs Hoverpack to live: self explanatory.

Gender: Zolkri genders are unknown.

Height: 7 feet out of hoverpack, 10 feet with hoverpack.

Weight: 105 pounds out of hoverpack, one half of a ton in hoverpack.

Eye color: Yellow, no pupils or iris.

Hair color: N/A