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I was thinking that there have been alot of okay Actors who are only good because they get epic roles, and that there are alot of epic Actors who have not been in many big pictures so they don't get the recognition they should. Who are some of the actors/actresses you would like to see in more movies? 
Brian Thompson is the guy who pops out in my mind, he used to be in a lot of movies, and now I never see the guy, he is in almost every Tv show I watch and always plays one of my favorite characters.    
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Yes it is pay to play... I can and will pay to play this game, I don't care if there is a fee, that just means it will be good, and they will have add on's. I already have my character in mind.
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7.Allen as in Woody Allen, hes he payed 007, it was so bad.
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Shoulder Cannon should do the trick, also the Predator will see the huge Monster, easily. The Huge monster will not see the Predator. That things head is huge, and will make for one awsome trophy after all... Were does the fight take place?
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Okay, how do they die? Would the Predators weapons hurt it... If so, I don't think it would be much of a challenge, it seem slow and frumpy.
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Don't know much about The Relic creatures, what can they do, and how do they die?
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You sound like you could be one of my Siblings. Titan of Shadows, Titan of Destruction, Sons of Chaos?  I could help, this is my brother James thread, he is going to take our characters and write them into an End of the World story, and then we get to fight powerful destructive forces... It sounded like an awsome idea to me, so I went with it... You basicly get to design your character write feats post a pic, when it comes to combat day, James will post you your states.  You also still get to choose a weapon, give it a name. We are going to be fighting to survive against World ending forces, played by James.
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@Ferro Vida:
Yeah, and Scar is used to fighting and Killing people who have way more power then he does, he is very creative with his one power. All Scar has to do if touch Iron Fist, and he is dead. Scar has walked right up to people made small talk, and then bam grabed their head and SPLAT! And the OP says IF has to fight within rang of Scars attack. Sure IF could one shot him, I just don't think he would right of the bat with a guy like Scar who appears to be well average nothing really to sweat about. Iron Fist does like to fight, not just kill, where is the thrill it that. 
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@Ferro Vida:
Not at all. I am just saying unless he knows what Scar can do with that right arm of his, he would not know he has to avoid Scars attacks, Iron Fist would most likely look at Scars attacks as slow and not a huge threat. All Scar has to do is touch flesh, and it gets very messy. I could see Iron Fist opening a can of whoop ass on Scar, I can also see Scar taking it faking that he was down, and when Danny grabs him to finish him off... Scar just grabs his Arm, or Chest or Face in a mannor that would make Danny think he was just struggling, and then SPLAT! It is over as Scar is covored in Danny chunks, Scar knows how to use his power effectively. And Danny has never seen anything like it before.
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I don't know about that, Iron Fist is not the type to show me, that he can go without being struck, Iron Fist is hit alot, and 9 times out of 10 he can take it... Scar is that 10, if he hits Iron Fist it is over. Iron Fist brains all over the place.