Will Smith? Dead?

Like really?

Is this true?



I feel sad man!

REal Sad!

C'mon please tell me that what i read on the internet was a lie!


So Your Neighbors are aliens

Hey UnderDog! Mah Neighbors are Aliens.

Wow You look calm.

well they're cool.

So why talk to me?

This is your blog! You idiot! You pretend you're talking to someone which is not. now I have to pretend talking to you when actually, Well yeah it's all you.

Well, let's keep on lying. how did your alien neighbors look like?

They look like you.

They're Hot and handsome?

No!!! No No No No!!!

TOOOOOOOT!!!* Flat Line

That was the time my brain turned on me


So You Are inside a Whales belly

First of all how can you talk to me? I'm inside a whales belly for Christ's sake! Help me out here!

Mebbe I can, After i post this blog, b-but how'dja get inside in the first place?

I dunno. I got thrown out o the sea.

Is Your name Jonah?

No. I'm not Jonah Hex. I don't look like im'.

So I guess you don't know the bible?

I'm an atheist.

Well there's no god you can pray to now. I guess you should prepare to die.

Die? Oh no, no, no!!! Hey You HELP ME!!!

Sorry, I really want to but I can't Bye...

This was Not the Whale I've been Looking For!!!


So Your (Superhero) Girlfriend Cheated On You

Hi I am The UnderDog. I Am now writing a series of blogs that let's YOU! The reader into various situations. This blog series will be called the " SO YOU..." blog series. So for our first episode let's explore how you would do if your Superhero Girlfriend ( or boyfriend if you're a female. ) Cheated on You!

My GF/BF cheated on me.

So your GF/BF cheated on you?

YES >:( !!! Do you really have to say it again!!!

Oh Damn Sorry Man! Oh And He's/She's A super?

Yeah... he/she is.

Why'd he?she break up on you? is he/she busy saving the werld?

Well Apparently he/she hooked up with his/her arch-nemesis

DAAAAYUM!!! Then there's nothing I can do about it! If you have the guts go out and fight for your love, if you don't then find a date.



THE Jabba The Hutt ResPEcT PagE

Intergalactic Boss, The Galaxy's Biggest Gangsta', He Is JABBA THE HUTT!!!

I Only know the original Star Wars trilogy, and I don't read and go exploring Star Wars's EU because I'm Afraid I might get lost in its vastness. So pardon me for having very limited knowledge about Jabba The Hutt.

But Here Is What know About This ULTRA COOL AWESOME ( Not As Cool As My Boss Though ) Star Wars Crimelord.

Jabba The Hutt Conducts business, The BAD one. Smuggling and Some other Bad Business. Building reputation, He got himself his own palace. he's also got a cool dude in his side Boba Fett. Jabba Is even much more powerful than the emperor! Jabba Has Got Contacts, He has got money, He has got followers.

But here Is What makes me think Jabba Cool.

In his Palace He has Got Music. Live Bands, and no they're not those crappy bands we hear in clubs today. The Vibe Is Jazzy and The Singers Are Awesome! Better Than Rebecca Black!

In His Palace He has Got Chicks. I got this fetish for aw wait stop it.

And Note Jabba made Princess Leia wear that sexy bikini thingy.

Oh Jabba We love You!

YOU! Why Do You Think Jabba Is Awesome?