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NAME: Gregory Neil

Super name: UnderDog

Origin? well ahmm...

I saved New York once... (without New York knowing it...) with the aide of a Unicorn... (that is all you need to know...)

Powers: Since UnderDog saved New York from a threat ( which was also his fault ) The unicorn who aided him gave him a power to spew rainbows out from his mouth... ( he was operated in some other realm where unicorns roam... ) He can do this through an organ that was operated just below his vocal chords. The Rainbows he can barf can change composition by the power of UnderDogz's Will...

Acid Rainbow Barf- A highly Corrosive material that can burn and destroy and corrose... is there a word corrose? no? there should be... cuz y'know, Corrosive- Corrose? This is UnderDogz least Favourite barf BTW

Fire Rainbow Barf- Sort of like like spitting flaames! outta yer mouth, only rainbow coloured

Water Rainbow Barf-Same thing as fire rainbow barf really...

Light Rainbow Barf of Justice-See? it's the longest here... BECAUSE... It's his most special powers! fueled by the Goodness in that young PUSS(Y)... it is composed of light which can burn ( in a totally different way from the burning you get from the fire rainbow barf ) all the evil ( if used properly? ) in an entity...

UnderDogz power can be amplified by singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody in some way... Why? Don't ask me!

Aside from rainbow barfing... UnderDogs can call out Hoof Trelen, The unicorn that gave UnderDogz his powers... a cyborg unicorn with lot's of handy gadgets and magical sense of humor... though really, he only calls RT in times of desperate need