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Hi I am the Underdog and am alone. It is sad that the superhero community thinks i'm a nuisance... I made a mess in Presidential Election debates and now i am here reflecting. Am I really weird? Am I really supposed to be hated and laughed upon? Aww I hate it. People may not want to be friends with me...

For people who feel that they are hated. Under-estimated well I have an old treehouse somewhere behind our old home we can chill, have missions and train.

Just need a lil' make over.

We are GUNNA be called the League Of Under Dogs! ( L.O.U.D.) naww really I did not mean to put my name in our team (gonna be) but it really just fits. Plus it creates a backronym and that is how cool teams are... So yeah Sign up.


A team for Heroes or Villains who feel like they're undermined. anyone can pop in and pop out anytime. just PM me to get listed.





UNDERDOG'S Daily JOURNAL ent.#5 A Vinersaurs Fan-Fic

Okay This Is a BLOG set in the real world which is actually a fictionalized real world full of unworldly things which was actually in Oh screw I lost track of what this actually about... THIS IS HOOF TRELEN IN HERE SIGNED IN!

Neil the UnderDog Said He'll Quit this Blog Series and Focus On His Autobiography...

He left His Laptop So I logged In and I am here To show You Neil's GREATEST SECRET!!!

This Video Was Taken Way back when He was dreaming Of becoming a Rapper...

Oh well I hope He never Finds Out about This Or else I'm dead Robo UNICORN meat...


And Oh Watch Out For Neil's Autobiography...

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UNDERDOG'S Daily JOURNAL ent.#4 A Vinersaurs Fan-Fic


This Is a BLOG set in the real world which is actually a fictionalized real world full of unworldly things which was actually in Oh screw I lost track of what this actually about... well anyways read it dudes I know there was a glitch in there or something but please do...

So Hi I am the Under_DOG! (with an underscore)

Shoot! there was a glitch! or something in the internet connection! See today I'm in Egypt and I just posted my blog a while ago...this blog was ruined by poor internet connection since I am here in EGYPT a place with no Signal! It sucked dudes... Now you did not actually get the story... Ya see there I was blogging early in the morning and then I was rushing in writing that blog, But then the poor internet connection butted in and now It was all ruined! There was an error or something but it was still published which sucked cuz you actually got to see a misleading story! My reputation RUINED! and so right now everybody thinks I suck at actually writing stuff... You see here is the actual Story, I was at a bar, Loners Nightclub was the name of that bar if I can still recall... and I saw these two people talking about alien and stuff like that, I was interested in their talk and so I (being an annoying dude) butted in their small talk and convinced them to take me with them in their trip.We were now all serious about it that I totally forgot that I came to dance... And so Now I am here In Egypt... and I managed to survive the first wave of ALIEN ATTACK! I guess I'm lucky and so I felt the Urge to write about it...But then that Darn internet connection! AAARGH

But I know you won't understand what actually happened so I'll direct you to ANOTHER story... I am an Aspiring Writer you see? so I'll let you read a little bit of my adventure here which I put on a lot of time... I'm planning to write a novel based on true stories, a novel based on my life, an autobiography... Read it here:

Neil The UNDERDOG: A hero that was treated like a Zero...

On June 15 somewhere during 1990's a kid was born, A kid who never thought he'd change the world. Join his adventures as he stumbles upon inteplanetary mischief, along with his UNICORN friend... Brave readers Join him as you journey with Neil The UNDERDOG: A hero that was treated like a Zero...

Hi I am Gregory Neil I can't Tell you my last name or they will find me... they have invaded the World they are everywhere... They could be your mom your dad or anyone, the police officer or they could be your teacher...Naww just trying to mess you Up... I am Gregory Neil, A kid who gained powers from a lone Unicorn, A true personification of awesomeness, A defender of the Innocent! He is... The UNDERDOG!

So how was my autobiography? you liked it? well I hope you did... I'm signing out. For now. CIAO

The UNDERDOG is currently in the Ancient Aliens Returned??? EVENT


UNDERDOG'S Daily JOURNAL ent.#3 A Vinersaurs Fan-Fic


This Is a BLOG set in the real world which is actually a fictionalized real world full of unworldly things which was actually in Oh screw I lost track of what this actually about... well anyways read it dudes Because If you WONT... I'LL CUT YOU! Naw just kidding...

So Hi I am the Under_DOG! (with an underscore)

YOU STILL DON'T know me? Okay I got in a battle.Now my biggest enemy is reforming. So I met a Unicorn. He gave me powers and BOOM! UNDERDOG! Do I always Have to tell my origin story to you dudes? This Is why I always hate Prequels. Because a Hero, Or a villain gets more un-interesting in the prequels because a character will always evolve into something cooler every time the story progresses so Prequels=boring. Just compare Darth Vader from his self in the Star Wars Prequel trilogy. BORING RIGHT? so I wont recall battles from my past (I wont even re-write My battle with Genie even though it was poorly written because It was written by my UNICORN friend.). I'm actually fighting aliens now in EGYPT so WHY WILL I TELL A BORING-er story when this one is cooler?


See Yesterday was BOMB! I actually got to improve my powers too! like a new skill you get in games when you level up! So that might mean I leveled up? By the time we dropped off we met a nice kid named JULIAN who was an intern,He has powers! and He's Schooling! well yeah prolly a school for superhumans AWW how I wish I was in a special school too... So we met Julian and he was pretty nice... He gave me fruit packs or something which was COOL of him. While Leon (do you remember that dude who bullies me. ALOT.) Is getting on my Nerves. He's been bullying me during this whole time... Like the time Fruity pebbles came rushing down my nose! Oh gawd that hurts(He's got reality altering powers). Okay so by the time our Jeep stopped, they were all like packing up and I'm all like stretching. Now the Julian guy was almost a control freak letting the "ADULTS" do the commanding and stuff like that, SUCKS FOR HIM! But when he came up with the IDEA of the two of us boxing? NAH UH! He said he can punch through steel and that he's oh so powerful the only excuse I can say is that I'm a pacifist. I'm not a fighter DUDES! I'm more of a projectile vomitter so all I can do is RUN! But then the Leon Dude joined that little sparring match and injured me! I almost had a heart-attack with those ZOMBIE'S. Plus Leon and Julian tried to Injure me. Leon was almost going to kill me when those ALIENS ACTUALLY LANDED!

IMAGINE APES WITH GUNS. Yep they were scary right? So Everybody Was in full combat mode (even Bredry the Lion-man Hybrid who was all silent in this trip) and I'm all so scared of the happenings. But then It happened I spewed out fire! MULTICOLORED FLAMES and I'm all shocked. See I was forced to battle, So I did and that happened. BREDRY tried to finish one ape, They were all doing their thing and they were GREAT (even LEON) but I got exhausted... So Julian dropped and tried to heal me while I was all CHEERING for them to win that battle. I was going to sleep when DIAPERS were appearing around me and a Cinderella bed with all those GIRLY STUFF... But I really am tired so I really need to sleep... LEON kept on bullying me so I just screamed "PILLOW FIGHT!" Leon Tried to play but Julian was all like "This, Is not a slumber party." We had a conversation but then it drifted to a topic which led to Leon giving me BOOBS! Now for the First time in this trip I enjoyed Leon's Antic, Cuz I really want to feel a booby! I even let Julian Touch em' but he was all too negative about the IDEA. He's about to punch me so I asked Leon to stop this trickery. For the first time me and Leon became enthusiastic about one thing, and that was teasing Julian. We Had Fun playing games on that fella. So we decided to go sleep that night ( even though I had a girly bed )...

I'ts 5 o clock right now in the morning and everybody is stretching up, so I guess I might say BYE FOR NOW! ^_^ Ciao

THE UNDERDOG signing off

The UNDERDOG is currently in the Ancient Aliens Returned??? EVENT


The UNDERDOG'S Daily JOURNAL A Vinersaurs Fan-Fic group fan-fic


This Is a BLOG set in the real world which is actually a fictionalized real world full of unworldly things which was actually in Oh screw I lost track of what this actually about... well anyways read it dudes... cuz I am the UNDERDOG a real existing figure in your WORLD! the REAL WORLD! mwuaha! I sound lame...

So Hi I am the Under_DOG! (with an underscore)

So you probably know me as the dude who summoned a genie messed things up and regretted it... Well right now I'm hunting him down.But for now I am currently on a plane stressing me out... MY PLANE-MATES HATE ME!!! We are going to go to EGYPT right now because of a mission I will be in... WE WILL DEFEAT ALIENS! My powers are Spewing Rainbows out my mouth by the way...

Oh right Sorry but I forgot you don't know how I actually got my powers... It goes a little something like this:

The Epic wish of a Geek named Neil Saga was not written by me. It was written by that Cyborg Unicorn that aided me during the battle...Well he actually was not a fictional character but was actually a creature that secretly watches humans and at one point at a time, gave us the ability to IMAGINE. YEP folks We now have the power of imagination because of Unicorns secretly watching us. Now, the Epic Wish of a Geek named Neil was written by THAT Unicorn that is why it was probably all patched up and has many grammatical errors because the UNICORN only learned English from the INTERNET. Pardon him for writing that by the ways but he really said he'd want to write it down so I recalled the story he wrote it down and because of his ENGLISH that Fan-fic series sucked. Oh well I wont care the story is pretty much like that. HEY! I was supposed to tell how I got my powers right? Yah right so it was after the BIG EVENT and the UNICORN, (named HOOF TRELEN by the way) gave me this operation, an operation that changed my life... He (the UNICORN Hoof Trelen) implanted a new internal organ which would be science-ey and It would give me a pain in the neck because I was in a special Ed class (It was probably why Hoof Trelen called me a retard during the first chapter of THAT fan-fic saga). That Internal Organ gave me the power to puke rainbows out my mouth that temporarily blinds people... I also showed sign of breaking the laws of physics and doing stuff whatever I want, I called it toon-forcing a talent I can never do with people having that same power only on a larger scale around me. He said I'll need powers to defend myself against the Genie because one Day... He'll come back... He'll take revenge... and So here I am a rainbow Puking guy...

VILLAINS are under estimating my power so now I made an Identity... I am the UNDERDOG!!! which is a thing you probabably know... ahahaha! I defeat EVIL because... well I actually have no reason...

Well I gotta sleep now got butt kicking to do tomorrow...

The UNDERDOG is currently in the Ancient Aliens Returned??? EVENT

that's for my first BLOG... BYE BYE!


Why The UnderDog Should be your Internet Boyfriend...

I am the Under_DOG! and This Is a thread I made to prove to them Women-Ladies of this Site why I! should be their Internet BOYFRIEND!

1. I am Handsome

2. I'm Single

Do I need to say more?

yeah Impossible It may seem I am...

My Beloved She Thinks I'm too Young

3. I'm Smart!

Yeah I just am not that showy when it comes to my level of Intelligence... But I really am!

4. I Have handsome friends around here in the Vine TOO!

right ? *wink wink* So If you want to Hang out with beautiful people! Be with me!

5. I'm Nice

I am! You can go around and ask Users and they'll tell you that I am... ( But don't ask )

6. I'm Monogamous

I am!

7. The Truth Is that I just Want to know What Having a girlfriend is like... What it is like to be in Relationship


So think Ladies...

You want a man who treats you right?

Have as your internet Boyfriend!



Though Isn't a bad choice Ladies

8. I'm Awesome

Just kidding ladies! YourNeighborhoodComicGeek is the most awesome person on the planet ever in existence!!!


"The Quotes Part 2" ( A Fan-Fic )

Oh! It's Raining Cats and Dogs

a man once said. Someone thought it was funny

but not until a falling German Shepherd Knocked

Him out. The Dogs chased the Cats around the city

which Caused Mayhem. Then Cerberus came falling

from the sky which sank the city below the oceans...

well guess the City's name... ATLANTIS!

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"The Quotes" ( A Fan-Fic )

When The Cat Is Away The Mice Will Play

But when the mice are playing they tend to get loud and wild.

So the Dog texts the Cat and the Cat Goes Back Home to

Eat the mice. The Dog then sneaks in to the Cat as the Cat is

Siesta-ing. He Butchers the Cat and sell's the Cat's 8 other

lives. He then becomes a Billionaire cuz a life costs much...

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Cracked.Com After Hours... Why the Pixar Movies are Intertwined

i love this video series and enjoy them

Okay Here is the Video! I edited it so you wont get lazy clicking that link and watching it on Cracked.com WATCH THE VID!

Now If you have time to watch the Video and listen to Dan's theory it really does makes sense

Every Single Pixar film might be intertwined!

now tell me your theories.... Or Ideas on how the Pixar Universe might be intertwined!

here is mine

The sprites in Brave might be the reason why there are sentient beings on earth

So A hundred years later Toys were secretly trying to make children happy.

That is what they do. There is a Rule However that they will not show their

owners that they are sentient because... It might have caused a mayhem way back or something

Anyways the Bugs life movie might have happened during the Toy story and toy story 2 timeline and years after that was the Finding Nemo Timeline

Now the Incredibles Movie might have been a Movie Remember that Kid that was holding a Mr Incredible Comic? YEAH the Movie might have had a franchise or something... Now in Toy Story 3 Buzz had a Buy N Large Battery so this might be the Beginnings of the Company's rise to power (seen in Wall-e)

Now Wall E is about a future where the world is dumped with so much trash and pollution that people decided to go to space right? Now remember the end of the film where they came back to earth... What if they were incapable of Living? Because they were too fat? Well EVOLUTION my friend They might have turned and incorporated their brains into cars because It is an easier way to travel No Requirement of Farming for food and stuff like that!

Monsters inc could have existed between the Finding Nemo and Toy story 3 timelines

Though their activity is kept secret because only children have interactions with them ( Andy now a Grown Up)

So any Theories about how the Disney Pixar Movie Universe can be A single one? I'd like to hear yours!

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