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August weapons of choice where the corner his eyes to day because other wise he wouldn't have noticed the weapon being pulled on him. Though as soon as he was aware of the threat he ducked and used his telekinetic powers the activate a screeching noise in the man's ears hopefully throwing off his aim. Then August throws a swift hand in an attempt to dis arm the man lastly followed by a strong knee to the gut. "You've made a grave mistake in attempting to kill a sentry sir." He says before pulling out his pistols

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Deadly, but approachable more than likely

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August was thrown off by the man's words yet again, but he had already wasted enough time with this lunatic "I'm going got on ahead and tell you that your just seconds away from a painful death penalty, but before i do that," He turns his attention to the elose "Is there anything you would like to add ma'am or are you just an accessory?"

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*Wow...* August thought to himself. That wasn't exactly what he thought the response would be. "No sugar coating with you huh? Before i bust you for attempted destruction, I feel obligated to ask what planet it is that you were planing to harm sir?"

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There was a silent victory in August as he was confirmed correct on his guess of what type of ship it was as far as who it belonged to. Step by step the officer made his way to Mr.Mezerik. *Well he doesn't look like much of a threat... But that ship is a bit suspicious* Once the Sentry was face to face with the pilot, calmly he says "Hello sir. Sorry to have to throw you off track a bit today, but a co-worker of mines wanted to have you checked out so i'm just going to follow orders.*He chuckles*So can you tell me what the heavy armor on your ship is about?" August noticed the elose in the corner of his eye, but for now he was holding off questioning her.

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Hated by the law and with a huge target painted on his head *_*

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@Gambler said:

I wanna start a group of run & gunners who utilize guerrilla warfare in their attempts to topple Empires.

Lol, that's awesome man

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@_Kafir_: As soon as the man took a seat August knew he was. Stories of the Keresh freelancer were some of the more common among the conversations of August and his colleagues. "I've heard a lot about you sir. Just wanted to let'ya know i admire your skill... For a Keresh!" the last part he was joking about, but the rest of what he said was true.