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@thisisgonnahurt: There are no clues, this is my main and I have an alt but I haven't put it to use in over a year so... Yeah I'm just Uncommon.

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G as in Gambler? I could only wish I had those skills. Nah, I'm some else entirely XD

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So what's the final say on the writer awards? I was and still am willing to get the awards made, but does anyone care to have them in the first place?

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Someone drop the hammer of truth!

I could use the critique for real though

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Got ninja'd


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The best laid plans of mice and men often do go array don't they?

Throwing back the walls did little to slow down the assassin in black as his kick shattered the earth in a sheer test of strength. The high kick called for a 360° turn to slow the momentum enough for a follow up strike, but while Uncommon's back was to Gabriel, another threat was approaching from the distance. The conducted wall that was pitched in the air came at the assassin like a death wish from mother nature. "Oh, little shite's just having fun now", he barks while evading the impact of the land mass with an abrupt juke to the left. The power behind the crash yielded just enough magnitude to send Uncommon into the air, where the force was felt along his posterior, as his notorious armor succumbed ever so slightly to Neutronis' black science.

He lands in a tuck and roll so smooth it could only be molded by years of combat and style. Quick to add in quaint sportsmanship while Neutronis' gains distance, "You should try the electricity again. Third time's the-", his coy demand is met with little haste. Hardly less prepared than before, the assassin got to work in the defensive. His countermeasure was a graceful mix of earth-bending and free flow footwork, to minimize the damage of currents sent his way. Despite his skilled approached though, as the land was scorched by the waves of kinetic energy, so was the carbonadium armor put through the ringer.

At last, there were tears in the noir plating exposing his under-armor and rare spades of bare flesh from the devilish assassin. Even a part of the devil's crimson visage brokes off, but it is caught in hand before it could reach his waist. The mahogany blood that spilled from his flesh bellowed up mixing supernaturally with the black fumes that emanated from the burning of his armor. Almost below his breath, a bit of darkness from deep within finds its way out through a more serious tone than any other time this evening, "How embarrassing... You're on my dinner list now Gabriel..."

He corrects his tone while furthering their distance and gathering his blade, "Alright, alright. I know when to take a hint... You're not ready to take the show on the road yet. The gettin's too good out here in the middle of whatthef*ckica... I underestimated you today... but rest assure-" He beings to exit the premise in a disappearing act right before Gabriel's eyes, "- I'll be back, Mr. Neutronis... Cops are coming by the way".

And then he was gone like he was never there in the first place.

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Work on that drug addict heroine alt

Powers: Probability manipulation? Master escapist?

Look: Domino? Jessica Jones? Songbird? Lady Bullseye?

Name: ?


@percival: You wouldn't have happened to have taken AP/IB economics yet have you?

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Uncommon's new game was controlling the tide of the battle from all directions.

Efficient. Quick. Effective? Usually

"There we go", The aged assassin whispers under his breathe while catching his katana stoically and planting it deep in the ground. Utilizing swift and more powerful motions than before, Uncommon pulled two rock barriers to accompany the left and right of the back wall wrapping around Gabriel.

Now came the blunt of his attack, so he mustered up a resort of energy usually reserved for the kill of the hunt, but Gabriel was no usual target. Still face to face with the electromagnetic doctorate, the man in armor leads with several more kick based attacks. The kicks were judo inspired to basically keep the runaway off balance as well as at arms length. There's a hidden balancing act in his attacks though, as the left and right kicks flew through the air, Uncommon shifted his energy to the palm of his hands in a split second to raise one last wall behind the assassin himself, boxing the two in the close quarters.

With this back drop, in this close quarters, with the sand still overtaking the air, the objective was sensory overload. The plan called for Uncommon to be obscured by the blankets of earth on a much more dense, even electromagnetic level.

But the beauty wasn't in the sensory over load, it was in the way he planned to seal the lid on this box surrounding the two men. He steps on the katana forcing it further into the ground as he summons plates of the earth once more. Finally, he hoisted the burning markets into the air on one massive platform, and slammed it atop the both of them in a trained haste. The platform sealed off the box but the establishments still fell with the flame.


The crash was felt but it didn't stop the fight in the brutal devil. As quickly as he emerges for the wreckage and flame, he is quick to add, "Class in session right?.. *sigh* Well I did my homework. I'll be just fine in my carbonadium armor. It's toasty, but I'll make it. You though... Well this is the hard way, engaging right?"

Uncommon offers his hand to Gabriel, truce style, "I recon the fight could go on forever, but what do you have to gain from staying here anyways?"

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*Takes notes*

Damn you're good :O

So is Redox your alt or was he just an inspiration of yours, like your character's?