The boss: August

August Hudson a.k.a Mr. Raris

(An intercepted message sent from secret sector of British.Parliament.Enforcement A.K.A B.P.E to the director)

To the director of B.P.E

August Hudson was born into a family of cowardly renegades who turned on us in '21. That's why he was abandoned in the rain at three months and left to a group of what we thought were monks ,but where later revealed to be assassins. Once he is taken into there custody he practically disappears off the face the earth until we heard reports of young ninjas terrorizing yakuza clan members to gain respect in japan. Eventually we took interest in the case and found out that August (who was going by the moniker Fuyu Senzai-tekina at the time) was leading groups of training assassins like him to fulfill a contract from ruthless wealthy politicians. Eventually we were able to track him down in '81 and convince him to join our forces. We used him as secret assassin we could control to handle new renegade agents. In '86 we figured he needed no more training and sent him on his first contract. The entire mission goes off without a hit (all 167 targets killed without ever being detected even once). After a few more successful hits we were ready title him as one of our most respected and top men, but as it turned out he was still far too loyal to his assassin league and he turned on us when ordered to. Not only did he wipe out one of our secret sectors on the east side, but he also stole several of our most secret/advanced designs. Once again we can't find him. Flash forward to 2000 and his assassins league is hiding behind the mask of a new and innovative technology company that the public loves. This new company went by the name Winter Technology International, and used improved versions of the technology that was stolen from us. The once ruthless assassins where now savvy salesmen who attended extravagant parties and polo matches. Mr. Hudson (now in his '40s) now led the the entire assassin league/company from the shadows and still took hits for money he obviously didn't need. We have agents on his case and will let you know when he has been permanently dealt with.

-From Sector C-36 Alpha


Real name: August J. Hudson

Sobriquet: Mr. Raris

Age: Is just a number

Hair color: Silver

Eye color: Blue

Height: 6'2

Weight:220 lb

  • Is technically British, but only uses the accent when he fells it will work to his advantage. On a regular basis he takes the cadence of the region he is in at the moment
  • He doesn't technically have any natural born powers, but he does Know a few tricks from years and years of ninja training (Mostly based in espionage)
  • He always has a pistol, a smoke bomb, and a knife on him at all times
  • Almost always has a suit or collared shirt on
  • When on more serious missions he carries a lot more weaponry like a rifle and katana
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