Dead Sentry (My old character)

Real Name: August R. Jonan

Alter ego: Carter Truise (a small time cop)

Race: Sevious

Age: 28

Height: 6'3

Weight: 230 (305 with armor)

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Blond


  • Expertly trained in dozens of alien martial arts styles
  • Well trained assassin and thief
  • Extensively trained leader
  • Field tactics master

Natural powers:

  • Can see perfectly in even pitch black darkness
  • Mild telekinesis

Powers w/suit:

  • Can see most modern technology through walls and blood heat signatures
  • telekinesis
  • sticky (web light) substance for transportation and capturing
  • Can breath under water and in space


Young August

August was pretty average during his childhood, got all A's and B's, played a few sports and just sort of got by grinding day by day. He had no sense of direction, no dreams of being something more than a store clerk at some fast food joint. It wasn't until his entire world was threatened by aliens from an entirely different galaxy that he even considered trying to make something of his life. Though the choice to decline joining the military was stripped away from him as he was drafted into the army only months after the war out.

Army career

Practically right off the bat August showed great leadership skills and was pretty savvy when it came to war strategies. He quickly made his way through the ranks and led several soldiers into battles they would time and time again. His though was cut short when one of the enemy soldiers captured him in his sleep. Once in their possession he subjected to a handful of experiments they had hoped would make him deadly assets to there final try at invasion. They could have had him too if only they had paid better attention to their guinea pig. When the alien's backs were turned, he would sharpen his skills to the point where he could use his telekinetic powers to distort the entire facilities and navigate his way out using his newly acquired night vision.

Back at square one

He returns to the civilian world

After the whole ordeal with experiments and being abducted he wanted to return to the, but government officials were too afraid that he could be a potential sleeper agent and refused to let him return to battle. After many trails of mental tests and court cases, he was allowed to return to the civilian world and live like a retired veteran. Now in the world of the average joe. He was back to living each day just sort of grinding and waiting for each day to be over. He picked up a half time job to occupy his time, but at the end of the day that too was just boring and didn't challenge him.

Joining Project SENTRY

Without armor

On a random day previously just like any other, August was visited by a group of individuals, who obviously wanted some sort of service from him. He figured it might be some sort of random check up the government officials had ordered to make sure he was still sane. He was right, he did have to take one final mental test, and he was wrong because that wasn't it. Quickly he was put through some physical tests, fitted for what he was told would be his uniform and ready to join project SENTRY. The individuals revealed themselves to high grade scientists and engineers. Recently they had developed a method for tracing the home of the failed attackers to the galaxy of which they had hailed from. They traced the attacker's home galaxy back to the Milky Way. With project SENTRY they could send their very own officials (24) to watch over chunks of the Milky Way galaxy and provide a warning and hold off a possible return of their previous attackers. A chance to get back in action and go to an entirely new galaxy! Of course August accepted the badge and the honor.

***August has been assigned a the sector of the galaxy closest to Earth***

August's race, home planet and galaxy

to be continued...

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