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Minutemen Went by faster than Cooke-ing Minute Rice! 0

Minutemen Went by faster than Cooke-ing Minute Rice!It is a nice and really quick start Darwyn has Cooke'd up here for the new Before Watchmen Series and, like many Firsts in a series, this one had but one job to do!  ...and that Job was to make me want to read more. Here Darwyn re-introduces us to the original Minutemen characters giving us a nice first person view from the original retired Night Owl. We get a quick nostalgic 1 to 3 pages about each of the Minutemen characters established in th...

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HULK SMASH New York City not as Cool as HULK SMASH A PLANET! 0

HULK SMASH New York City not as Cool as HULK SMASH A PLANET! Now, Pappy loved PLANET HULK and I couldn't wait to read World War Hulk. I dived right in and loved the first 3rd of the book. Hulk Smash, Black Bolt,  Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Dr. Strange, Thunderbolt Ross and his army and later takes on the Sentry. Those I love it when the Hulk is unleashed. But Unlike Planet Hulk, World War Hulk takes you through the story rather quickly without a lot of the emotion that you get from its Planet Pre...

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 HULK SMASH A WHOLE FREAKIN PLANET!! YOU GOT THAT ANG LEE!!??  That's right...its July 10, 2010 and the movie Hulk directed by Ang Lee came out June 20, 2003 but But I'M STILL CALLING YOU OUT ANG!  That movie sucked man..Don't you know..HULK SMASH! Better late than never...I always say! But seriously... speaking of late....where the heck was I when Planet Hulk came out? How did I miss this wonder retelling of Gladiator with a pissed off and even angrier than a hotel employee beating, telephone ...

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Clock and Dagger One Shot #1 0

I must confess...I've lost touch with  these characters over  the year through their many pop ups throughout the Marvel Universe. So feel free to fill me in on how this story reads to those who have followed their more recent adventures. But every since their first issue I've always found them a fascinating well of untapped potential. If I could pick two lesser known characters in the Marvel U. to tinker around with it would be these two.  That being said I'm so glad to see them in this one shot...

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Brightest Day Issue #2 Shining Right Along! 0

As ole Pappy W. mentioned in his last review of Brightest Day #1.  I'm thinking Brightest Day is still Brighter & Tighter a story than Blackest Night and Issue #2 (with all of its jumping of Characters) is still proving that to be true. Like Blackest Night, Brightest Day is subject to endless page jumps between a multitude of characters; each with their own individual arcs. And like many readers who found this frustrating with Blackest Night they too may be frustrated here as well But their ...

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DC's Zatanna 1st Issue and Fishnets! 0

 Uncle Pappy Wolf doesn't know why...ahem "fishnets " ...but  he's always had a warm place in his heart for the lovely character Zatanna. So much potential. So far the story is pretty good. I prefer the variant cover by Brian Bolland (see added pic), and the inside art by Stephane Roux has a wonderful "classical feel" look to it.  The coloring adds a nice "ominous but not too dark" mood to the story with warm evening shades of red spread throughout the panels. This is one title where the a...

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Brightest Day brighter and tighter a story than Blackest Night! 0

 Now UnclePappyWolf just read both 0# and 1# and I'm really digging what's happening to Deadman. And Wow... who would've thought Aquaman's powers would be so interesting. The Squid in this story made way more sense to me  than the Watchmen Squid that was fun. So far It's not what I thought it would be but so far I do like it. The plot  in this story is a lot more focused than the Blackest Night plot and the characters seem to be sharing a much tighter connection than before so th...

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