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It's Kind of offensive that these Major film companies thought that we would watch anything they brought to comic con good or bad and make it a hit and now when that doesn't happen for every single film they peddle and play little clips of at comic con that they are somehow going to punish comic con attendees by not showing anything to fans who love the properties. A movie can have wonderful clips and great visuals but we don't get to see the actual films until they come out so the buzz may be high but if the word gets out that its bad we don't all just keep seeing these movies. Especially since times are rough with the economy one has to be selective about which film they have the money to see in the theater and which ones they will watch via Netflix or rental. 

There has been a lot of talk and blame by these film companies, say that  "Scott Pilgrim vs the World" failure at the box office was because of Comic Con crowds not supporting the film. When the truth is, if it wasn't for Comic Con Crowds telling non Nerd-types to watch it - it would not have made the money it did make. And the DVD sales were very good from fans who loved that movie. Imagine what that film would have done if they had not showed it to con. So I don't buy this excuse that these films do not get a major boost from comic con. But these companies who once woo'ed the comic con crowd and now find us beneath them, need to know we are not automatons who just buy any crap you throw up on a screen or looks like it might be good because you showed us a 5 min clip. The movie has to still be good when its in the theater.
 This Marvel/Disney Nightmare merger is not something I ever really thought was a good idea. Disney tends to sit on their properties forever and take little risk with them. They rest on their laurels of past film hits and haven't done anything really new for quite some time. Look how long they have had the Muppets and the Jim Henson creature shop for well over 15 years and until this new movie we saw 1 Muppet movie (Muppet from Space) and Mirror Mask! Look how long it took Disney to update Star Tours. Lucas was willing to do the changes ages ago. IF it wasn't for them purchasing Pixar they would not be doing as well as they are.  So if they want to dis Comic Con fans that is their right but just don't come begging us if it doesn't work out and no one sees your films.

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Cool outfit...But why is the Human Torch dressed as Capt. America!? Love the Red Skull though ....Hugo Weaving was a great choice!

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Who's the girl in the cosplay uniform dressed like Wonder Woman in front of  that fake looking helicopter prop! Seriously... I've seen better Wonder Woman outfits at Comic Con! 

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I think people rag on the costume because it looks less like the Amazon warrior of the Comics and more like an add for Underoos!

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The Clones and the Scarlet Spider story line was the reason I stopped reading amazing Spider-Man. It took quite sometime before I wanted to read it again.  I never liked the story or Ben's weird Flashdance looking sweater he wears over the spider suit. He looks like he's going to a 1980's gym... all that's missing is the crazy headband, leg warmers, a chair and a handle to pull for the water to splash on him.  Whoever brings him back better be one heck of a writer. Especially now, with a whole Island of people with spider powers and a ton of other spider-like characters running around.  Is one more knock off spider powered hero really necessary?

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I've seen homemade Cosplay outfits that look better than this costume. I don't like anything about it. It says Halloween not Amazon. How about more armor and leather than spandex and plastic. if you didn't tell me this actress was in the WW show I would have thought she was from Comic Con not from a new WB tv show.
....all that's missing with this costume is a plastic toy sword to match. 

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Hmm...was going to finish reading who died in the Fantastic Four series but now from reading the quiz questions on the home page I guess it won't be much of a secret anymore!

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Now, I've sat through at least 10 or more of these and many of them I have already seen from times past....I am so not enjoying quiz no. 9..All this watching and I still only have 4 completed! auggggg!

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Who is Krona? Hmm...if I had to guess... he's what John Travolta would look like if he decided to  ingest colloidal silver like that guy that turned blue!


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@N7_Normandy said:
" @UnclePappyWolf said:
" It it just me or is @Babs not the Audrey Hepburn of the comic fan world!  As for the comic, man, these issues have been selling out at my comic place... I so want to pick them up but it looks like I will have to wait for a second print or the trade paper back! "
they sold out that quickly?   "
Yeah...the last couple of issues have sold out before I could get my hands on one of them! I might grab this one up just in case I can pick up the the first few some place else! This is a pretty hot ticket right especially since everyone is trying to guess which one of the four will bit the dust!