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it is absolutely impossible

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He was so sick in the Under the Red Hood story arc. However, DC has done everything they can to ruin his character since then

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Depraved Indifference (2nd degree murder) requires a "callous disregard for human life" in situations where there is "reckless endagerment," such as driving a car too fast and hitting someone, or throwing a tv out the window and it falling on someone. Ra's put himself in that situation. If Batman had trapped him on the train on purpose, or through negligence (as in he was the train operator responsible for getting people off), it could be a 2nd degree murder charge. But as Batman found himself on a train that was going to explode, and Ra's happened to also be on that train, Batman did nothing to put Ra's in that situation or stop him from leaving.

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Let's forget the movie for a second. You're on a train that is about to go off the tracks, and there is another person in the train. You jump out of the train. Because you didn't save the other person, have you just murdered that person? I would say no, that is ridiculous. Now put it back in the movie.

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this is my list, bold ones are the most necessary

The Complete Grant Morrison Batman Run and Relevant Tie-ins (Pre-New 52)*

0) The Black Casebook (old Batman comics that Morrison references)

1) Batman and Son (Batman 655-658, 663-666)

2) The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul ###

3) The Black Glove (Batman 667-669, 672 –675)

4) Heart of Hush (Batman #846-#850)

5) Batman RIP (Batman 676-678)

6) Robin (175-176)

7) Batman RIP (Batman 679-681)

8) Outsiders (11-13) ###

9) Nightwing (147-150)

10) Last Rites - Last Days of Gotham (Detective Comics 851, Batman 684)

11) RIP Missing Chapter (Batman 701)

12) Final Crisis (1-5)

13) Last Rites - Batman (Batman 682-683)

14) Final Crisis (6-7)

15) RIP Missing Chapter (Batman 702)

16) Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader (Batman 686, Detective Comics 853) ###

17) Last Rites - Nightwing (151-153)

18) Last Rites - Faces of Evil Epilogue (Detective Comics 852, Batman 685)

19) Robin (183)

20) Battle for the Cowl

21) Batman Reborn (Batman 687)

22) Batman and Robin (1-12)

23) The Return of Bruce Wayne (1-4)

24) The Road Home Prequel (Batman 703) ###

25) Time and the Batman (Batman 700)

26) Batman and Robin (13-14)

27) The Return of Bruce Wayne (5-6)

28) Batman and Robin (15-16)

29) The Road Home ###

30) Batman: The Return

31) Batman, Inc (1)

32) Batman and Robin (17-25) ###

33) Batman, Inc (2-8)

34) Batman, Inc - Leviathan Strikes!

### - it’s not necessary for understanding of the continuity, but everything on this list is worth

reading at least once just to say you have read it

* - an understanding of Final Crisis and the tie-ins to that would certainly help, and some people

would argue are relevant, but I only wanted to include Batman and Batfamily stuff on this list

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TPB or graphic novel?

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Topics like this are why I love the Batman forums

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Mark could be Robin

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The new bat origin is a lot more exciting than the older one, but it doesn't have as much depth. Doesn't seem like it will have as much re-read value either. Also, I'm not a big fan of the Uncle character, seems pretty unnecessary.

And that hologram ball thing is just lame. Not to mention that Bruce was stabbed, shot, beaten, and hurt about 5x more than in Year One and somehow manages to get to the manor. It was barely believable in Year One haha

The Red Hood Gang is pretty sweet though. I really hope the leader isn't the Joker; I would appreciate a bold new move from DC, instead of just saying their recycled crap is new and exciting.

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I divide stuff into 3 categories: trade paperbacks, comic books, and graphic novels.

Trade paperbacks are collections of already published material - no collector's value. Comics are the 30 - 40 page suckers that usually have ads and have major collector's value. Graphic Novels are comics longer than 40 pages and have just as much value as comics if the material was never initially released in comic book form.

The Man Who Laughs is available in a trade paperback with additional material, but was originally printed in graphic novel form. It's actually a little rare.

Other stuff you should pick up is the Under the Red Hood, Knightfall, Batman and Son, The Black Glove, Batman RIP, the original run of Batman Inc plus the Leviathan Strikes graphic novel