Classic Comics

SUPERMAN. Everyone knows who Superman is. Every kid wants to be Superman. His name is freakin' SuperMan. A close second is BATMAN. He's a little darker, so his appeal is not as wide. And then rounding up the lot is SPIDERMAN. Maybe it's just because his logo isn't a easy to turn into stickers and shirts and coffee mugs, but it seems that Spidey just isn't as popular. It might be that his flaws slightly cut down his appeal.

What do you guys think?


How to get your Girlfriend into Comics

You only need one thing, and that is FABLES. Have your girlfriend read the first Fables TPB; suddenly you have someone who wants to go to the local shop, instead of waiting in the car or asking you to go before you come over.. After that you can slowly get her over to whatever you're into. I went the X-Men and Tin Tin route. Oh, and you're welcome.