• Uncas007 wrote a review of HC.
    Wein to the Rescue (Almost)

    One of the persistent failings of the Before Watchmen series is the lack of unity among them, in the sense of no apparent guiding principle or conceit (other than the contemporary conceit of DC to gra...

  • Uncas007 wrote a review of HC.
    Nothing New, Nothing Important

    This was not good. Again we have the ubiquitous "knowing winks" to the "real fans" of Watchmen, with the bloody smiley faces, the Rorschach blots, and on and on - but none of them are clever or meanin...

  • Uncas007 wrote a review of All-Star Superman.
    It's All About Sol

    This was a fine story, but I'm not sure why it received all the acclaim and accolades it did (especially an Eisner for continuing series, knowing it was only going to last 12 issues) - maybe there was...

  • Uncas007 wrote a review of TPB.
    Pacing, pacing.

    This is a pretty good yarn. Alex Ross's painting is a real highlight, as it usually is. The "story" is admittedly thin: the super-villains get the super-heroes out of the way and pretend to be humanit...

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    4 reviews in 1 week! And all DC!
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    MAD Magazine Presents...Batman, Stand-up Comic

    What was that? Can anyone tell me what just happened here? I would like to start with some positive comments: ... give me a minute. Oh, yes: it is a rollicking adventure, and Neal Adams certainly kno...

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    2 reviews in one night.
  • Uncas007 wrote a review of HC.
    Filling In Gaps (That Don't Need Filling)

    Um...no. Few things in recent memory of the Comic Multiverse caused as much of a stir as the whole "Before Watchmen" brouhaha. Personally, I'm usually against reboots and prequels and the like, but th...

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    Three months later ... my next review.
  • Uncas007 wrote a review of TPB.
    The Kingdom is Within You

    I give the whole thing a tepid 3 stars but 1 bonus star for the Aftermath alone. In stark contrast to the overly effusive introduction by Elliot S! Maggin (apparently it is really an exclamation mark,...