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She still owns the name White Queen for me, if she didn't use that title it would just be weird

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Was going to die or be killed off ; If it was done properly and not just as a cheap stunt then i would be fine with it but i wouldnt want her to come back 

Be less in the spotlight;  Depending on her reasons for leaving the spotlight and who she was giving it up for
Be de powered; Just ridiculous 
Become a mother; I would like to see how her character would change but she is already a motherly figure to the Cuckoos (even though they hate her atm) 

Break up with Scott; same as if she dies i would want it to mean something for the characters and not just be because a certain character comes back from the dead.

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If Emma and Scott were to break up then id prefer her to be on her own.  I really liked the tension between Emma and Banshee in Gen X though so if he did come back maybe those two, but i would prefer her to be on her own.

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@time:   And why does she not deserve to lead the team?
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TBH i thing that post schism all the x-men should have a costume change especially storm and emma who seem to have had the same costume or a slight variant of it for ages also maybe Psylocke's should change 

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to get around it they could say that they took the art from Astonishing X-Men Ghost box where the artist made her and her clothes turn to diamond

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I personally think she should move away from Utopia and become the lead in Legacy after the Havok Polaris Marvel Girl stuff.  It should go back to being character specific and having a character go on a meaningful arc so maybe she could find her sister and brother or maybe Astrid could come back i don't know just something centring on her as a character for an arc or two but it shouldn't take her back to the hellfire club in any way it should deal with a different part of her life. 
I do however, think she should stay with Cyclops just because his character has benefited from her but i agree with Xerox she imo should go back to how she was written in Grant Morrison's run thats where I personally went from being a Jean Grey fan to being an Emma Frost fan

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How do you think Emma will fair post Schism? 
with there being a new Hellfire Club will she go back to them (or will she be its leader)? 
Will she side with Scott or Wolverine 
or do you think she will be pushed to the side and leave the x-men?

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I think im the only one who actually liked the costume in the .1 issue, i def. prefer it to the white version of the dark x-men cosume

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I guess it could be argues that Emma did use TK in the DPS, she has latent TK so maybe she can only use it under great emotional stress, she also seemed to used TK in the Phoenix Endsong mini series, but they are the only times i think she used TK and the  DPS one is tenuous at best.