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yesterday i headed over to one of my area malls and dick around for a few hours. so i ventured into the bam store and steered myself right toward the comics section and started to read AVX. first issue i grabbed was WATXM. wtf is up with the art in this book? can someone tell me please? my niece could draw better characters than that and shes 8! the story was meh. then i picked up xmen legacy featuring the AVX war. you know what i saw? better art work. i am not sure if the same artists are working on the same books or there are different ones. but for god sakes pick a style of art and stay with it. i havent seen crappy artwork since Excalibur #37 through Excalibur #39 [prometheus exchange]. if i were in charge of the x-titles the artists from watmx would be cleaning out their desks.

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