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Babs, your reviews are the *BEST* on the web. You are one of the only reviewers I have seen that actually reads the comic, gets into the comic and understands the character you are reviewing. I don’t think you are giving to much credit at all. You are giving credit where it is due. Black Panther is the best Dark Reign book, and I am reading a lot of them. But the one I want to keep reading, the one I don’t want to end is Black Panther. There is not one sided nit picking, that I see on some other sites that don’t even go into the story but nit pick at stuff that happens in all comics.

So you are spot on completely.

I am also sad that the creative team is changing. However, Ken Lashley says will be back on the title. Hudlin also is going to continue to be involved in the series. So we might get to see them back together. I'm thinking it will be T'challa's return to being Black Panther or something.

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Black Panther and Storm forever.

Wolverine is a loner.

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One of the best comics books at Marvel right now.

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He is Slighly Superhuman  (Enhanced) according to the Marvel handbook, Marvel Atlas and other things. He is peak human from eugenics and Wakandan royal training...the Herb gives a spritial connection to the Panther God, which allows him to push himself to superhuman levels.  RH BP is basically using Don McGregor explaintion for the Herb granting powers, instead of making the Herb a SSS knock off.

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It's the best Doom I have read in A WHILE...great Job Hudlin.

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Now that was fantastic. I agree Mace was the best Jedi...RoS scene was lame.

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I believe the last page is talking about the Lion God.

Also, the first 2 issues were awesome. If you don't have them, you should get the reprints...both issues have sold out...infact the last 4 out of 5 Black Panther issues have gone to 2nd print.

Support the Panther!!!!