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Interesting. It's probably in all likeyhood a all-female (X) title or possibly x-23. Who knows if x-23 will be in Avengers Arena come April? I think they are inside of a game or virtual reality anyway. I would say its very likely a Storm led team because of some hints and rumors I have seen and heard...but Sam Humphries last interview about his team being outsiders, his plan for Storm and Besty and not being able to use Jubes in his X-force has me second guessing. Either way, next week we will find out. I guess this is the last round of Marvel NOW which has been pretty good IMHO so far.

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Like I said artist draw differently. I collected Bru and Eptings run, so That is why I said use that comparison. Either way he's superhuman like I said! He has super-speed, he's super-fast and Hickman said it about that scan...and to be fair it's only been one issue so there is more to come. He's not Quicksilver fast... but Spiderman or Gorgan level is what I would put my money on. As for Bru, trust I know what he said. But he never said Cap was superhuman, he said he was *not* super like spiderman or superman, but best a human could ever be..He never said he was super fast. He did say that he's beyond anything someone who is just trained like Batman or Daredevil could ever attain and i agree with that part of you post, butI never implied that he said he was not fast. I just said he never said he was super fast. Point is, T'challa isnt peak human or peak fast. The guys he was one shot-kills were cyborgs (Reavers) and he said he's way faster. So well just have to agree to disagree. I'm sure there will be clearer examples in the future. Good debate bro.

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Saw that, thanks bro! And he also has active cloaking/invisibility like the Hatut Zeraze! Apparently, the operators he was taking out are the Reavers of X-men fame. Again thanks for asking the question. My guess and this is conjecture on my that he would be similar to another character he wrote...Gorgan. He was one shot-killing Cyborg Reavers and knocked the Black Swan who I think is going to be insanely powerful out.

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@windcaster, nah bro he just said he was already super fast. When he questioner asked about it being teleportation and some hyper speed. He never said anything about Peak human. T'challa isn't peak human, per Brevoort who said he was above peak human. Liss and Maberry borh said the same. He wss Peak Human during Liss run without the herb. Next, I was one of the original posters on CBR saying that. Another poster (Taozen) and myself have books seen the interview by Jack Kirby saying he meant for T'challa to be the fastest human superhero. As for what Hickman said, that the upgrade focus more on the gained knowledge, rather the physically, he never said he was he same.

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Just a note. I'm not just saying it. But Jonathan Hickman writer of NA#1 says that Panther is super fast. Again, he's not Flash fast or Quicksliver fast, but he very well could be in the Spideman range,not in terms of agility..but foot and combat speed..probably yeah...he's not Olympic or peek that's for sure. Nor did he say that he was cloaked..he said super fast.

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I'm aware of all of those scan. In the one with the bullet dodging didn't he explain that he "sees faster"?Bru never said that Steve was super fast, he did say that he was beyond a trained hero, the best a human could be..but not super... while Hickman is saying that T'challa IS super fast. Yes, T'challa and Kimo *were* cloaked, after the other two makers were killed and he teleported Kimo away! The operators turned on there infrared and sniped him dead. So you can't say that he was cloaked. Hickman said he is super fast when talking about that fight sequence. In that fight sequence it appears that no one could react. He could bullet dodge because the guy could not react fast enough to shoot. That's why I said look at Eptings drawing feats with Cap moving fast...I can't find anything where he is drawn that way. Not with people standing still, from a *distance* not being able to move or react... Look he killed the Fist operator with a single shot, tore the second apart then knocked Black Swam out..non could react seamingly fast enough. Excuse the non-paragraphs...I'm not on my PC.

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One more thing, he has cloaking, but his cousin was sniped with they were cloaked. The AU guys had means negate his tech. His force field broke and their goggles could see them through cloaking. So you will have to explain why the AU character did not react to him as he ran attacked them. it clear Black Swan could not see him coming when he clocked her...I rack it up as artistic style.

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Here is the thing. He's no longer peak human (classic) Panther we saw during Liss run. He's no longer powered by the HSH, Shuri is (which is above peak human according to Brvoort). He's beyond what he was before, King of the Dead, Bast directly powered Black Panther by way of 10,000 years of his ancestors. Sure maybe Cap could do something similar, if the artist chose to draw the scene that way...but I'm trying to explain how that scene reads with to me with Hickman view of what happend. Hickman said he was super fast, not just he's fast or peak fast, but super fast. He was moving faster then that guy could react or move from a good distance away and moved to his direction in super fast way and tore him in half. The operator didn't have enough time to move or react at all and he was watching his comrad be killed, before T'challa was killing him. Then he did the same to Black Swan who could not react either. He also knocked out the Black Swan who is suppose to be extemely powerful (well have to wait and see). >>>My point is using Cap is who he was on par with before his new status is off. He has instant teleportion and a unknown degree of Superspeed. My question is does Cap have super speed? Cap is peak human, in AvX vs. they showed his 40 who knows if the 60 miles per holds up currently with Marvel? You will have to show me something where Cap is instantly killing a guy with another enemies looking on at a distance and that enemy being powerless to react or move...he had a gun! and these are some AU cyborgs or something.

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Note, he said nothing at all about "high speed" or "peak speed" he said he was. *super fast* so you will probably get a lot more and something showing it a lot more clear later on.

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Fine, but the writer says he had super speed. You can accept that fact or not. It's not peak speed. He was that before. There is nothing to say he's on par with Cap now. It's a *fact* that he was upgraded in Fantastic Four #608. That scan doesn't look the same at all IMHO. Again, he was attacking the first operator and killed him, the shirtless operator was looking and in the next instant T'challa was on him, before he could react or move, then ripping him in half. This is per Hickman. He's super fast, and who knows how fast he is now, I don't think you can say he's not anything or not as fast as anyone. We have two things, the writer saying he's super fast and the scan showing him moving too fast for a foe yards away to react. So we will have to agree to disagree. I'll go with what the person writing the books says.