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Marvel. WW is the big threat. Panther has invisiblity and teleportation, he kills Cyborg, GA and everyone sans WW. They will not be able to stop his instant teleportation, which is part of his current standard gear. he could then assist Hulk. infact he could teleport Cyke and just wipe out everyone sans WW. Hulk, Cyclops and BP could beat WW.

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@stormcallimg that entire post was complete nonsense @Whitemage, he could have owned her...he *allowed* her to hit him. The rest is of your post is pure garbage, her team was not welcomed there and she knew it. What you ate suggesting is beyond absurd, she brought a strike force into *his* lands period and attack its King? The moment they started shooting, all bets were off. so like I said, we will have to agree to disagree. Keep blaming Fictional characters instead of the people who are writing them..and when I see Storm written incorrect, please remind silent! It happened on panel, right? Lol

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All because of the X-office, which wrote her attacking him with a ex-nazi and a strike force, then acting like some gutter dwelling hood rat. And no I don't think you are right. Again, Liss wanted to use her..they didn't allow it. So they made it that's not a valid argument...when that action was forced upon a writer who wanted to use her..but was allowed basically one issue.

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I think is sucks as well. So I ignore it. I haven't read K.S very yet..

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I think there might be a curve ball thrown to us. If Jubes was denied use for Uncanny X-force, does that mean that Storm and Psylocke are denied for this? It seems those two are foing to drive UXF and Humphries has plans for Storm characterization wise, not that this stops it either way..look at Superior Spiderman and Avenging Spiderman. Then he also hinted about Mystique showing up some where ...which could be XX or it could be Uncanny X-men with Magnetio and Scott. Axel hinted about Storm showing up, which could be this and is likey this..or Fearless Defenders( but I doubt it, since it's outside the X-office). I still prefer the 3 way mandate with Storm leading one.

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White Mage, stop saying that repeating that complete nonsense about neglect. The only neglect was done by X-editorial against writers like David Liss who are on record saying they were *denied* use of Storm, X-editorial refusal to acknowledge or support their relationship along with Storm status as Queen mattering at all, or with Brevoort confirming X-editorial/writer sabotage and obstruction of the marriage growning and support (from the start). Meaning, they wanted her soley for the X-office...meaning no Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, New Avengers or future romantic relationships with characers out side of the X-men and that includes Avengers like Thor for example(who would make her pointless quickly). You had Storm in a entire series Adjectiveless X-men run (by Victor Gishler and B. Wood) were they didn't acknowledge them being married or even allow him to show up at all... when every other character under the sun was a guess star (mainly under Gishler). So the whole neglect is total nonsense that ignores the real reality of the situation. Either way, it looks like now suddenly the X office is supporting her more, which is good. I personally prefer Logan with Jean, and Storm alone for a while so that she can get character development that she needs. Still, It just hightlights the X-office, the x-writers and X-men sad history when it comes to black male characters. There is simply no way to over look at Axel Alonso admitted was a issue.

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40K hands down.

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That's what I would do as well. Take out Scott first, leave Wolverine for last...they can just all get him for the easy take down. I would have Spiderwoman harassing him from the air, using her blast as well as her pheromones.

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No one has a answer for Spiderwoman pheromones or Panther's invisiblity and instant teleportation. No way the X-men can win, without stopping those.

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