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It's not panthers, it's every Panther ever (in 10,000 years). We don't know the limit of his know powers.

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Hyperion IS silver age superman, Captian Universe, Thor and Hulk is a bit much. Manifold is a first order teleporter, Smasher. Avengers Win and this isn't even the full roster, for example Nightmask who is showing up in issues 6 and 7.

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TrueMarvel, you are totally WRONG. Wakanda is a warrior nation. Try reading Black Panther Secret Invasion: See Wakanda and Die--where the whole nation takes up arms to fight the Skrulls. I don't think you should comment with incorrect post about a character you clearly don't know about.

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^^^^wtf? Lol

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@Decoy Elite, that was the point. Trying to say prep like that matters, it really doesn't. The article was more then fair.

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This is hilarious. T'challa would and should beat Batman. The article was very fair to Bruce. Guy is punching holes through enemies and ripping them in half. He has cloaking, Invisiblity, and teleportation. He has the strength, knowledge and skills of 10,000 years of unconquerable Black Panthers. He's has a army of female assassins (see 500 fought off 100,000 traitors) to Bruce's "Boy wonders." He has technology that makes guns useless. His Panther,Royal and Dagger Quinjets are better then the Batwing, being able function in space, or underwater. He has giant voltron robots and flying saucers with Talon air-superiority fighter jets on board and 150 spec ops Warrors in battle armor positioned around the globe. T'challa is sorta like Batman 1 million. He can Prep just like Bruce. So this isn't a big deal. :)

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No one is one-shoting the Panther. That's complete nonsense. The NA's owns them in all three rounds.

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Just a point of contention, T'challa is the most skilled in his current incarnation as King of the Dead. He has 10,000 years of skills and knowleged from every BP ever in history. I would have said Logan because of his age for #1.....#2. On top of his superhuman physicality, his tech is superior. Invisiblity, hard-light shielding, instant teleportation. #3 dude is a king.

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Namor must die and a big lol to the clueless posters saying he can't kill Namor. Yes he can...and he will.