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He's pretty much on a entirely different level. From his books.He can use *all* of the Blood Angel powers (past and present) and beyond. Stuff like creating wrap-black holes that swallow Rhinos, slicing reality with his sword, moving so fast that a warp enhanced/sorcerer traitor marine can't react then crushing his skull, crushing chaos marines skeletons to dust with TK, smacking greater daemons, choking out daemon princes, erecting golden shields. He's like 40k Goku's, with a sword and kills without hesitation.

There is something up with him and it's not unlocking his geneseed. He's either a Perpetual and a daemon prince of Sanguineus or a about to fall to Chaos. I think it's the former. The way it described, he can control the warp like nothing.

He would alone own all the Halo guys mentioned in this thread with ease.

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Nonsense. There was nothing lackluster about the Royal family or the fight with his brother. It was perfectly fine. In fact, the royals were the highlight of the issue for me and a lot of other reviewers. We have been following Death the entire time, but in this issue, just like the issue about the Rangers, we get to explore other aspects of the world and it's via the Royal family. That was world building.

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This was great.

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Still a different character. They don't even share the same name. By your logic, I could counter with King Hyperion. What we know is he can stand up to Hulk, blow for blow. With Captain Universe, Hyperion, Hulk, Starbrand, Nightmask and Thor are just too much imho.

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Why is due bringing up Avengers #86? This isn't the same Hyperion. Whatever occurred there doesn't matter. The Avengers will also end up with Starbrand and Nightmask, JL gets stomped.

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I hope Logan doesn't. I hope some stupid writing doesn't think that's a good idea and story.

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^^^^he has always had mystical powers--going back to F4 #52-53. Peace.

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How does Flash EVER lose? Also this isn't the Avengers power house lineup or even the current one. Thor, Captain Universe, Hyperion (Silver Age Superman), Hulk are current ones--add Strange and Monica Rambeau it's a stomp for Marvel.

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Degalon, why post about something you are totally wrong about? Marvel-team up #100.

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@Truemarvel, no you are wrong. Wakanda is very much a warrior nation as shown in "See Wakanda and Die" and also shown in the Kingpin Arc verse the Hand. The 18 tribes of Wakanda will and have fought each other. The title is also fought for in combat. So yes they are Advanced Tech and also warriors. Wakandan is a mix of tribal and futuristic. Tech and mysticism, old and new and they *are* a warrior nation. Not sure where you are getting your info from.