Jimmy Olsen: Who's a clever boy?

And so, Ulyverse's love for Jimmy Olsen begins...

In all seriousness, it's been bothering me this one. In his Pre-Flashpoint origin story, the 2007 version (which is my least favourite for various reasons) it is said that Jimmy use to skip classes to go to University lectures. Now, he was doing this at the beginning of secondary school (so he was around 11-12ish, I think that's Junior High to the US?) We're suppose to be getting the feeling of "Jimmy's super clever and really advanced!" However, due to writers really neglecting him recently (in my opinion anyway) we've not seen a clever side to him. I love Jimmy, I think he's brilliant. What if they decided one day to explore that? I mean, how clever is he? Sure, he's just human but quite a few characters who are just human have advanced in their intellect. But then we have a classic argument of: well, if Jimmy's so clever why hasn't he figured out that Clark is Superman? Which would of course just create silly loop holes like the Devil blocking everyone from finding out who Superman is. Could you imagine is a superhero did that?! Oh. Wait...

Anyway, back to Jimmy. If they did want to make him a brain box, I'd honestly make him an artist of sorts. Why? Because he's a brilliant photographer, having an understanding in graphics/art would be useful. The other option for me is that they make him a genius Computer Whiz. They could make him the maintainer of the Daily Planet website. He should be doing HTML and coding the Superman Fan club site. So there are a couple of options if they ever chose to make him clever. But saying all that, I originally forgot a very important one: detective skills. When I mean detective skills, I mean he can look at a scene's photos pick up stuff from there. Nowhere near the Bat-family of course but, surely there could be such awesome possibilities of him investigating against LexCorp. I know quite a lot of people around the place online that could imagine Jimmy Olsen becoming a private detective or something. So, we could have a character with awesome understanding of computers, art and detectiveness.

The main thing about all of this. What's the point of making Jimmy clever? There are LOADS of geniuses around the place. Recently, Jimmy's been used as a background character to A) Be kidnapped B) Be a plot device and C) get powers. I believe something I once heard someone say was 'the only thing Jimmy is best at is gaining and losing powers'. I love the King of the Silver Age side of Jimmy Olsen as much as the next man but, we could have a very in depth character who's clever but struggles with his self confidence. So, could Jimmy Olsen being an actual smart character on a genius level intellect of sorts be a good move? I'll you decide, I for one am all for it.

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