Titan Island

"Five billion dollars in the making"-Terra

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[Main Area]

  • Titan Tower

[Tower Areas]

  • Titan Lobby
  • Med Bay
  • Situation Room
  • Titan Bedrooms
  • Titan Kitchen
  • Titan Bathrooms
  • Titan Control Room

[Subterranean Areas]

  • Titan Containment Cell
  • Titan Generator
  • Titan Engineering
  • Titan Storage Units


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Gadgets owned by Terra Armstrong (NO IMAGES LOLOL)

  • Ultra Goggles

Terra's Ultra Goggles was the first high tech invention she ever created before and one of her most prized and useful possessions, her goggles augment her poor vision which is at a mere twenty percent condition due to a child hood accident that damaged her eyes.

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  • T-Communicator

Another device created by Terra but also

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  • Hyperion Satellite

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  • Teleporter Headband

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  • Null Void Gun

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The HYPERION corporation is a Multi-Billion dollar company owned by the elusive Mister Fox, this man I believe is to be my father but Mister Fox has never been heard of or even seen in public so I have my doubts.



Cinderblock (Closest Ally/Essential NPC)

Over ten feet tall and with a bad temper.

Special Traits

  • Super Strength

Cinderblock is incredibly strong, he's literally toppled entire building with minimum effort and broken through state of the art bank vaults like they were crackers.

  • Super Durability

I've only seen Cinderblock injured once and that was only after he was beaten on by several teams of high tier veteran heroes after pounding on him for almost an entire hour straight.

  • Super Speed

Cinderblock is fast, and when I mean fast I mean fast enough to speed blitz even multiple speedsters before they can even react!

  • Heat & Cold Invulnerability
  • Magic Immunity
  • Berserking
  • Intangibility Nullification
  • Psychic Seizure
  • Immense Geokinesis resistance
  • Earth Perception
  • Power Detection
  • Absolute Stamina
  • Oxygen Independence
  • Sonic Scream
  • Terraportation
  • Self Size Manipulation
  • Combat & Damage Empowerment


Power Skills

  • Power Screech
  • Telepathic OWNAGE
  • Supernatural Consumption
  • Ground Vision
  • Counter-Mysticism


Power Moves

  • Cataclysm
  • Stone Touch
  • Sonic Boom
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Ultra Girl's Biography [REBOOT]

Terra Armstrong A.K.A Ultra Girl

Special Traits

  • Geokinesis

I was born with the power of Geokinesis and first used it when I was four, at the time I thought this was natural until I found out other kids at school couldn't do what I did

  • Power Negation/Absorption/Replication Immunity

People have tried to either Negate,Absorb or even Replicate my powers literally a hundred times, Magic users and Meta's with the ability to absorb or Negate powers have always failed to negate slash absorb mine I have no idea why they always fail but I'm glad nobody has succeeded.

  • Super Luck & Luck Absorption
  • Danger Intuition
  • Geokinesis power absorption and permanent removal
  • Force Field Generation & Manipulation

Yellow Transparent Forcefields, that's what they look like yellow and transparent the cool thing about it is that my Forcefields are incredibly unique unlike the generic ones most Meta's have. The most favorite thing I got to say I love about my force fields is that they protect me from all kinds of Mind Altering or Mind Manipulating attacks slash abilities such as Telepathy,Hypnotism,Pheromones,Empathy and etcetera.

My force fields also have the unique ability to completely nullify attacks or the powers of people that can phase or teleport through stuff

  • Mechanical Intuition
  • Rage & Combat Empowerment
  • Eidetic Memory


Power Skills

  • Ultra Fists *

I use my Earth Generation and Geokinesis to manifest twin boulders out of thin air they are both identical in appearance and strength, these boulders weigh individually one hundred tons and are hundreds of times more durable per square inch then any type of boulder on this planet. At first they're just a bunch of large rocky spheres floating in the air but using a little manipulation here and there I can change their appearance into giant fists I call Ultra Fists, it doesn't take me long to create them usually just a fraction of a fraction of a second these Ultra Fists are on average seven feet in length and width they are easily capable of snatching vehicles or people up and one shotting extremely durable Meta's as well as capable of tanking dozens of hits from super strong Meta's.

  • Stone Surfing *

My primary form of Travel is what I call Stone Surfing it explains itself basically, the ground I stand above or the very ground I create can be used to form a levitating stone platform which I use to get around.

Just summon the ground underneath and walah I'm flying around on top of a floating stone platform which by the way has varying sizes and a top speed of 300 meters a second.

  • Bubble-Vac **
  • Earth Generation *
  • Shield Boost & Armor *
  • Stasis Bubble *
  • Summon Cinderblock *
  • Metal Generation & Manipulation **
  • Groundification*
  • Luck Passing **
  • Sand Storm *-**
  • Single-Auto Force Discs *
  • Geo Force *
  • Inside Out Pop *


Power Attacks

  • Medusa's Stare *

Arguably one of my most powerful power attacks

  • Da Bomba **
  • Spot Rush *-***
  • Earth Tsunami **_***
  • Rift Worm ***
  • Armageddon ***
  • Omnicompetence ***
  • N-L Wave ***
  • Meteora **-***
  • Mighty Slam ***
  • Rage ***
  • Perfection ****
  • Self Preservation ****


Terra Armstrong is my name, I'm what most people would call a villain I prefer however to think myself as a rebel

I suppose you all want to know who I am and why I do what I do, well it all started about seventeen years ago from where I stand now my father was a wealthy Swedish billionaire while my mother too also was a billionaire but she was French.

I'm going to be pretty much blunt here for a while now, my dad basically had sex with my mom and then left her pregnant of course she didn't know she was until about three months later and believe me she was NOT happy the only reason I even exist now is thanks to Grandma Jenny who stopped my Mom from getting an abortion however it did not stop her from smoking cigarettes.

Eventually I was born in New York, I had very few memories of my mom and any that I even had were always bad most of the good memories are with my Grandmother whom I stayed most of my time with anyway until she died when I was six. When my Grandmother died of a mysterious heart attack she sent me to live with Auntie Edie in Arizona for basically the rest of my life, of course Aunt Edie was a massive ##### and it didn't help that the community I lived in was extremely xenophobic of Mutants.

Stat Chart

  • 5'11 Height
  • 100 lbs Weight
  • 17 yrs Old
  • Light ocean blue eye color
  • Gold honey hair color
  • Caucasian
  • Half Swedish and Half French
  • Poor eye vision (20% of what it should be)
  • Average street smarts
  • Average book smarts
  • Roughly High-Mid Tier threat on average but can be come a High Tier threat when serious and going full out
  • Secretly emotional but hides her emotions very well
  • Only fears three things which besides those three she is virtually fearless
  • Can become extremely confident even against impossible odds
  • Fast Metabolism
  • Terra's emotions greatly effect the output and control of her powers
  • Music can greatly influence her emotions and in turn effect her powers
  • Can not swim
  • Sugar Addiction
  • Home Schooled for ten years
  • Has a very dark and deep secret
  • Her Catch Phrase is "Cool story bro/sis"
  • Currently Inherits in 168.800 billion dollars, 100 billion in cash and the other 68.800 billion in gold
  • Has a 30 million dollar hit on her, 30 mil for taking her alive and 15 for killing her.