Hollow Castle

Every ten years a massive structure known by few as Hollow Castle makes an appearance on Earth during the month of October, this castle's origin comes from the echo of a disastrous event that transpired in the land of Mewni a realm far off from Earth's.

Now Hollow Castle serves as a giant floating castle with one hundred levels filled with eldritch abominations and infinite treasures, few daring souls have managed to reach the hundred level and live to tell the tale. There's also the rumor of a Princess held captive at the second to last level who will aid the player in finishing the Dungeon!

(OOC Rules)

  • Enemies will scale to YC's level similar to an MMO, so if you are street level then you'll get enemies slightly above street level to moderately above street level, but if you're city level then you get enemies slightly below city level to moderately above street level.
  • There are one hundred levels none that can't be skipped (unless you cleared them already) by and you have clear each one by one
  • Enemies respawn after you leave an area, you can grind them for loot or combat training
  • There is only one entrance where you will be greeted by the spirit of a deceased NPC that will tell you the history of the place and what to do/where to go.
  • The castle is indestructible via power magical barrier and regens any damage not indestructible
  • Feel free here to post and leave at will, your progress will be saved (You get a rune that saves your progress in the dungeon, so you can leave mid-battle when ever you want and still end up back to level five or ten/where ever you left off last)
  • First poster to reach level ninety nine gets to meet Zerra!
  • You can make up what ever you wish for level's one through twenty but if you wish to advance further you have to mention me or PM me

Additional information

  • The castle teleports to a random location on Earth every hour
  • The castle can only be entered from the main entrance, every other possible entrance is shielded via magic (including teleportation/phasing)
  • The only non hostile NPC's present are the spirits of fallen adventures that will aid the player and if you complete a quest for them they can give you a randomized reward!
  • There's plenty of random loot (Ranges form Power Armor/Energy weapons to Gold/Jewels to enchanted armor/swords + potions!)


The astral projection of a deceased spirit waited by the entrance of Hollow Castle "Turn back, it's impossible" it replied back in a loop as who ever entered will see a massive stone wall with instructions to pass to further level.

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A Mewnificent Story Part Two (2/4)

There was a still silence as wind blew across the grassy plain in a gentle manner, a slim figure dressed stylishly in royal purple had her eyes closed as she stood with her arms open.as if preparing for an embrace.

What a beautiful day, she contemplated to herself while smiling as she held her enchanted sword dubbed Viper with her right hand and felt the wind touch her skin as it swayed her violet hair to the side.

"Are you ready?" an eeire whisper came from the dark cloaked figure known as Assassin as he or it unsheathed his weapon, he slowly got into a stance, his facial features being cloaked by some sort of darkness spell which was common for his race known as Death Reapers.

"Mhmm mhm" the youth hummed back gayly as her small smiled turned into a grin, all this while she continued to remain in the same exact position. A literal army was on the sidelines of the flat battlefield as they watched the two figures prepare to begin their sparring session, many soldiers of different races were covered in variants of Mewni plate armor which was to be expected as everyone there was technically a bodyguard tasked to watch over this beauty known as Zerra.

The Battle

Zerra continued to hum to herself brightly, giving an appearance to many as if she was an oblivious child not knowing what she was doing but Assassin knew better and in the blink of an eye he launched forward in a single bound breaking the sound barrier while also shredding the grass behind him as he prepared to seemingly spear this Princess of Mewni.

Zerra's eyes opened instantly as she sensed Assassin closing in at thousands of feet per second, her sword hand that was moving relatively slow to her perception began to speed up as she focused on the threat straight ahead parry Zerra's arm swung forward to her upper left as Viper clashed with the Assassin's sword, the effect of the two swords clashing at such fast velocities created a ripple of air; a shock wave to be exact that mulched the very grass they stood on into fine green mist.

Counter Zerra continued to push away Assassin's sword further left as she twirled counter clockwise, ankle the princess aimed for her opponents foot in a gamble now that his sword was too far away to intercept her blow as she kneeled into the twirl and prepared for the thrust. Then something unexpected happened to the princess, Assassin knowing that his sword was too far back to counter decided to intercept her strike by stomping the sword into the ground with the foot Zerra was not aiming for.

He's faster than I expected! Zerra thought in surprise as Viper embedded itself into the ground with ease due to Assassin's clever use of using Zerra's own momentum against her. Assassin's sword now began its descent onto Zerra's sword arm, one would think the princess would begin to panic but instead her prodigious mind looked forward to a solution counter his counter with a faster attack. Zerra's left hand which was free began to shift instinctively into the shape of an open palm as she thrust it forward towards Assassin's chest with eye blurring speed, due to Assassin already putting most of his weight on her sword Viper it had left him perfectly open to getting knocked back due to being unbalanced and that indeed was what happened as he got rag dolled several dozen meters by the young princess.

Zerra gave no pause in her attack as her legs and feet moved so fast that the grass behind her was still floating down by the time she reached Assassin whom just managed to recover from the blow, small black spheres were tossed by Assassin from his cloak which released a toxious as well as thick fog that he used for concealment. Zerra continued to adapt with out hesitancy to her opponents techniques, she thrust her sword forward and then rapidly swung Viper in a circular motion with enough speed that it began to funnel away the gases she swept the area clear in front of her when her trained ears picked up the faintest of steps that began to rapidly close on to her.

Zerra turned around to see Assassin whom immediately stopped in his tracks to then rapidly begin his backwards retreat, Zerra the princess of Mewni began to advance now that most of his concealment was gone but Assassin had more tricks up his cloak. Three Kunai's on his cloak were briefly revealed by the older and more experienced combatant as he pulled them out and charged them with magical energy, Zerra's red eyes now began to fortify in determination as her muscles tense and she moved even faster. Assassin used lightning as a propellant for his metal projectiles as he tossed three of them "What!" he said in disbelief as Zerra deflected his projectiles via an uppercut with Viper.


Zerra let out her battle cry as she was now mere feet away as Assassin pulled out one last trick, he tossed a bomb with a short second fuse at the Princess who reacted by slowing down slightly as her attention turned to the bomb as it blew up, the explosion moved slowly towards her as she placed viper in-front of her and prepared to go through it.

I saw the ripple of the shockwave come first, I carefully choose the correct path and steer my sword through it, the pressure wave splits apart as Xae is moving in slow motion from her perspective now comes the shrapnel, I need to keep the slice perfectly centered as the displacement of the shockwave will push the shrapnel away from my body as Zerra calculated her actions she succeeded in the endeavor and the shrapnel split left and right as she moved forward through the explosion as she finished cutting through the heat.

"Ho-?" Assassin stuttered as he pulled out dual daggers and formed an X as he prepared to brace himself for Zerra's assault when suddenly the princess stopped in her tracks immediately and sheathed her sword.

The Evening

Zerra stopped her attack on Assassin as she heard something, "Huh," she turned around as everyone looked at her. "Zerra what are you doing!" Assassin scolded "never turn your back on an enemy"

Zerra looked back at her trainer with a look of guilt "sorry Assassin!" almost as if she was dreaming lucidly she tilted her head slightly "I thought, I thought I heard a butterfly"

Assassin sighed as he sheathed his weapons, I can't be mad at her "well you win this round, you're incredibly fast compared to last year" he complimented in a neutral tone.

Zerra smiled as she pumped her left arm as if she was showing off muscles "well I'm older now so that means I get stronger" she closed her eyes while revealing her perfect teeth and laughed nervously "aaaannnd I may have been focusing more on sword techniques and speed at the cost of my spell studies"

Assassin spoke is disbelief "You what?" he made a dismissive head shake "never mind that, if your mother finds" he stopped mid-sentence as he saw the princess's face change, even though he didn't have a biological heart or even feeling he still felt this overwhelming sensation of empathy as the princess gave a face that requested recourse, her eyes shone and her mouth turned sad as she clasped her hands and dropped to her knees while she emphasized the silent request.

"Pleease" Zerra's voice broke as she gave him the puppy eyes look. Sh*t Assassin held the back of his head as he nodded "I won't tell her, but you better prepare for when your mother finds out"


A Mewnificent Story Part One (1/4)

Today was a special day for all residents that were part of the Mewni Empire, many people specifically those in the prestige city known as Kataplik moved about like busy bees. The Queen of all of Mewni would arrive to this massive city in mere hours since she tasked it with holding the annual celebration of her daughter Zerra, there were already millions present in the city yet hundreds of thousands more people continued to pour in towards the city as they desired to be apart of this special occasion.

The short and stocky Mayor of Kataplik a Sir Trump, begins his conversation with his host of designers that occupied the make shift room of royalty that was recently created by them "I do not believe so" he said as he rubbed his hairless and fat milky chin "this is a celebration for the daughter of the Queen, not the Queen herself" Trump wiggled his finger in the air as he chose between two colors of cloth "Zerra adores our city Kataplik and we need to return her favor by giving her favorites" Trump gave a proud smile as he wrapped his short arms on his large chest "Royal purple is the best for the princess!"

As Trump grinned with his designers an audience of five warriors varying in class as well as appearance arrived, "HAH HAH!" the tallest of them, known and famed through out Mewni as Rider a member of the Queen's personal circle of warriors shouted out "WE HAVE COME FOR FOOD AND DRINK!"

Lancer a milk chocolate skin colored man who was much slimmer then Rider but still well toned sighed as he pinched his own nose in irritation "Rider, must you insist in shouting at people in every room we enter?" Lancer made a nonchalant gesture with his left hand to many maidens who already fainted in fear as well as gestured to Trump whom was quivering in his boots

"At ease younglings" a clockwork like humanoid machine with a blue flame in the shape of a skull spoke out in a old timers voice "we are in the presence of the Mayor, surely he would be kind enough to provide what we need" Caster gave a curt gesture with his head towards Mayor Trump "Errmh, yes,yes, right away. Of course!" Trumps face turned red as he replied and turned around while simultaneously berating near by servants. Trump then hurried away as his designers that did not faint went off to perform their own devices

Archer shrugged her shoulders in a manner of complete and utter boredom "Tell me again why Assassin was stuck on guard duty with the princess and not me?" Rider replied back while grinning "Because Archer, YOU'RE HORRIBLE WITH A BLADE!" the eight foot tall man began to break into tears of laughter as he slapped his lap while simultaneously stomping the ground with large thuds that were quickly drowned out by his incredibly loud voice.

In a more serious manner Lancer replied to Archer "because Assassin's also a part time thief" he graciously accepted a glass of purple liquid from a female servant as he examined the fine design of the room "with the responsibility of having to deal with Zerra, he'll be too busy to try to steal anything today" Lancer grinned wickedly as he thought of his compatriots unfortunate responsibility "you know, purple's not that bad of a color"


Memory of a Star

The Journey

An ongoing hurricane of color powered clockwise in the field of operation.

red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo and violet specks of dust consisting of matter from unknown substances dominated this world in a endless as well as violent storm.

So this is where it's been, I can't help to say he chose a fascinating place to plant the item Star Butterfly the Queen of Mewni contemplated as she had her back faced to her companions when they stopped moving on the bridge of ivory colored hardlight.

Assassin with its features still obscured from its infamous knee deep dark cloak gestured upwards with a clenched fist for the others to halt their movements "I need a moment to unravel the lock to the vault" it said this statement as per its usual ghostly but genderless voice.

"Okay then" the pompous red haired King of Terra replied in his haughty deep voice that matched a man of his large size "while we wait for Assassin to do,erm" he glanced back to see the dark figure on one knee was it waved hands ethereally around the odd barrier in-front of the group "does what ever that thing he or she is doing" he glanced back to the three other members "we take a little feast huh?"

"ffhhhhf, this is no time to be eating now Rider why are you always thinking about food?" a more youthful black haired man with caramel skin replied to the King despite being of smaller stature "we need to take this seriously"

"He's right Rider" a gentle voice came out from the gorgeous yellow haired female Elf that went as Archer for this group "Lancer does have a point, we can't let our guards down even for a moment our opponents are still searching for us"

"Calm down lads and lasses" an elderly voice that one would think originated from a Grandfather spoke, the finale member of the Heroes was Caster but unlike the others his body was not of flesh but a machine powered solely by the will of his soul. "I will stand guard as you have your fill" he gestured with mechanical fingers to his entire bipedal mechanical form "I have no need to eat"

As most members of the group continued to bicker about the Queen of Mewni noticed a ever so subtle change in the storms motions What? she unsheathed her sword slowly while squinting her eyes as she detected a displacement in the ratio of colored grains moving in one small area no smaller than a child.

This alerted her companions creating caution in their midst as Star entered a defensive stance

"Caster, shield..now!" the Queen commanded her elder with a stern but reasonable tone as the storm ceased to keep its distance from the bridge and suddenly engulfed it like a massive tidal wave over a person.


The great nation that is Mewni!


Long ago before the creation of Nation Mewni's mother world there was a endless darkness, a member from the group of beings only known as the AC entered this darkness in the form of his Avatar a golden phoenix.

As he resided with in this blank existence in deep contemplation he was represented by a wayward sheep that drifted into said realm from the oceans of infinity. For reasons unknown to this day the AC imbued greater powers upon the being, the power bestowed to her was so great it could have been considered nigh omnipotence.

Upon infusing her with such great power the AC known as SEKK vanished from the vicinity, the black sheep gave birth to two blades not to soon after SEKK's disappearance.

The eldest of the blades created the infinite realm known to all Mewni's as Laminas mundi.

Geographic Information

Mewni is located on the continent Solus which resides in the Dimension Laminas mundi, the entirety of land space Solus espouses is 18 Million Square Miles all divided into six major states and twenty-three (both small and large) islands.




Mewni Races

There are a total of eight races that make up the Mewni Empire.

  1. Mewni's/Mewnians
  2. Katsaints
  3. Rokrans
  4. Elves
  5. Leviathans
  6. Kraang
  7. Dwarves
  8. Apiens


Mewnians are the closest equivalent to Earth humans, they are completely identical in appearance but their internal biology is very different in terms of scale compared to humans.

The weights and heights for a female Mewnian range from a minimum of 5'8-60 kilograms to 6'5-120 kilograms.


Mewni Creatures

Biology of Solus lifeforms

Mewnian Anatomy

Mewni anatomy is very similar to human anatomy but contain some differences, a list of the differences are below.

  • While a Mewnian has organs identical in shape and general function in a similar matter to normal humans, Male Mewnians possess spare organs such as dual hearts or quad livers.

  • The bones of both Male and Female Mewni's are also considerably stronger than normal humans, the average bone strength for a regular Mewnian would be comparable to reinforced steel.

  • Mewnians can increase their physical attributes indefinitely merely through extensive physical activity of the anatomic part in question, for example should a Mewnian consistently receive injuries they would become more resistant to the injury that has been harming them. The more a Mewnian utilizes their muscles the stronger they become, as such a well active Mewnian can run,hit,withstand, and endure greater than an inactive Mewnian.

  • The Mewnians are more susceptible to pheromone manipulation then normal humans, the reason for this is unknown perhaps it is the fact that in Mewni culture mating season happens every thirty days and it is during this period that Mewnians are more loving then they normally are.

  • Mewnians have a greater tolerance to temperature than Humans, a Mewnians can comfortably reside in environments with Temperatures ranging from 0 Celsius to 100 Celsius.

Mewni's have extended life spans and can live up to a one hundred thousand years however those of royal blood line are cursed to only live fifty thousand years.

Katsaints Anatomy

The Katsains biology is even more different than that of a humans biology in comparison to the Mewnians,

Mewni History

Era of the Tribes

Wars of Solus

The Dawning of an Empire

The Dark Ages

Prodigious War of Secession

The Golden Ages

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Future Ultra Girl (Adult)

Stat Chart

  • 6'0 Height
  • 148 lbs Weight
  • 220 yrs Old
  • Light ocean blue eye color
  • Gold honey hair color
  • Caucasian
  • Perfect eye vision (Enhanced)
  • Very High Tier Threat
  • Only fears three things besides those three she is virtually fearless
  • Fast Metabolism
  • Emotions greatly effect the output and control of her powers
  • Music can greatly influence her emotions and in turn effect her powers
  • Can not swim
  • Sugar Addiction


The matured version of Star Butterfly from the future,


  • Master of Charisma
  • Expert Swordswoman
  • Expert Alchemist
  • Adept Spell Caster


  • Lady Luck
  • Water Nymph Blessing
  • Last Archon
  • Soul Locked
  • Rising Phoenix
  • A) Class Experience


  • Sword of Solus
  • Star Armor
  • Concentrated Onyx Vial
  • Potion of Health
  • Potion of Mana
  • Potion of Strength
  • Potion of Speed

MS Abilities

  • Invisible Air
  • Speed Burst
  • Cutting Edge
  • Cataclysm
  • Valkyrie
  • Sanctuary
  • Soul Split

CV Stats

IntelligenceStrengthSpeedDurabilityEnergy ProjectionFighting AbilityAgilityMental PowerStamina
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Cinderblock (Closest Ally/Essential NPC)

Over ten feet tall and with a bad temper.

Special Traits

  • Super Strength

Cinderblock is incredibly strong, he's literally toppled entire towers with minimum effort and broken through castle walls like they were crackers.

  • Super Durability

I've only seen Cinderblock injured once and that was only after being beaten on by several teams of epic veteran heroes for hours straight.

  • Super Speed

Cinderblock is fast, and when I mean fast I mean fast enough to blitz even multiple elite elves before they can even process a thought!

  • Heat & Cold Invulnerability
  • Magic Immunity
  • Berserking
  • Intangibility Nullification
  • Psychic Seizure
  • Immense Geokinesis resistance
  • Earth Perception
  • Power Detection
  • Absolute Stamina
  • Oxygen Independence
  • Sonic Scream
  • Terraportation
  • Self Size Manipulation
  • Combat & Damage Empowerment


Power Skills

  • Power Screech
  • Telepathic OWNAGE
  • Supernatural Consumption
  • Ground Vision
  • Counter-Mysticism


Power Moves

  • Cataclysm
  • Stone Touch
  • Sonic Boom
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