Titan Island

"Five billion dollars in the making"-Announcer

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[Main Area]

  • Titan Tower

[Tower Areas]

  • Titan Lobby
  • Med Bay
  • Situation Room
  • Titan Bedrooms
  • Titan Kitchen
  • Titan Bathrooms
  • Titan Control Room

[Subterranean Areas]

  • Titan Containment Cell
  • Titan Generator
  • Titan Engineering
  • Titan Storage Units


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The great nation that is Mewni!


Long ago before the creation of Nation Mewni's mother world there was a endless darkness, a member from the group of beings only known as the AC entered this darkness in the form of his Avatar a golden phoenix.

As he resided with in this blank existence in deep contemplation he was represented by a wayward sheep that drifted into said realm from the oceans of infinity. For reasons unknown to this day the AC imbued greater powers upon the being, the power bestowed to her was so great it could have been considered nigh omnipotence.

Upon infusing her with such great power the AC known as SEKK vanished from the vicinity, the black sheep gave birth to two blades not to soon after SEKK's disappearance.

The eldest of the blades created the infinite realm known to all Mewni's as Laminas mundi.

Geographic Information

Mewni is located on the continent Solus which resides in the Dimension Laminas mundi, the entirety of land space Solus espouses is 18 Million Square Miles all divided into six major states and twenty-three (both small and large) islands.




Mewni Races

Mewni Creatures

Mewni Biology

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Cinderblock (Closest Ally/Essential NPC)

Over ten feet tall and with a bad temper.

Special Traits

  • Super Strength

Cinderblock is incredibly strong, he's literally toppled entire building with minimum effort and broken through state of the art bank vaults like they were crackers.

  • Super Durability

I've only seen Cinderblock injured once and that was only after he was beaten on by several teams of high tier veteran heroes after pounding on him for almost an entire hour straight.

  • Super Speed

Cinderblock is fast, and when I mean fast I mean fast enough to speed blitz even multiple speedsters before they can even react!

  • Heat & Cold Invulnerability
  • Magic Immunity
  • Berserking
  • Intangibility Nullification
  • Psychic Seizure
  • Immense Geokinesis resistance
  • Earth Perception
  • Power Detection
  • Absolute Stamina
  • Oxygen Independence
  • Sonic Scream
  • Terraportation
  • Self Size Manipulation
  • Combat & Damage Empowerment


Power Skills

  • Power Screech
  • Telepathic OWNAGE
  • Supernatural Consumption
  • Ground Vision
  • Counter-Mysticism


Power Moves

  • Cataclysm
  • Stone Touch
  • Sonic Boom
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Ultra Girl's Biography [REBOOT]

"Hi I'm a princess from Mewni"

Stat Chart

  • 5'9 Height
  • 128 lbs Weight
  • 16 yrs Old
  • Light ocean blue eye color
  • Gold honey hair color
  • Caucasian
  • Poor eye vision (20% below average)
  • Roughly High-[Mid Tier] threat on average but can be come a very High Tier threat when serious and not holding back
  • Only fears three things which besides those three she is virtually fearless
  • Can become extremely confident even against impossible odds
  • Fast Metabolism
  • emotions greatly effect the output and control of her powers
  • Music can greatly influence her emotions and in turn effect her powers
  • Can not swim
  • Sugar Addiction
  • Home Schooled
  • Her Catch Phrase is "Cool story bro/sis"

Main Talents


  • [-Uber Cleansing Beam Of Ice-]


For short the UCBI serves as a Anti-Infantry attack with its specific use being against Speedsters,Agile opponents, or even swift opponents that have the capability of flight. UCBI on its base level can mark and hit targets of Tier Four speed and Tier Four agility with ease, on its second level it can hit opponents with Tier five speed and Tier five agility but with varying levels of difficulty


The USCBI fires a beam of energy at three hundred and forty meters a second