Memory of a Star

The Journey

An ongoing hurricane of color powered clockwise in the field of operation.

red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo and violet specks of dust consisting of matter from unknown substances dominated this world in a endless as well as violent storm.

So this is where it's been, I can't help to say he chose a fascinating place to plant the item Star Butterfly the Queen of Mewni contemplated as she had her back faced to her companions when they stopped moving on the bridge of ivory colored hardlight.

Assassin with its features still obscured from its infamous knee deep dark cloak gestured upwards with a clenched fist for the others to halt their movements "I need a moment to unravel the lock to the vault" it said this statement as per its usual ghostly but genderless voice.

"Okay then" the pompous red haired King of Terra replied in his haughty deep voice that matched a man of his large size "while we wait for Assassin to do,erm" he glanced back to see the dark figure on one knee was it waved hands ethereally around the odd barrier in-front of the group "does what ever that thing he or she is doing" he glanced back to the three other members "we take a little feast huh?"

"ffhhhhf, this is no time to be eating now Rider why are you always thinking about food?" a more youthful black haired man with caramel skin replied to the King despite being of smaller stature "we need to take this seriously"

"He's right Rider" a gentle voice came out from the gorgeous yellow haired female Elf that went as Archer for this group "Lancer does have a point, we can't let our guards down even for a moment our opponents are still searching for us"

"Calm down lads and lasses" an elderly voice that one would think originated from a Grandfather spoke, the finale member of the Heroes was Caster but unlike the others his body was not of flesh but a machine powered solely by the will of his soul. "I will stand guard as you have your fill" he gestured with mechanical fingers to his entire bipedal mechanical form "I have no need to eat"

As most members of the group continued to bicker about the Queen of Mewni noticed a ever so subtle change in the storms motions What? she unsheathed her sword slowly while squinting her eyes as she detected a displacement in the ratio of colored grains moving in one small area no smaller than a child.

This alerted her companions creating caution in their midst as Star entered a defensive stance

"Caster,!" the Queen commanded her elder with a stern but reasonable tone as the storm ceased to keep its distance from the bridge and suddenly engulfed it like a massive tidal wave over a person.


The great nation that is Mewni!


Long ago before the creation of Nation Mewni's mother world there was a endless darkness, a member from the group of beings only known as the AC entered this darkness in the form of his Avatar a golden phoenix.

As he resided with in this blank existence in deep contemplation he was represented by a wayward sheep that drifted into said realm from the oceans of infinity. For reasons unknown to this day the AC imbued greater powers upon the being, the power bestowed to her was so great it could have been considered nigh omnipotence.

Upon infusing her with such great power the AC known as SEKK vanished from the vicinity, the black sheep gave birth to two blades not to soon after SEKK's disappearance.

The eldest of the blades created the infinite realm known to all Mewni's as Laminas mundi.

Geographic Information

Mewni is located on the continent Solus which resides in the Dimension Laminas mundi, the entirety of land space Solus espouses is 18 Million Square Miles all divided into six major states and twenty-three (both small and large) islands.




Mewni Races

Mewni Creatures

Biology of Solus lifeforms

Mewni Anatomy

Mewni anatomy is very similar to human anatomy but contain some differences, a list of the differences are below.

  • While a Mewni has organs identical in shape and general function in a similar matter to normal humans, Male Mewni 's possess spare organs such as dual hearts or quad livers.

  • The bones of both Male and Female Mewni's are also considerably stronger than normal humans, the average bone strength for a regular Mewni would be comparable to reinforced steel.

  • Mewni's can increase their physical attributes indefinitely merely through extensive physical activity of the anatomic part in question, for example should a Mewni consistently receive injuries they would become more resistant to the injury that has been harming them. The more a Mewni utilizes their muscles the stronger they become, as such a well active Mewni can run,hit,withstand, and endure greater than an inactive Mewni.

  • The Mewni's are more susceptible to pheromone manipulation then normal humans, the reason for this is unknown perhaps it is the fact that in Mewni culture mating season happens every thirty days and it is during this period that Mewni's are more loving then they normally are.

  • Mewni's have a greater tolerance to temperature than Humans, a Mewni can comfortably reside in environments with Temperatures ranging from 0 Celsius to 100 Celsius.

Mewni's have extended life spans and can live up to a one hundred thousand years however those of royal blood line are cursed to only live fifty thousand years.

Mewni History

Era of the Tribes

Wars of Solus

The Dawning of an Empire

The Dark Ages

Prodigious War of Secession

The Golden Ages

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Future Ultra Girl (Adult)

Stat Chart

  • 6'0 Height
  • 148 lbs Weight
  • 220 yrs Old
  • Light ocean blue eye color
  • Gold honey hair color
  • Caucasian
  • Perfect eye vision (Enhanced)
  • Very High Tier Threat
  • Only fears three things besides those three she is virtually fearless
  • Fast Metabolism
  • Emotions greatly effect the output and control of her powers
  • Music can greatly influence her emotions and in turn effect her powers
  • Can not swim
  • Sugar Addiction


The matured version of Star Butterfly from the future,


  • Master of Charisma
  • Expert Swordswoman
  • Expert Alchemist
  • Adept Spell Caster


  • Lady Luck
  • Water Nymph Blessing
  • Last Archon
  • Soul Locked
  • Rising Phoenix
  • A) Class Experience


  • Sword of Solus
  • Star Armor
  • Concentrated Onyx Vial
  • Potion of Health
  • Potion of Mana
  • Potion of Strength
  • Potion of Speed

MS Abilities

  • Invisible Air
  • Speed Burst
  • Cutting Edge
  • Cataclysm
  • Valkyrie
  • Sanctuary
  • Soul Split
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Cinderblock (Closest Ally/Essential NPC)

Over ten feet tall and with a bad temper.

Special Traits

  • Super Strength

Cinderblock is incredibly strong, he's literally toppled entire towers with minimum effort and broken through castle walls like they were crackers.

  • Super Durability

I've only seen Cinderblock injured once and that was only after being beaten on by several teams of epic veteran heroes for hours straight.

  • Super Speed

Cinderblock is fast, and when I mean fast I mean fast enough to blitz even multiple elite elves before they can even process a thought!

  • Heat & Cold Invulnerability
  • Magic Immunity
  • Berserking
  • Intangibility Nullification
  • Psychic Seizure
  • Immense Geokinesis resistance
  • Earth Perception
  • Power Detection
  • Absolute Stamina
  • Oxygen Independence
  • Sonic Scream
  • Terraportation
  • Self Size Manipulation
  • Combat & Damage Empowerment


Power Skills

  • Power Screech
  • Telepathic OWNAGE
  • Supernatural Consumption
  • Ground Vision
  • Counter-Mysticism


Power Moves

  • Cataclysm
  • Stone Touch
  • Sonic Boom
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Ultra Girl's Biography [REBOOT]

"Hi I'm a princess from Mewni"

Stat Chart

  • 5'9 Height
  • 128 lbs Weight
  • 16 yrs Old
  • Light ocean blue eye color
  • Gold honey hair color
  • Caucasian
  • Poor eye vision (20% below average)
  • Roughly High-[Mid Tier] threat on average but can be come a very High Tier threat when serious and not holding back
  • Only fears three things which besides those three she is virtually fearless
  • Can become extremely confident even against impossible odds
  • Fast Metabolism
  • emotions greatly effect the output and control of her powers
  • Music can greatly influence her emotions and in turn effect her powers
  • Can not swim
  • Sugar Addiction
  • Home Schooled
  • Her Catch Phrase is "Cool story bro/sis"


Ultra Girl also known as Star Butterfly to the people of Mewni comes from the Royal Butterfly family lineage, she is Princess to the King and Queen of the Mewni empire and next in line of succession.

Her personality can be described as an always optimistic and caring person, Ultra Girl has on the occasion been known to put others ahead of herself and actively try to solve the predicaments of others even the ones of those she knows nothing about.


There was a Prophecy during the ***** ERA that stated when the twelfth princess of Mewni is born she would cause the fall and permanent destruction of all of Mewni should she be crowned Queen.

Much to the current Queen's dismay she

To be continued-



Mewni Sword Fighting

Mewni Mace Fighting

Mewni CQC Fighting

Mewni Princess Etiquette


Mewni Biology

Royal Blood

Mewni Charm


Mewni Wand

Demon Horned Headband


  1. Princess Dress
  2. Spunk Outfit
  3. Casual Outfit
  4. Urban Outfit
  5. Fancy Outfit
  6. Mewni Battle Armor

MS Powers