Best Strength feats - (tool for Battle forums) - good or bad

Here is a list of the best strength, this should help enlighten people about what true strength is in a battle:


 Overcome matter- antimatter force: sometimes said to require an infinite force but to my knowledge, no such thing is true in fact, this is not too impressive to me. (Prove me wrong with physics if you can). 



owning planets/ asteroids/ moons:



This feat is good, note that it is the Hulk's strength that shattered the planet, and not the speed boost otherwuse he would have just went through like a bullet




Pre-crisis superman with a beastly feat which is good, true strength.



The moon is a baseball to the superman, this is a good feat.




This feat however, is questionable, and I need some answers before I accept this as a good feat:  How did all these planets get threaded on the chain? If the galaxy is dying does that mean the stars are dying, if this is the case this feat is alot less impressive than you might think.  Superman is pulling planets, however there is no weight or force acting against him as the stars would have at first been alot weaker and also as he is depicted, there are no gravitational forces of a star to overcome hence he is pulling weightless objects. (PLEASE REFUTE THIS)




Star gets owned:




Well done superman, holding a black hole:




Go on Thor:




Ultraman (infinite strength feat):





Human -level

How ought we to think of human ability and strength in terms of debating: 

I mean, think about comics, they are pure fiction designed solely for our amusement, and imagined by creative minds. We should not be surprised to find that the abilities of humans are not similar to real-life. In this blog, I will be discussing some of the most impressive feats demonstrated by humans, some may be considered PIS, and unreasonable, but how unreasonable are they? 
Should humans be able to hold the likes of silver surfer

Should batman be able to dodge the omega beam. 
Here are some more Batman examples:  

Is shot repeatedly in the chest point black and still doesn't slow down

Batman dodges machine gun fire and rockets then takes down the copter with the Prince's small knife

Breaks Deadshot's jaw in a wild west quick draw battle

Taking out gunman before he can react with a batarang and catching the baby

Should Batman take on wonderwoman: 
Wonder Woman

Demonized Wonder Woman
Batgirl also has crazy feats 

Here is some Scans of Batgirl owning Bizzaro Supergirl     
I could go on, there are countless examples of the fact that peak human abilities in comics are not actually weak at all, they are on par with meta humans. It is simply too common to be PIS. 
What are your views???

Ultimate rugby squad

  • No people stronger than Galactus allowed. (so Galactus is allowed) 
  • But not time stopping (accept zoom for speed) 
  • No stealing speed (sorry flash) 
  • Super protective clothing is to be worn by all who need it. 
  • Teleporting is limited (can only teleport up to ten metres, and only twice when running with the ball. without the ball teleporting is OK if teleporting back to defence and not attack)
  • All slow people's speed will be enhanced to light speed (lol now Juggernaut has a chance)
  • All ridiculously tall people (like galactus) will be made to 9 feet
  • The pitch will be the equivalent of Earth to Mars
  •  rules will be traditional rugby rules    
  • Pick your teams but pick properly (maximum of 3 galactus-level beings)
  • Energy blasts can be used to increase speed, to send people flying away, but (maximum of 5 energy blasts can be used per play in each match)
  • No galaxy busters, No killing and No insulting the ref (Watcher)